35 Gorgeous Prom Updos

The biggest night of the year is fast approaching. You’ve got your dress and shoes picked out, and the last piece of the puzzle is how to pull it all together with a hairstyle. Prom is a chance to step up your style, so whether you’re heading to a salon to have a professional styling or meeting up with your friends to spend the day perfecting each other’s looks, an updo is the perfect way to dress up your hair for the big night. If you’re wearing a strapless or backless dress, putting your hair up helps to show off your style, and won’t hide your face or any special earrings you’ve picked out. From chic and polished buns to romantic braided styles, check out these 35 prom updos representing the latest in modern trendy style.

1Fishtail Crown Braid

Look like a princess on prom night with this fishtail crown braid updo that’s perfect for matching the romantic vibe of a flowing off-the-shoulder gown with ruffle details.

2Mohawk Braided Updo

Looking for a prom updo that’s the perfect mix of sophistication and edge? This thick braided mohawk brings some serious sizzle whether you pair it with a figure-hugging satin gown or a romantic chiffon dress.

3Low Sleek Bun

Show off your backless or strapless dress with this incredibly chic yet simple hairstyle. Be sure to use a smoothing serum to keep your low bun updo looking sleek instead of frizzy.

4Triple Bun Updo

This triple bun hairstyle is an easy updo to do on your own, but will still help elevate your prom hairstyle from the looks you’ve been wearing all throughout the year.

5Low Loose Updo

If you’re going for bold makeup touches like a dark lip or dramatic smoky eye, keeping your hairstyle simple is a good counterbalance. This low updo pulls long hair back and secures it loosely at the nape of the neck, while some loose pieces around the face help to add a touch of softness.

6Dutch Braided Spiral Bun

Amp up your everyday dutch braided hairstyle with this big braid that begins on one side of the head and then wraps around to the other before spiralling around a low bun.

7Braided Updo For Short Hair

Think your hair’s too short for an updo? Think again! Braids are an excellent way to keep shorter strands in place, especially when helped along with some product and pins.

8Double Buns With Glitter Part

Don’t force yourself into a traditionally formal style if fun and funky is more your speed. These double buns look great with or without an undercut, and the glittery part is the perfect spacey accessory to a shiny dress in navy blue or purple.

9Loose Bun With Braided Headband

This loose bun updo is nicely tied together with a lace braided headband. An easy addition to almost any hairstyle, the lace braiding technique picks up hair from only one side of a french or dutch braid.

10Mohawk Braid Ponytail

Add some modern funky style to your prom updo with this mohawk braided ponytail. Adding curls to hair and wrapping the base of your ponytail help to elevate this prom updo from your basic, everyday pony.

11French Braids Updo

Put an edgy Victorian vibe in your prom night hairstyle with this french braided updo that’s perfect for pairing with a high necked lace dress .

12Pompadour Updo

Steal Janelle Monae’s signature hairstyle with this twisted pompadour updo. Perfect for pairing with a vintage or pin-up inspired dress.

13Double Braid Headband Updo

Make the most out of your medium length hair by adding two braided headbands to a simple low updo.

14Undercut Updo

Don’t think that having an edgy undercut means you can’t wear a fancy updo for prom. Extra girly details like a french braid and accessories make for a perfect contrast against the shaved sides.

15Jumbo Bun Updo

This jumbo bun updo looks fit for a princess, and will go perfectly with any big, poofy ballgown. To get the major volume in this hairstyle, try using a hair donut or other styling accessory to add structure to your bun.

16Milkmaid Braid

Simple and sweet, anyone with medium to long hair can get this milkmaid braid hairstyle in a short amount of time. Tie your hair in a three-strand braid behind behind one ear, then wrap it over the top of your head and pin behind the other ear.

17Back Braided Ponytail

If you’re having trouble deciding how to style your bob length hair for prom, try this simple ponytail with a dutch braid running down the back. It’s a quick and easy look that will still stand out from your everyday hairstyles.

18Low Twist Updo

You can get this sophisticated prom updo by twisting your medium or long hair and securing with a hair brooch for some added sparkle. Leave some loose tendrils around the face if you want to add some softness to your style.

19Twisted Braids Updo

The thick headband in this updo is made from several three-strand braids that are twisted together, making it a complicated looking braided hairstyle that’s pretty easy to pull off on your own.

20Simple Low Twisted Bun

If your prom night vision is simple and elegant, try this low twisted bun for an easy prom updo that won’t overwhelm your polished look.

21Fishtail Braid Updo

This low updo gets an added dose of romance with a fishtail braid that wraps around the side of the head. Fishtail braiding isn’t difficult, but it can take a long time depending on how intricate you’d like it to be, and it’s a good idea to have a friend help out if you’re planning on doing your own hair.

22Jumbo Bun With Braided Headband

Buns and braids make the perfect prom pairing, and we love this romantic ballerina style for anyone with a flowing dress made of gauzy material.

23Halo Braids With Rose Accessories

Wrap several braids around your head and pin them together in a loose, messy style. Perfect for any girl with a country heart, you can accessorize this prom updo with a few dainty flowers of your choice.

24Chic Bun With Bow Accessory

Look chic and sleek for the big day by accessorizing your simple bun updo with a satin bow. Match it with your date’s tie for extra cute points towards your chance at being crowned the king and queen!

25Dutch Braided Double Buns

If you love double dutch braids, try dressing up the everyday style with this low updo. After your braids are secured, gently pull them apart for this extra volumized look.

26Fishtail Mohawk Ponytail

Get this french fishtail braid by picking up and adding hair into your fishtail braid as you move from your hairline to the back of your head, then tie hair together in a long ponytail that’s teased for dramatic effect.

27Twisted Bun Updo

If braids aren’t quite your style, you can still get some interesting texture in your updo by curling hair and then applying some twist techniques as you’re pulling it all together.

28Bow Updo

This too-cute style is surprisingly easy to pull off, and is a fun way to look trendy and cute for your prom.

29Fishtail Milkmaid Braids

Take the milkmaid braid to the next level by braiding two fishtail braids near the back of your head, then wrapping them up and around the top of your head and securing with pins.

30Messy High Bun

If you want to look glamorous, wild, and a little too cool for school, try this messy high bun to take your prom updo from “sweet and simple” to “good girl gone bad”.

31French Braided Mohawk Updo

To get a french braid with this much volume it’s a good idea to tease hair beforehand or spray with a volumizing product. Finish with hairspray to make sure your braided mohawk hairstyle stays up high and in place all night long.

32Jumbo Box Braids Bun

Whether you wear box braids on the regular or it’s your first time, they’re a great way to add extra length and color to your hair. Style your box braids in a jumbo bun for a prom updo so regal it’s good enough for Queen Bey.

33Dutch Braided Double Buns

Dress up your trendy double bun style with dutch braids that run up the back of your head. Just because prom is formal doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

34Pull Through Braid Mohawk

This pull through braid is a more unique way to incorporate a mohawk silhouette into your prom updo. Created with a series of ponytails that get pulled through one another, you should start practicing this technique ahead of time to get it just perfect on prom night.

35High Bun With Bangs

Don’t hide your bangs just because it’s prom! A fabulous fringe looks great with any updo, but we especially love these eye grazing bangs with a simple high bun hairstyle.

36Elegant multi-dimensional low twisted bun

The blonde highlights create a multidimantional voluminous low bun. A super chic and stunning updo!

37High Loose Braided Updo

This loose updo has two braided sections; on one side and at the beack holding the low bun. This style is great for those with thin hair that want to add extra volume.



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