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20 Latest Trends For Red Ombre Hair

Beautiful hair comes in all colors, but there’s something undeniably special about ombre red hair. Maybe it’s because so few of us come by it naturally — only one to two percent of the population — or because of how hard it can be to keep red dye jobs from sticking around. Hair that is dry, frequently washed, or exposed to the sun is at extra risk for making reds fade fast. If you’re committed to taking care of your color, these 20 trends for red ombre hair will have you rushing to the salon for new shades of auburn, crimson, copper, and mahogany.

1Brown to Red Ombre with Curls

These curls only need a hint of red ombre, to stand out against the deep mahogany shade of the rest of the strands. This look is a more low-key option for someone looking to just dip their toes into the world of ombre. This color is modern and trendy, but won’t look out of place in a professional setting.

2Dusty Rose Ombre Red Hair

A great ombre option for the young and adventurous, this sweet, pastel pink is the ultimate feminine hue, and goes very well as an ombre color matched with auburn roots. While pinker reds may seem like more difficult shades to wear, they match with more skin tones than a true, fire-engine red, and often fade out to look like spun cotton candy.

3Red Ombre Lob With Bangs

We tend to see more ombre on long hair, mostly because women with long hair feel they have more canvas to experiment with, and the general philosophy that if your ends get too damaged, you can cut several inches without ending up with a pixie cut. But ombre can look very chic on shorter hairstyles, and the contrasting colors above your collarbone bring attention towards your face instead of your chest. This look features Emma’s natural auburn hair with a golden blonde ombre that comes across as radiantly sunkissed.

4Black to Vibrant Red

black and red hair always go well together! A bold contrast between root and tip, when hair catches the light some violet tones become visible within the black, tying the whole look together nicely.

5Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre

This long blonde bob has been given some playful treatment at the end in the form of a strawberry blonde ombre. Reverse ombre — where a darker shade is applied to the ends — tends to look less natural than having lighter ends, but because strawberry blonde is still a very light color, the overall effect is soft and natural in a fairytale sense.

6Fuchsia to Blonde Ombre

If you’re looking to go wildly vibrant with your color, this electric fuchsia is an extreme head turner. Definitely not a true red, this magenta shade makes for a pop art style that stands out in comparison to anything else. When combined with the blonde ombre, you’ve got a hairstyle that is guaranteed to never be boring.

7Red to Blonde Ombre With Bangs

Bangs are no reason to exclude yourself from the ombre trend. This blunt bang frames the face and draws attention to the eyes, meanwhile blonde ombre creates the illusion of longer hair. This shade is about as dark as you should go with truly fair skin, and especially avoid reds with wine or burgundy tones.

8High Impact Copper Ombre

If you have no interest in being subtle with your red ombre, try out these radioactive hues. This ombre starts fairly high up, and if you’ve got longer hair you could consider starting father away from the roots. A bright copper shade like this looks excellent on fair skin, but if you’ve got medium or olive complexion, this may end up making you look yellow. Speaking of yellow, this style has an extra yellow ombre over the copper strands that helps to add dimension, and is an impressive color feat on hair that isn’t very long.

9Natural Auburn With Blonde Sombre

If electric shades of copper and yellow aren’t for you, there are lots of natural ombre options. This style features ultra long light to medium auburn hair, with blonde sombre (subtle ombre = sombre) on the lower portion of the ends. If you’re naturally auburn, this look can be achieved simply by lightening your ends. If you’re dying your whole head auburn and then adding in the blonde, the job is best left to a professional who understands how to achieve the shades you’re after.

10Dark Brunette with Mahogany Ombre

These deep tones paired together make for a slightly gothic look that can compliment a mostly black wardrobe, or provide interesting contrast to your ultra girly outfits. This is a good style to try if you want your red to have longevity, as dark shades like this tend to last longer than bright red or coppery tones.

11Medium Copper With Blonde Ombre

This medium copper tone is a nice red option for anyone with an olive complexion. Despite the vibrancy of the color, the overall look is fairly natural thanks to a subtle transition into a coppery blonde shade.

12Crimson And Mahogany Reverse Ombre

This long blunt bob is sleek, sophisticated, and seriously unique with its color combination. Bright crimson fades into a deep mahogany with purple tones for a celebrity meets superhero look. While ombre looks can be harder to pull off on pin straight hair, this color works thanks to a soft gradient between the two shades rather than a harsh line. Another plus is that the two different colors aren’t wildly different. A red and blonde ombre would be harder to pull off with such a straight hairstyle.

13Medium Auburn With Copper Ombre

Another easy look to achieve for natural red heads, this style is actually more of a balayage, featuring copper brushed over a medium to dark auburn. This is a good color combination for medium skin tones, and is still doable if you aren’t naturally auburn, but will take a little more work.

14Mahogany with Pink Ombre

Rich mahogany roots give way to a vibrant orangey pink in this free spirited hairstyle. Short bangs and an ombre that begins quite high up put lots of attention on the face. The only downside to a color like this is that the amount of bleach needed to lighten this much hair will take a toll on its overall integrity. If you’re planning on doing a big chop in a few months time, this could be one last hurrah for your long style.

15Mahogany with Copper Blonde Sombre

This deep mahogany base color is extremely flattering to women with darker skin, but will probably make fair skin appear very pale by contrast. The ombre itself here is rather subtle, featuring a copper blonde brushed onto some, but not all, of the ends.

16Dark Rose Ombre

Naturally dark brunettes can play with all sorts of vibrant ombre colors. This dark pink rose has lots of dimension within itself, and flows from orangey pink to a mauve as you move from roots to ends. Like any ombre or balayage, curled hair is a great way to show off depth and dimension, but this style comes with the added element of a waterfall braid, and we get the full effect of dark rose weaving in between natural strands before tumbling into vibrant curls.

17Bright Copper to Blonde

Perfect for very fair skin, this fresh copper shines ultra bright before diving into light blonde curls. You’ll have to take care of this vibrant copper if you want it to stick around. Although it looks amazing in the sun, try to limit UV exposure by covering your head or using a UV protectant spray, just like you would on your fair skin.

18Black Hair with Red Tips

Vanessa’s naturally dark hair and complexion offer a perfect canvas for this vibrant red ombre. You might be afraid to wear non-neutral lipstick when you’ve got such a bold red in your hair, but almost any shade of pink — including Vanessa’s dark pink lip — play very well off red tones in your hair, and look more chic than if you directly match the two shades.

19Auburn to Copper Lob

A more natural looking ombre, this style softly transitions from a deep auburn to a coppery color that’s just bright enough. Women with medium skin tones should try this warm colors in autumn, both for their seasonal appeal and to minimize sun exposure.

20Blonde to Red Reverse Ombre

If you’ve already got blonde hair, red ombre is a nice addition that won’t require pre lightening your hair. If your hair has been previously bleached, you may need to treat your hair with a protein filler — which evens porosity and replaces primary pigments that were stripped away during the bleaching process — before you can get your hair to hold any of the red pigment. Natural blondes should have an easy time going red initially, but you’ll have to take care to stop it from fading quickly.