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30 Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long considered the quintessential style of the young and beautiful, women spend countless hours and dollars in salons trying to achieve the perfect long, blonde hair.  From pin-straight and platinum to beachy blonde waves, these long blonde hairstyles will inspire your next hairstyle to be light and long.

1Long Platinum Locks

This ultra long blonde hair is in an ashy platinum shade so bright it’s almost white. A hint of dark roots create some dimension in the colour, while the cut features a few face framing layers that create movement and prevent it from looking too heavy.

2Golden Box Braids

The use of blonde extensions make these box braids the perfect combination of glam and edgy styles.

3Blonde Curls With French Fishtail Bun

If you want to put your long blonde hair half up in a laid-back style that can still grab attention, try this fishtail style french braid to pull bangs away from the face, and secure in a messy top knot.

4Half Top Knot

If you like a super casual messy hair look, this half top knot is super chic and looks so effortless. If you want to switch up your ordinary blonde top knot, try this long messy half top knot style.

5Platinum Bombshell

One of the most iconic blondes, Gwen Stefani’s look here is blonde all the way to the roots, and is styled in classic curls that bring some glamour to her funky, edgy style.

6Long Ashy Blonde Cut

Sienna Miller’s middle part and long, ashy hair make her style the perfect mix of modern and retro. This mid-level ash tone is perfect for fairer complexions, while the cut is great for balancing out round faces.

7White Blonde

Want to look like you just stepped out of a fantasy world? Try this white blonde shade that looks amazing against porcelain complexions.

8Sun Kissed Beach Blonde

Golden blonde colour is mixed in with warm copper and rust tones, creating a beachy look that screams California summer all year long.

9Big Layered Blonde Hair

This big blonde hair features several inches of darker roots, and leaves some brunette in the underneath layer as well. Depending on how you wear your hair, you can downplay this contrast, or put it on display by wearing a high half-up ponytail.

10Beyonce Blonde

Like in every other aspect of style and beauty, Beyonce’s long blonde hair is the gold standard.

11Sleek Platinum

Despite being one of the biggest A-List celebrities of the past decades, Gwyneth Paltrow likes to keep it simple when it comes to hair and makeup, opting for her signature straight blonde style most of the time. This classic simplicity is a great style to emulate if you’re worried about blonde hair looking immature.

12Natural Curls With Blonde Ombre

These long natural curls are punched up with warm blonde ombre, giving them a vibrant update without losing any length.

13Strawberry Blonde

One of the most unique ways to go blonde, this strawberry blonde style mixes warm copper and blonde tones for look that glows all over.

14Dark and Dirty Blonde

Cara Delevingne’s dirty blonde locks transition from dark and ashy at the roots with slightly warmer ends. Thanks to her medium skin tone, both colours work with her complexion. If you’re trying to get this look yourself, make sure the shade that’s next to your face is the one that looks best with your skin tone.

15Honey Brown With Blonde Ombre

If you can’t commit to a fully blonde style, try this perfect gradient ombre that seamlessly moves from honey brown to golden blonde.

16Golden Blonde With Bangs

This style features multidimensional colour in several warm blonde shades, making it look natural and girl-next-door, especially when paired with these big bangs.

17Blonde Over Dark Layer

This layered colour has a big contrast between a solid dark layer underneath and the ultra-bright blonde over top of it.

18Big Buttery Curls

Rihanna’s long blonde style gives off serious retro vibes thanks to its spiral curls, face framing bangs and warm, buttery shade.

19Jennifer Aniston’s Dark Blonde

Although she’s wearing it a little bit shorter these days, Jennifer Aniston’s enviable dark blonde shade looks beautiful when worn long with face framing layers.

20Cappuccino Blonde

Taylor Swift’s cappuccino blonde shade is a trendy new take on darker blonde styles. Wear it with texturized bangs to make blue or green eyes pop.

21Beauty Queen Blonde

The grown-up version of Barbie hair, these long curls in multidimensional blonde make anyone look like she’s ready to about to be crowned on stage.

22Layers With Ash Blonde

This ashy blonde shade is perfect for women with fair, cool complexions, and the layers add a soft femininity that can easily be dressed up or down.

23White Blonde With Deep Side Part

Taking some inspiration from “scene” hairstyles, this white blonde look sweeps hair across the face in an extreme deep side part, making this a young, edgy way to wear your blonde.

24Straight Cut Layered Colour

Rita Ora’s ultra glam style mixes long hair that’s styled pin straight with a platinum blonde shade over darker ashy blondes underneath.

25Short Choppy Bangs

If you want to add some edge to your hair without going darker or shorter, try adding a short, choppy bang. This change can emphasize your eyes and make your face look younger, but will add some extra time to your styling routine.

26Ultra Blonde Box Braids

This box braided style features blonde extensions on dyed blonde hair, creating a solid gold effect.

27Long Layers and Wispy Bangs

Reese Witherspoon’s blonde style is a perfect mix of stylish and approachable. If you’ve got a heart-shaped face like hers, these bangs are one of the most flattering things you can wear.

28Rose Gold

Using lighter red tones than a traditional strawberry blonde, this rose gold colour fades from pinkish roots to warm blonde ends.

29Hippie Blonde

Between the natural looking dimensional blonde, lazy waves, and centre parted bangs, this hairstyle is a boho-chic dream.

30Half Up Ombre

Wearing hair half up is a great way to look casual while showing off blonde ombre over darker roots.

31Blonde Balayage

More subtle than most ombre styles, these balayage highlights over dark ashy roots look like they were painted on by the sun.



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