40 Faux Locs Styles

Faux Locs Styles

Long and Short Faux Locs Styles

Locs are one of the most beautiful ways to wear natural hair, but it takes years to get the real thing. If you’re considering wearing your hair in locs for real or you just want to try the style out for a week, faux locs let you mimic the look using synthetic hair. Not only can you use various types of hair to get your own faux locs style, but there are also several different ways to achieve the looks. Read on for faux locs how-tos along with images of 40 gorgeous examples of long and short faux locs styles.

1How to do Faux Locs: Individual Braid or Twist Faux Locs

One of the most popular way to wear faux locs involves using box braids or twists as a base. Separate your natural hair into small sections, then braid away from the head, using extensions to add length if desired. Use a piece of synthetic hair to wrap around your each of your braids. Once you get close to the ends, fold the end of your box braid up and wrap so that your braid is completely concealed and you’ve run out of hair. You can use a lighter to carefully secure each loc and prevent it from unravelling. Marley hair has lots of grip, and is the most popular for wrapping faux locs, but you can use other kinds of synthetic hair or even yarn to wrap your faux locs.

2How to do Faux Locs: Crochet Faux Locs

The same method you use to get gorgeous crochet curls can also work with faux locs that come pre-made with crochet loops at the ends. This is one of the easiest ways to install faux locs, and is a good choice for beginners who don’t want to worry about individually wrapping all of their own locs. To get crochet faux locs, braid your hair into cornrows. Pattern isn’t too important unless you’d like to part your hair in a specific way. Once your cornrows are complete, attach faux locs to them using a latch hook, and your style is ready to go!

3How to do Faux Locs: Individual Crochet Faux Locs

The individual crochet method is a different way to get a faux locs look, but uses the same pre-made faux locs as a regular crochet style. Instead of braiding hair in cornrows, you’ll take individual sections of hair and braid them away from the scalp 2 to 3 inches down. Next use a latch hook to pull a faux loc through the braid, then loop the loc through itself to secure. Finally, use the latch hook to thread the rest of your braided hair into the faux loc where it can stay hidden and secure.

This YouTube video by TheChicNatural is a great example of how to install faux locs using the individual crochet method:

4How Long do Faux Locs Last?

If you use an individual braided method to get your faux locs, the style can last for two months or more. As your natural hair grows out you’ll be left with a fuzzier texture, but this can make your locs look more natural and lived in, which is what lots of faux loc wearers are going for. Unravelling may become an issue after this length of time, so you’ll want to make sure locs are well secured. Crocheted faux locs can last anywhere from 1-2 months, depending on how well you take care of them and how quickly your hair grows.

5Faux Locs Bob

We love long faux locs, but the protective style also looks great in shorter lengths. Beyond looking chic, this is a great option for anyone who’s worried about faux locs feeling too heavy or pulling at their natural hair.

6Half Up Faux Locs

Wearing your faux locs long gives you plenty of options for styling versatility. In this pretty look, locs are styled in a half-up bun that opens up your face and shows off your trendy hair at the same time.

7Short Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Marley hair helps to give these collarbone length faux locs a natural feel, and is the most popular choice of synthetic hair for faux locs that have an especially soft and lived-in look.

8Ultra Long Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are faux locs with open, curly ends that look ultra natural. If you’re inspired to try locs because of celebrities like Lisa Bonet or Meagan Good, go for a goddess locs look.

9Wavy Mid Length Faux Locs

To get this gentle wave texture in your faux locs, braid locs together, then dip in hot water and leave hair braided for several hours or overnight. You can try this method right after installing your faux locs or after a few weeks if you’d like to refresh your look.

10Mid Length Crochet Faux Locs

These mid-length faux locs are at an ultra trendy length, and can be easier to manage for busy lifestyles. Because these faux locs were installed using a crochet method, they’ll be lighter than locs done as individual braids.

11Ultra Long Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Want your faux locs to have a bohemian look? This style uses Marley hair to wrap ultra natural looking locs, while their thicker texture does a good job of mimicking natural locs. This look will be fairly heavy on your head, so we recommend trying it on hair that’s in good condition and not prone to breakage.

12Crochet Micro Locs

If you’re looking for a faux locs style that has tons of flow and movement, try installing some super skinny micro locs using the crochet installation method. You’ll have the same look as locs with even more options for wearing your hair in ponytails, braids and updos.

13Faux Locs Lob

Try wearing your faux locs in a long bob shape if you’re looking for an easy to maintain style that’s flattering on oblong faces. These locs are still long enough to tie up, but won’t feel as heavy as some styles.

14Faux Locs Bun

Much like box braids, faux locs provide a great structure for updos like this high bun. If you’re planning on having this protective style installed for several weeks at a time, this is a perfect go-to look for special occasions.

15Grey Faux Locs

Grey hair has been super trendy for the past few years, and protective styles like faux locs and box braids make it easy to wear grey hair without the damage or permanence of bleaching.

16Chic Faux Locs Updo

Yaya Dacosta’s faux locs updo is perfect for a red carpet event, but will also work anytime you want to make a regular day feel a little more glamorous.

17Long Jumbo Faux Locs

These jumbo faux locs are thicker than usual, creating a look that’s more bold and edgy. Using the individual braid method to install your faux locs gives you complete control over the thickness of your locs, while it may be harder to find pre-made crochet locs that are this thick.

18Short Red Faux Locs

The vibrant, purplish red of these faux locs makes for an extra bold style, and beautifully compliments tan skin tones. Loc accessories give this look some extra bohemian flair, making it a perfect choice for a summertime style.

19Long Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Ultra long faux locs with Marley hair are about as natural looking as faux locs get, creating a beautiful style that reflects your earthy sensibilities.

20Short Jumbo Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Extra thick jumbo faux locs are a great choice for festivals and vacation. You can use accessories to make your jumbo locs stand out even more, or leave them off for a more subtle look.

21Ombre Faux Locs

These faux locs are enhanced by a subtle touch of ombre color. You can get this look by installing faux locs using the individual braid method, using a second piece of lighter synthetic hair or yarn to finish wrapping your braids.

22Grey Jumbo Yarn Locs

Using yarn instead of braiding hair to wrap your faux locs gives you tons of options when it comes to color, and is generally a less expensive option.

23Rainbow Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Marley hair in a light color like blonde or grey can by dyed using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and acrylic ink. Use this trick to create your own custom color palettes like these blue and purple rainbow faux locs.

24Chic Faux Locs Bob

If you’re tired of ultra long protective styles or you’re looking for a lighter way to wear faux locs, this bob look is both chic and practical.

25Tri-color Yarn Faux Locs

This style is a gorgeous example of how many different looks are possible when using yarn to wrap your faux locs. Not only is this tri-color style fresh and innovative, but the material makes it super friendly on your wallet.

26Long Jumbo Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Long, thick, and impressively dense, these faux locs with Marley hair are a good choice for anyone who’s a fan of traditional locs.

27Blonde Faux Locs with Marley Hair

Searching for blonde faux locs that look soft and natural? Marley hair comes in shades of blonde to suit every skin tone.

28Faux Locs with Bangs

This half-up faux locs look is a cool new style that uses a fringe to create height and help frame your eyes.

29Grey and Black Faux Locs

This two-tone faux locs look features grey hair in the front and black in the back, giving off an edgy vibe that’s perfect for fall or winter.

30Short Faux Locs with Side Shave

Mixing faux locs with a side shave will bring some extra edge to your protective style.

31Faux Locs with Marley Buns

Installing faux locs can be time consuming, but this cute new style shows how just a couple of locs can complete your style. Use Marley hair to create these fluffy buns, then create two faux locs at the front of your hair using the individual braid method.

32Red Ombre Faux Locs

If you’ve got a bit of black braiding hair left over from another protective style, you can use it to create a black root effect against red faux locs.

33Teal Crochet Faux Locs

These crochet faux locs mix blue and green together to create an ultra trendy teal style.

34Pulled Back Faux Locs

Faux locs allow lots lots of styling versatility, like this easy pulled back look for days when you want to keep your locs secured and out of your way.

35Bold Blue Faux Locs

Cobalt blue looks great with most medium to dark skin tones, and lets you try out a new vibrant look without damaging your natural hair.

36Mid Length Micro Locs

Between the dark blue color and trendy collarbone length, these shorter micro faux locs are one of our favorite ways to wear the protective style.

37Rainbow Yarn Locs

Another gorgeous example of how yarn can be utilized to create bold faux locs, this rainbow inspired style features tons of different shades in one ultra vibrant hairstyle.

38Curly Faux Locs

You can get a deeper wave in your faux locs by using flexible perm rods to curl them. Simply wrap locs around a rod then dip in hot water to set the style.

39Jumbo Blonde Faux Locs

Try these jumbo blonde faux locs for fall, or any time you’re looking for a protective style with lots of character.

40Layered Faux Locs Bob

Install layered faux locs that are slightly shorter on top if you want to create a voluminous bob that helps add some width to an oblong face.

41Faux Locs Mohawk

With an undercut around the back and sides of the head, these faux locs create an edgy and fun mohawk silhouette.

42Mid Length Goddess Locs

If you want your short faux locs to look soft and bohemian, try using the goddess loc method that leaves some loose curly hair at the end of each loc.

43Auburn Faux Locs

Want a faux locs style that’s brighter than basic black but not as light as blonde? Reddish brown colors like this auburn style are the perfect in between shade.

44Layered Brown Faux Locs

This faux locs style is full of layered shades of brown, which makes for an interesting and dimensional look. Try this style out if you’ve got leftover hair from different brands and shades that you’re looking to do something fun with.


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