Cute Hairstyles For Long Hair


Cute Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Growing your hair long takes commitment, and sometimes it can feel like the extra effort to style it isn’t worth the trouble. Intricate styles can take forever with long hair, and you might find yourself washing less often because drying your hair takes an eternity. For every Rapunzel wannabe who feels like she’s run out of quick and simple styling ideas, we’ve gathered 35 of our favorite cute and easy hairstyles for long hair. Your mornings are about to get a whole lot easier!

1Messy High Ponytail

Throw your long hair in a messy ponytail for the ultimate cute and easy hairstyle for long or medium hair. Perfect for days in between washings when you need to style your hair in no time flat.

2Long Waves

Use a jumbo barrel curling iron to put loose waves in your long hair. If you’re naturally straight haired or usually wear your hair up, a wavy style looks fun and flirty all day without requiring a ton of upkeep.

3Lace Braided Bangs

Use the lace braiding technique to keep your long hair out of your face anytime you’re wearing it down.  This simple technique is just like a french (or dutch) braid, but you’ll only add in hair from one side of the braid.

4Easy Crown Braid

Tie two three-strand braids at the nape of your neck and then wrap them around your head for an easy crown braid hairstyle that you can dress up or down.

5Half Up Pony

A little half up ponytail looks cute and sporty while still showing off your long hair. Perfect for if you’ve got a fresh color job that you want to show off even on a busy day.

6Classic French Braid

Simple and sweet, the classic French braid never goes out of style. This low, loose braid is easy to do on your own, and keeps hair secured just as well as a ponytail or bun.

7Lazy Waves

Add a few lazy waves to your long hair for a perfect, “I woke up like this” style.

8Simple Ballerina Bun

Whether you use a hair donut to pad the inside of your ballerina bun or just use your own long hair, this is the perfect easy hairstyle for days when you want your long hair to look professional and presentable.

9French Braid Pigtails

Braiding french braids all the way down to the ends of very long hair can be time consuming, but this style makes things quicker and easier. Just french braid down to the nape of your neck and tie pigtails off with an elastic and you’re good to go.

10Peekaboo Fishtail Braid

Peekaboo braids are one of the easiest ways to add some interest to your long hair without adding much time to your styling. Because fishtail braids can be time consuming, this miniature peekaboo braid is a great way to add a fishtail to your hairstyle without spending a long time in front of the mirror.

11Double Braided Headband

Braided headbands are one of the easiest ways to add a romantic twist to your long hairstyle without much time and effort. To get this look, braid a small section of hair from each side of the head into a simple three-strand braid, then wrap them around the back of your head and pin into place.

12Sleek Low Ponytail

This sleek low ponytail is an easy way to style your long hair for anything from a casual dinner with friends to a sophisticated, black-tie event.

13Double Dutch Braids

Cute, easy, and ultra trendy, the double dutch braid style looks picture perfect with long hair, and will keep your strands secure all day long.

14Easy Headscarf Style

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit or hide a tragic case of bed head, turning any silk scarf into a hair accessory is a quick and easy solution.

15Half Up Double Buns

This trendy double bun style is as easy as twisting two top knots and securing into place. It’s a great style option for anyone with with very long, thick locks that make putting all of your hair into one big bun a challenge.

16Long And Crimped

Add some crimped sections to your long hair for a fun, retro look. Using a crimping iron is quick and easy, as this style doesn’t require perfect precision. If you want to make things even easier, sleep with a few braids in your hair and you’ll wake up to crimped hair once you’ve unraveled them.

17Simple Braided Headband

Get this simple braided headband by bringing two three strand braids together at the back of the head and joining them with an elastic, or braid them together if you’ve got a few extra minutes.

18Half Up Top Knot

This half up top knot is an easy way to deal with long hair that’s been soaking up the sun and salt water on a vacation.

19Side Dutch Braids

Two side dutch braids are perfect for pulling some of your hair away from your face, and give you the same edgy silhouette as a side shaved hairstyle.

20Simple Side Twist

Add an easy but elegant touch to your long hair on a special occasion with this simple side twist. It’s perfect for semi-formal events when you want to add an extra feminine detail to your look without tacking an extra hour on to the time it takes you to get ready.

21Braided Pigtails

Even an amateur braider can pull off these braided pigtails in just a few minutes for a cute and easy hairstyle on a casual day.

22Waterfall Braided Headband

The waterfall braid is a fun style that’s easy to pull off once you’ve tried it once or twice. Perfect for creating a headband effect on your long hair, this is one look that can transition from casual and everyday to something more high stakes like your wedding hairstyle.

23Messy High Bun

The ultimate in quick and easy hairstyles, a messy bun can get your long hair up and out of the way when it’s overdue for a washing or you’ve woken up with a serious case of bed head. For long haired ladies in hot and humid climates, this style can be a lifesaver.

24Mini Braided Bangs

This mini french braid creates a perfect romantic detail, but will only take a minute to add to your long hair.

25Bubble Ponytail

It only takes a few extra elastics to go from a basic ponytail to this fun and easy bubble style. Tie your ponytail in two extra places to get this cute look, or use more elastics for a funkier style.

26Super Straight Strands

Run a flat iron over your long hair to take it from an everyday style to this sleek and sexy look. Whether or not your hair is damaged, it’s a good idea to use a heat protectant spray to create a barrier between your hair and any heat styling tools.

27Side Fishtail Braid

Leave some shorter layers loose around your face and pull the rest of hair into a side fishtail braid that’s easy to do on your own.

28Half Up Pigtails

If you’re looking for a fun and funky way to wear your hair to a casual event, try these half up pigtails that work with any length or texture of hair.

29Twisted Side Braid

This twisted side braid is the perfect example of an easy hairstyle that comes out looking complicated and impressive. To get the look, divide your long hair with a deep side part, then begin french braiding on the side of the part with less hair. Work down and around the back of the head (like a crown braid) until you reach the opposite side of the head, and tie off with an elastic. Take the section of hair that’s still loose and twist it, then wrap it around and tuck through the french braid, and finish off by braiding the loose pieces together in a three or four strand braid until you’ve reached the ends.

30Long Curls With Headband

It only takes a second to add a headband to your hairstyle, but you’ll be surprised at how helpful they can be in tying your look together.

31Side Ponytail

Simple and elegant, a side ponytail offers up a little more visual interest without taking much time to pull together.

32Double Buns

Whether or not you have bangs, these double buns make for a fun, trendy, and easy way to put your long hair up without hiding your personality.

33Super High Ponytail

Steal Ariana Grande’s signature style with this sky-high ponytail. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your long hair look glamorous.

34Twisted Braid Bun

Get this chic yet easy low bun style by tying your hair in a low ponytail, then braiding down to the ends and securing with a second elastic. Wrap the braid around itself and secure with pins, and you’ve got an easy braided bun that works for almost any occasion.

35Dutch Mohawk Ponytail

Use a dutch braided section to add an extra cute detail to your regular ponytail hairstyle.



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