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Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Celebrity stylist such as Guy Tang have really brought balayage into the spotlight recently. So what is balayage hair and how to DIY balayage? If you have no idea what the term balayage is, allow us to explain; balayage definition: it is a style of ombre designed to look natural and sun-kissed, as if painted by nature. The goal is to create an ombre that will look natural with new growth that will also spice up every day hair. While this look may seem daunting and high-upkeep, it is one of the least maintenance required dye jobs you could get. Additionally, you don’t need to select a ‘natural’ color to take part in the balayage movement: more and more stylists are balayaging every shade imaginable, creating stunning masterpieces of hair. We’ve selected 20 of the most stunning balayage dye jobs to hopefully inspire you to call up your stylist and make your balayage appointment. Each color also includes a recommended “base” color, but feel free to experiment. No time is better than the present to take part in this beautiful trend!

1Upside-Down Cupcake Blonde Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Blondes, Pastels

Something about this frosty-pink look reminds us of sweet treats and guilty pleasures. We love how the cool, chic platinum pairs so well with this pastel pink. Try a rose gold balayage for even more glamour! This balayage is especially wonderful on ladies with paler skin or cool undertones.

2Brown Blonde Balayage & Platinum Tips

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes, Reds

This balayage has a bit too high of a contrast to be mistaken for natural, but don’t worry: it will still look amazing as you grow it out. If your hair is a golden or other blonde, go for more platinum tips! If you’re still not convinced, have your stylist select shades that will compliment you.

3Just a Hint of Balayage Color

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes

This color has just the right amount of warmth without being too overwhelming or blatantly dyed. If you want to have that “just returned from a trip to the beach” glow, go for a balayage that’s only a few shades warmer than your current color. Because brunette is a universal hair color, this balayage is universally appealing on ladies of all skin tones.

4Warm, Rich Reds Balayage Ombre Hair

Recommended Base Color: Reds, Brunettes

Pairing a deep red or brunette with a muted orange is sure to be a hit! This balayage ombre hair color is not quite fiery enough to be “in your face”, but perfectly blends rebel with regal. How to balayage this color? Play around with base colors and oranges to find the right combination for your skin tone! Be warned, though: wearing pink may create a visual clash of colors.

5Stunning Silver Hair Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Any

Silvers and whites look good with almost any base, so no worries if you aren’t sporting a black base like the model. Be warned, though: going silver is a long process and will take multiple visits, so be prepared to shell out some $$$ if you’re beginning from a darker base. Silvers and whites look good with all skin tones and undertones, but find a grey that works well for you.

6Sun-Stripped Tresses Brown Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

Recommended Base Color: Blondes, Brunettes

This airy blend of warm and cool tones could easily be obtained with a bottle of Sun-In and a few hours lounging outside. Have your stylist select a blonde balayage that will warm your skin and rock this color for the summer. After you step out of the salon, hit the beach in your brand new bikini and rock your new color!

7Natural Glow Brown Blonde Balayage Dark hair

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes

This look reminds us of days spent with lemon juice in our hair, trying to create the perfect blonde from a brunette base. Worry no more! Bring this balayage inspiration to your stylist for a warm, edgy new color. Since this color is relatively natural, it’s perfect for ladies with office jobs or strict dress codes.

8Rose Gold Reward

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes, Blondes

Rose gold has become increasingly popular as of late: hop on the train with a rose gold balayage. Although this coloring looks good with most base colors, we recommended staying away from red to combat any awkward brassiness. If you’re feeling particularly daring, pair this sweet color with dark makeup for a dreamy, out-of-this-world look.

9Fiery Fiesta Balayage Highlights

Recommended Base Color: Reds, Brunettes

Muy caliente! This color is perfect for hot summer nights and a wild vacation to an ocean-side paradise… or any time, really! If you want to re-create the fire of this color, we recommend sticking with warmer bases likes reds or some brunettes. This balayage looks fantastic on ladies with darker eyes as it brings out flecks of warmth in your irises.

10The New Goldilocks Balayage on Dark Hair

Recommended Base Color: Reds, Brunettes

Who says Goldilocks can’t have experimented with her look? We love how this golden balayage looks when paired with a red or warm base, especially on those with tanner skin tones. Have your stylist create the perfect color combo for you! The model’s chic, trendy dark attire only serves to bring out the beauty of this balayage to its full potential!

11Painted with Sunshine Caramel Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes, Reds

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine~ Create your own sunshine by pairing warm, strawberry blonde balayage with brunette or even red bases. How to achieve this balayage technique? Toy around with hints of platinum and gold for an even more dynamic color. If you’re feeling really bold, throw in caramel and red coloring for even more appeal.

12Whispers of Balayage Highlights

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes

A dramatic balayage does not always equal a better balayage! This barely there brunette balayage is still stunning and perfectly compliments the model’s skin tone. If you want a very natural look, draw your inspiration from this whisper of a dye job. Be careful not to select a brunette or gold that’s too ‘green’ or you may look as though you’ve taken a dip in some algae.

13Burgundy or Purple?

Recommended Base Color: Any

Well, which is it? It doesn’t really matter, as you can choose as warm or as cool as a balayage as you like within this color family. Most base colors work well with burgundy: talk over with your stylist if you want a dramatic balayage or a more complimentary color. This color works well with all skin tones, but is particularly dramatic on paler ladies due to the contrasting colors.

14Secretly a Mermaid Dark Hair Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Any

Any girl can be a mermaid with a few dashes of teal in her hair! While this color can have some fading issues, it’s beautiful while it lasts and looks good with a variety of base colors. Book your teal balayage today and soon you’ll be singing with Ariel! For even more drama, throw in a few shades of blue or green with your teal to create a vivid, eye-catching balayage all your friends will want.

15Runway Ready Brunette Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes

Warm, sunny blondes or barely-brown brunettes make a stunning, inviting balayage that just screams “I’m ready for my close up!” This particular balayage combo looks wonderful on brunette bases and darker skin tones. Due to the warmth of this balayage, it looks simply stunning when paired with a dramatic red lip.

16Ashy Blonde Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes

Ash blonde is a hot color this season (here’s looking at you, Cara.) Go in for an ashy blonde balayage to bring a bit of ice queen to your brunette base. Platinum tips really vamp up this chilly cool balayage. If you’d like to take it a step further, play around with hints of pastel pink to really vamp up your color.

17Neon Overload

Recommended Base Color: Neons, Pastels, “Unnatural” Shades

Channel your inner Jeffree Star with a bright, vivid neon that screams to the world your are a one-of-a-kind goddess. Although we recommend pairing a neon balayage with a neon base, any “unnatural” color works well with glowing tips: try pastels or other vivid hues. This bright blue/alien green combo is just the color to welcome in a summer of partying!

18Warm and Welcoming Caramel Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes

Something about this honey-dipped balayage is so sweet and tempting! While you can create this color on a dark or dirty blonde, it is best on brunettes. The warmth really works well with ladies of many undertones; how to balayage hair to this style? Ask your stylist to select a blonde that will look the best on you. This balayage looks wonderful on ladies of all skin colors.

19Natural Caramel Balayage

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes, Blondes

Why are blonde balayages so tempting? Your friends will never be able to guess if you created this blonde caramel balayage color with time in the sun or in a salon chair, so leave them guessing! Play around with warm and cool tones to find what works best for you.

20Strawberry Amore

Recommended Base Color: Brunettes, Reds

Sweet as a strawberry but still fiery and exotic, this balayage is stunning on other shades of red as well as brunette bases. If you’re looking to bring some spice into your every day color, look no further!


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