Top 20 Boys Haircuts and Hairstyles

boys haircuts

Guys Haircuts and Hairstyles

The girls have not been the only ones setting trends as far as hair goes. Boys have also been very innovative with their style as well. Many boys have been experimenting with colors as well as cuts. Another huge trend is that guys have actually been growing their hair out and wearing longer styles. Social media has had a huge influence on the emerging trends. Many styles that are becoming popular are styles that have been around for years. We must admit we are loving that the boys are really stepping out of their comfort zone. You may have seen celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Fetty Wap make some big changes to their hair over the course of the year. We have put together a list of 20 Top boys haircuts and hairstyles to show you our favorite styles for the year. We hope you enjoy and if you haven’t, try some of these styles out for yourself.

1Modern Fade cut

Here we have modern fade cut. The sides are faded down more on the sides and back while the front is soft, bouncy, and pushed back.

2Grease-inspired undercut

This cut totally reminds us of grease. It is slick and volumized with precise lines and very clean cut. This would look great on men with more narrow face shapes.

3Men Frohawk

The mohawk was big in the 2005-2008 era but is making its way back into the fashion world. Many guys are wearing their natural textures and adding more designs and textures to their look.

4Short curly Fro

The short curly fro will never go out of style. You can modernize your boring fro by shaving the temples down to give a faded effect. Get the sleek and wet look by adding your favorite gel with a bit of water and oil. g

5Slick dress cut

Dapper is the new trend. Look sharp in all of your event photos by trying out the neat and slick style. It is styled to the side so make sure to get your good side.

6High fashion man bun

Men wear buns too. If you’re into minimal or high fashion then this style has probably been on your radar. Adding an undercut makes this look even more masculine.

7Dyed Fade cut

Crazy colored fade cuts have been a huge thing this year. One of the most popular celebrities decided to try the trend himself. Here is Chris Brown rocking a teal colored fade cut. Honestly, what doesn’t look good on Chris?

8Faux Dreads

Women have not been the only ones getting faux locs. Men have been experimenting with faux locs a lot this year. We can thank rapper Fetty Wap for bringing it mainstream for the men when he introduced us via Instagram to his golden colored dreads.

9Simple ponytail

Guys for some reason shied away from the simple ponytail. It has really come back in style especially for guys who play sports. We have also seen them paired with certain styles such as blazers and button downs.

10Curly Half up and Half down look

How gorgeous is this look? Guys with naturally curly hair often times get in a funk when it comes to styling their hair. This half up and half down look has been very popular this year. It is so simple that any guy can do it.


Guys have been really rocking undercuts. This specific one is styled with cornrows and placed in a knot. The thick beard really sets off this look and pulls it together.

12The perfect curly fro

There is nothing wrong with learning to take care of your natural hair. Guys usually just go with the flow. Take time to learn your hair and what products your hair likes and achieve amazing curls like the ones pictured. Get frequent trims and edge ups to keep the look fresh and modern.

13Kid N Play flat top

A popular 90s cut that made its way back in 2015 is inspired from the movie house party. Kid was very popular for his super high flat top cut. If you have the patience to grow your hair this high then definitely give this cut a try. It is definitely a head turner.

14Juice Cut

The juice cut was also popular in the 90s and many guys and celebrities like Soulja Boy went back in time. If you were a fan of Tupac then you likely have envied this cut for a while.

15Layered bowl cut

Justin Bieber may have moved away from the bowl cut, but they’re still in style. This day in age they are slightly different. Many guys have made them thinner and added a few layers for the cool school boy look. This makes it look more mature.

16Tamed and curly

We love this simple curly cut. It is perfect for every occasion. It is not too formal or informal and can easily be manipulated to fit any style, face shape, or scenery. Get these soft curls by using the pin curl method.

17Undercut with dreads

If you’re on social media then you may have seen many of the hipsters rocking this style. It is a simple undercut with dreads at the crown. This style is unique and fashion forward and doesn’t require a lot of growing like other dreaded styles.

18Blown out with layers

Guys get blow outs too. If you like the musician style look then get a blowout and you can add some natural tone highlights.

19Long Light Beach waves

Super long and wavy styles are totally in. If you’re into the beach and surfer look then don’t cut off your hair. Wear it in its natural state and style it with french braids, ponytails, or buns.

20Top knot bun

We love seeing dreads placed in top knots. They look very high fashion and are easy to maintain. Tip: Take down you hair at night to refrain from the pulling of your edges.


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