cute summer hairstyles


Cute Summer Hairstyles

When the air gets warmer and the days get longer, fun and flirty summer hairstyles come out to play. You’ll probably find yourself going to lots of weddings and parties where you want to look your best, but hot weather and days full of activities mean you’ll also be searching for hairstyles that are easy and versatile. If you’ve got long hair, fun yet simple updos are perfect for summer, and if you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short, summer is definitely the season to do it! From fun braided updos and cute pixies to the hottest color trends emerging in 2017, these 30 summer hairstyles will help you get ready for fun in the sun!

1Piecey Bob

Long enough in the front that some pieces can be tucked behind the ears, but short enough in the back that it won’t feel hot or bulky, this piecey bob is a great summer hairstyle that works any other time of year too.

2Perfect Pixie

Don’t let the red carpet attire fool you into thinking that this hairstyle won’t work for any occasion the summer season throws your way. This perfect pixie eliminates the need to get your hair out of the way on afternoons at the lake or overnight camping trips.

3Pastel Box Braids

Bust out the pastel extensions to get your box braids into summertime mode. With the pastel trend continuing to be on fire, it’s easy to find pre-dyed pastel braiding hair. If you’ve got a very specific color palette in mind, DIY goddesses can do their own dye job on blonde braiding hair.

4Textured Bob

Because bob styles are so versatile, they can be anywhere on the style spectrum from sleek and sophisticated to flirty and fun. If you’re hoping to let loose with a fun summer hairstyle, deconstruct your tightly structured bob by adding some texture to the ends and ditching the defined part.

5Elegant Twisted Bun

Some summer days and nights feel too hot to do anything special with your hair, but as the official wedding season, there’s no way you’ll get through the summer without at least once fancy event. This is the perfect elegant hairstyle for a formal summer affair on an extra hot day or night.

6Babely Buzz Cut

If you’ve been working up the nerve to go for a daring buzz cut, summer is definitely the season to do it. Hot weather will have you feeling liberated from heavier hairstyles, and as the original buzz cut beauty Amber Rose has shown us, buzzed styles can still allow you to experiment with hair color trends.

7Golden Balayage

You can wear this gorgeous color style all year long, but summer offers up the perfect opportunity to add some golden balayage highlights to your medium or long hair.

8Geode Hair

Summer feels like the right time to debut a new, brightly colored style like the geode hair trend. Inspired by shell-like rocks called geodes that are filled with beautiful crystal and mineral landscapes inside, this hot look for 2017 involves jewel toned purples and blues covering the entire head or highlighted over a natural base color.

9Double Bun Style

Fun and trendy, this double bun style is cute enough to pair with any summer outfit, and works well at casual affairs like barbecues and beachside get-togethers.

10Piecey Pixie

Most super short hairstyles seem to make sense during the summer, but Emma Watson’s piecey pixie is so fun and light that it practically screams summertime.

11Long Nude Hair

You probably only think of nudes in terms of clothing choices, but the same concept that a neutral goes with everything rings true with hair color too. Unlike winter when you might feel like wearing a more rich hair color, summer is the perfect time to try wearing your long locks in a nude shade that matches your skin tone.

12Half Up Top Knot

Love a top knot but hate to hide all of your pretty hair? The half up top knot style offers the best of both worlds, and is a great way to battle a bad case of hat or helmet hair after a day at the beach or riding your bike around town.

13Blorange Style

It’s not blonde, it’s not orange… it’s blorange! Another hot color trend that’s arrived in 2017, the peachy goodness of this blonde/orange mashup is the perfect sunny choice for your summer hairstyle. Blorange hair color exists on a spectrum everywhere from pale and pastel to juicy and rich, meaning there’s a shade of blorange to compliment every skin tone.

14Perfect Bun

Twist long hair into a perfect simple bun, and you’ll be ready for any summer event where you want to look cute.

15Beach Waves

Even if you don’t live anywhere near the ocean, summer is the season to wear you hair in these lazy, messy waves. For ladies lacking an authentic beach experience, using a sea-salt leave-in spray can help create the same gritty effect as a day spent swimming in the ocean.

16Double Braided Headband

Keep your hair away from your face in a casual and romantic way with this double braided headband style. The simple three-strand braids make this an easy look to pull off, but you can absolutely dress it up for weddings.

17Back Braided Bun

Wearing your hair up in a bun is a great option for hot summer nights, but can feel a little boring and plain after a while. This dutch braid up the nape of the neck adds some extra interest, and can also help to control flyaway baby hairs.

18Peachy Bob

A tiny dose of peachy color shows that this sophisticated blonde bob is just a fun, summer hairstyle waiting to break free! If you’ve been contemplating a more dramatic color like a full head of blorange hair, this peach tinged style is a great way to dip your toe in the water.

19Edgy Undercut Pixie

This edgy undercut helps to make a pixie look ultra modern and daring, and has the added bonus of keeping your head cool and allowing for less styling time in the summer heat.

20Messy Twisted Updo

Easy and sweet, this messy twisted updo is sweet and romantic like a prom hairstyle, but subtle enough that it can be worn at any age. Accessorizing with a headband can help to control flyaway hair, which some women find to be a bigger issue during humid summers.

21Pastel Mermaid Hair

Pastel hair has been popular throughout all four seasons, but this lavender and aqua style definitely belongs beachside.

22Folded Top Knot

A sophisticated summer updo that requires little styling effort, you can get this top knot style by folding your ponytail, then using a thick hair accessory like a headband or cuff to wrap around the base of the pony and hold it in place.

23Double Dutch Braids

Along with boxer braids and french braided styles, double dutch braids have been enjoying a lot of popularity over the past few years. When braided securely, a style like this can last several days, and has the rare quality of looking appropriate everywhere from the gym to a late night dance party.

24Messy Braids Updo

The most important qualities of a great summer updo is that it be easy to execute, and appropriate for special occasions. This messy braided updo definitely ticks both of these boxes, and you’ll be dying to try it out at summer parties and events.

25Messy High Pony

Sometimes a bun can feel like more work than a ponytail, especially if you’ve got long hair that you’re struggling to keep from falling out of place. This messy style sits high enough on the head that it looks modern and fun, and can take you on pretty much any daytime summer adventure.

26Undercut Nape

Summer is the perfect time to get in on this trendy undercut nape style. Not only does it create visual interest for all of the bun hairstyles you’ll probably be wearing, but the shaved patch acts as a natural air conditioner by providing a space for your skin to cool down.

27Crown Braid

An amazing romantic option for any summer weddings you’ll be attending (including your own), this crown braided style keeps hair up and out of the way, while a few loose tendrils prevent it from looking too stuffy. Accessorize with flowers if you’re feeling extra bohemian.

28Grey Blonde Lob

If you’re looking for a new color to try this summer, but pastel and jewel tones aren’t for you, this grey blonde lob is the perfect mixture of summery color and subtle sophistication. Wear it to school, work, or a day at the beach without missing a beat in between.

29Long Hair With Side Shave

If you’re feeling hesitant about going for a fully buzzed style, summer is the perfect time to bust out this equally daring hairstyle.

30Succulent Bob

The earthy tones of green, purple and red that color the leaves of juicy succulent plants also make a pretty amazing color palette for a summer hairstyle! You can mix this color trend with almost any haircut, but this perky layered bob provides an excellent canvas to balance multiple jewel toned colors.



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