30 Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas

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30 Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas

If you’re thinking about adding some new color to your black or darker brown hair, brown ombre hair color is one of the most natural looking ways for you to get in on this popular hair trend. For professional women and low-key fashionistas who aren’t looking to drastically change up their look, brown ombre is the ultimate way to add warmth and interest without going overboard. For lighter haired ladies, a reverse ombre style with a darker brown color at the ends can create a more unique, head-turning hairstyle. If you’re looking for more inspiration and trendy brown ombre hair color ideas, check out 30 of our favorite styles below.


1Chocolate Lob With Auburn

Treat your dark chocolate brown lob to an auburn ombre color that’s perfect for warming up your style in the winter months.

2Medium On Dark Brown Ombre

This brown on brown ombre style features enough color contrast to be eye-catching, but still manages to look natural by using two shades in the same color family.

3Natural Brown Ombre Curls

This high brown ombre helps to warm up natural curls, and offers up a great option for darker haired women who want to try a new color without going for something as bold as a blond shade.

4Warm Brunette Curls

These big, luxurious curls provide the perfect canvas for showing off a warm brunette ombre hair color.

5Champagne Brown Ombre

With champagne tinged brown highlights concentrated near the face, this brown ombre style is a glamorous and strategic way to make your complexion look brighter.

6Brown Sombre Bob

The tiniest touch of ombre on Emily Blunt’s dark espresso bob helps to bring some subtle dimension to her hair while still looking incredibly natural.

7Auburn Peekaboo Ombre

With auburn ombre color in the underneath layers of hair, this peekaboo style keeps things very low-key.

8Cool Ashy Brown

This brown is so ashy it almost looks grey, making it a trendy hair color choice without going for a completely unnatural hair color.

9Straight Lengths Brown Ombre

Ombre hair color can be more difficult to pull off with hair that’s worn straight, but Leighton Meester’s expert color melt proves that straight ombre styles can still look chic.

10Ultra Long Subtle Brown Ombre

Selena Gomez wears a subtle brown ombre that’s barely noticeable thanks to her ultra long locks. If you’re dying to get a similar look, we recommend springing for extensions to get this length and color overnight.

11Reverse Brown Ombre

While most ombre styles feature hair color that’s darker at the roots and lighter at the ends, reverse ombre styles provide a more unique, less natural looking option. Going for a brown ombre style over blonde hair requires less work, as no bleaching is required!

12Warm Chocolate Dip Dye

With a fairly bold demarcation between two different colors of hair, this ombre style takes on the bold look of dip dye.

13Warm Brunette On Natural Black

Reddish brown ombre helps to warm up this natural black hair, and makes for an especially unique look when paired with bangs.

14Natural Curls With Brown Ombre Dip Dye

If you’re worried about bleach causing damage to your natural curls, try a dip dyed ombre color that will only require you to lighten a small portion of your hair.

15Barely There Brown Ombre

These bright platinum blonde locks get a tiny touch of medium brown ombre at the ends, in one of the most natural looking reverse ombre styles we’ve seen.

16Brown Ombre Waves

In a gorgeously executed brown ombre style, these waves make the ombre hair trend look classic and timeless.

17Black To Light Brown Ombre

With ultra long hair comes more room to play, and this black to light brown ombre style takes advantage of that possibility in a fun and flirty way.

18Reverse Brown Ombre Shag

In a shag haircut that’s cut into several three distinctive layers, you can create an ombre style by coloring the lower layer in a contrasting color. The pictured style uses the reverse ombre technique to mix golden blondes and browns together in a warm color palette.

19Sleek Caramel Brown Ombre

Subtle and sophisticated, this caramel brown ombre color enhances natural black hair without distracting from or overpowering it.

20Subtle Dark Brown Ombre

Gently transitioning from dark to medium brunette shades, this ombre hair color is subtle and appropriate for any season.

21Honey Brown Reverse Ombre

We love how natural this reverse ombre hair color looks, transitioning from a light honey brown color at the roots to a deeper brunette at the end of these long, messy waves.

22Golden Glamour Ombre

This rich, dark brown hair color is highlighted with the lightest touch of golden brown ombre color, making it the perfect glamorous addition to your signature dark-haired style.

23Touch Of Brown Ombre

Alexa Chung warms up her famous head of hair with a touch of brown ombre that’s incredibly natural looking.

24Reverse Brown Ombre Lob

This reverse ombre lob does a good job of hiding the line of demarcation by leaving some pieces in the top layer of hair completely blonde.

25Golden Chestnut Ombre

Kourtney Kardashian’s incredibly long hairstyle gets a luxurious upgrade with a golden chestnut ombre color.

26Natural Brown Ombre

With an almost blonde color at the very ends of the hair, this brown ombre style is a great example of how gradient color can still look natural.

27Brown Ombre Glamour Waves

Kaley Cuoco’s peekaboo brown ombre gives her glamorous blonde waves a dose of drama without completely changing up the actress’s signature hair color.

28Light Brown Ombre Waves

With hair long enough to pull off a drastic color contrast, a light brown ombre color helps to soften Ashlee Simpson’s ultra dark roots.

29Glamorous Brown Ombre

Lily Aldridge’s brown ombre style is the epitome of glamour and style, leaving us in no doubt as to how this model became a household name.

30High Contrast Brown Ombre

From pale buttery blonde to deep espresso brown, this high contrast reverse ombre is a bold color palette that’s perfect for fearless women.



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