35 Perm Hairstyles: Stunning Perm Looks

Perm hairstyles were hugely popular in the ’80s, making big hair worn in super tight curls an image that’s instantly associated with the decade. Most women are either glad that their hair survived the trend, or consider themselves lucky to have been born in the ’90s, but perms are making a comeback in a new kind of way. The same type of perm process that created those extreme ’80s hairstyles is gaining popularity as a way to get softer curls or wavy, beachy texture that doesn’t need to be styled day after day. If you’re sick of constantly reaching for curling irons and round brushes to make your straight hair bounce, a modern perm can make your morning routine a breeze. Check out these 35 styles that show what the new and improved perm hairstyles can do for your look.

1Mid Length Soft Waves

Julianne Hough’s chemically created soft waves have had a big hand in reigniting the perm trend. Her blonde hair looks perfectly beach-ready, with texture that nobody would guess was the result of a perm.

2Big Body Waves

The body wave perm technique creates big, loose waves that give your hair a sexy volume boost. If you’ve got ultra long locks that don’t have an even curl pattern but are a pain to straighten, this perm hairstyle will give you an epic wash-and-go look.

3Messy Curls Perm

These messy curls can be teased to create a sexy, disheveled look, or left to air dry in a big volume style that won’t unravel or fall flat throughout the day.

4Soft Spiral Perm Curls

These spiral perm curls are reminiscent of the best perm hairstyles of the ’80s and ’90s, in that they’re long and gorgeous without looking over-processed. Without a perm process, you’ll need to spend several hours styling these spiral curls into long hair.

5Soft Waves With Bangs

This wavy look shows just how soft and subtle perm hairstyles can be. Pair with bangs for a sweet style that’s nicely textured without venturing into the “big hair” category.

6Beach Bunny Perm

Looking far more perfect than any actual ocean-induced waves, this beachy perm is an excellent option for summer hair that will look expertly wavy for beach days, nights on the town, and everything in between.

7Digital Perm Bob

The digital perm technique uses heated rods or rollers, and is becoming popular in the perm revival for creating soft waves that are actually more pronounced when the hair is dry. Using the technique on a bob creates incredibly natural looking waves, and is perfect for an easy wash-and-go look that will make bad hair days a distant memory.

8Bouncy Perm

Women with naturally curly hair have been feeling the pressure to straighten their locks for years, but natural looking curls are enjoying a well-deserved moment in the sun. If you’ve got naturally straight strands, a perm hairstyle is your best bet for getting these bouncy curls.

9Big Rod Perm

Using larger perm rods creates the type of big, bouncy curls that look natural instead of dated or retro. Simply styling hair with a centre part allows your curls to speak for themselves, and makes getting ready in the morning a piece of cake.

10Stacked Perm

Using different size perm rods to create a variety of curl sizes, a stacked perm results in a layered look without actually cutting any hair. This perm hairstyle grows out naturally, and gives hair a volumized shape without any styling effort.

11Chic Waves

These waves strike the perfect balance between chilled out, beachy hair and big, luscious curls. When you opt for a perm hairstyle that will give you this texture all the time, you can choose a simple haircut and still look effortlessly chic.

12Partial Digital Perm

If you want soft curls without creating too much volume around the sides of your face, this partial digital perm hairstyle can make your texture dreams come true. A partial perm doesn’t process the entire length of hair’s strands, creating a half-curled style that mimics the same look often achieved with a curling iron.

13Bouncy Root Perm

Creating curls that begin right from the roots give this perm hairstyle an extra bouncy look, and helps to create shape in this above-the-shoulder bob haircut.

14Soft Digital Perm

Very soft curls that begin partway down hair’s strands make this digital perm a dream come true for lovers of romantic curly hairstyles.

15Loose Ribbons Perm


Loose ribbon curls create a textured perm hairstyle that looks like a nice cross between natural curls and the well structured ribbon curls that come from classic curling iron styling.

16Loose Digital Perm

Loose waves help to create a sexy, mermaid style that’s leagues away from the retro perms of decades past.

17Permed Bob With Bangs

This perm hairstyle with bangs might give you Flashdance flashbacksbut this is one curly retro hairstyle that’s coming back with a vengeance. The key to keeping this style modern looking is in wearing your bob and bangs on the longer side. Too-short styles won’t give curls enough space to weigh themselves down, and could have you feeling clown-like.

18Long Digital Perm

These big, bold curls begin a few inches away from the roots, making this an ideal perm hairstyle for petite women who don’t want to disappear underneath their new curly hairstyle.

19Ginger Curls

Bring your natural ginger hair to life without adding to or changing your natural color. Trying a perm hairstyle on previously lightened or damaged hair can be dangerous, as your strands may react differently to the perming process.

20Glam Digital Perm

For ladies who want to feel glamorous 24/7, this digital perm will have you looking like you hired a professional stylist to do your hair every morning. Highlights help to accent these luscious waves, but wearing this perm style can also help to bring life your natural hair color.

21Thick Natural Waves

The natural waves that everyone dreams of having are achievable with the new breed of perm styling techniques.

22Mid Length Waves

Proving that soft wave perm hairstyles don’t always look beachy and casual, these mid length waves keep your hair looking chic enough for any workplace or special event.

23Long Deep Curls

These sexy curls have a deep texture that could be overwhelming with a shorter cut, but a longer hairstyle lets them cascade with some weight to them. Wear this perm hairstyle all day at work, and then dance the night away without worrying about refreshing your deep curls in between.

24Natural Wave With Bangs

Longer, centre-parted bangs add a touch of retro style and softness to these trendy, natural-looking waves.

25Spiral Perm Springs

These springy, spiral curls have some layers cut into them that create a shaggy shape and just the right amount of retro style. If you love Meg Ryan’s ’80s look, this perm hairstyle offers a way to bring that vibe into your modern day style.

26Loose Deep Waves

These ultra dreamy waves are perfect for everyday wear, giving your hair a texture that lands somewhere between bouncy curls and stick-straight strands.

27Brushed Out Perm

While it’s not usually advised to aggressively brush or comb out a perm hairstyle, gentle brushing can create this trendy, controlled frizz.

28Lazy Natural Waves

Lazy, natural waves help to put a beachy but polished spin on a textured mid-length haircut. This perm hairstyle is a perfect example of how chemically created waves can be used to enhance a modern, trendy haircut.

29Partial Deep Curl Perm

These curls have an insane depth that would be hard to keep in place using anything other than a perm hairstyle. Using a partial process lets his style fall straight for a few inches with curls beginning around eye level.

30Lazy Waves Digital Perm

If you like the rich girl hair trend that’s all about the perfect, barely-there waves that well-off women will shell out big bucks to get just right, you’ll love that the same look is possible with a digital perm.

31Retro Perm

This retro style perm offers up the best aspects of ’80s hairstyles with a little more modern refinement.

32Natural Wave Partial Perm

A partial perm that begins nearly halfway down strands creates an ultra natural look that can be worn in an easy loose hairstyle or used to add texture to braided styles and updos.

33Brushed Out Spiral Perms

Vanessa Hudgens’ incredible curls show how luscious textured hair can look even without perfect definition from roots to ends.

34Natural Wave Lob

These natural waves are about as relaxed as a perm hairstyle can get. If you’re looking to add a super low-key wave to your straight textured hair, this digital perm hairstyle can give you wash-and-go waves that won’t take any extra styling time.

35Spiral Root Perm

Spiral perm curls begin right from the roots to create a high volume perm hairstyle that will make anyone’s big hair dreams come true.



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