Best Short Ombre Hair Ideas


Top 20 Short Ombre Hair Ideas

It is surely no secret that ombre hair has been such a huge trend in the last two years. The color combinations never fail to amaze us. If you’re into bold bright colors then giving your hair an ombre makeover is not a bad idea. On the other hand, maybe you’re not into bold colors. If this is the case then earth tones such as brown, orange, and reds are more suitable for your taste. The number one worry about trying so many different ombre looks is the damage that the dye can potentially cause. No worries! With the ever changing beauty market many companies are coming out with natural hair dyes such as Manic Panic and Shea moisture. Another all natural alternative is the henna dye. Check this list of othe 20 best short Ombre hairstyles, we hope you enjoy!


1Short and wavy cut with light layers

Here we have this gorgeous cut with dark brown roots that’s fade into a honey brown and finally into a platinum blonde. We love the soft curls which gives this style a bit of volume.

2Spiked tapered cut

Going for a more edgy look? Check out this spiked ombre cut. The back and sides are tapered with the temples slightly spiked. The crown of the hair is spiked in a lotus shape. If you do not like hair in your face 24/7 then definitely give this look a shot.

3Auburn cut with bangs

Next we have this beautiful auburn blunt cut. It starts at a deeper copper tone and gradually gets lighter. This color is perfect for those with paler skin tones and ice blue or green eyes.

4Rainbow roll and tuck

How amazing are these colors? How cool would you feel walking around with rainbow hair? This is the perfect style to match this rainbow combination. This is a roll and tuck style that goes around the nape with slight flyaways.

5Rihanna layered cut

Rihanna is infamous for her short cuts. Here she has a tapered ombre cut that has a full fringe bang. This is a black and honey combination that would look perfect on any skin tone.

6Feathered bob

We love Katy’s angled feathered bob. The edges are neat and sleek and it has a side part. This style also lightly layered and feathered which gives it a clean look. We love the light pink Ombre color that fades into a strawberry blonde .

7Boy cut Ombre

Jennifer Lawrence rocks this cute boyish cut with blonde ombre tones. Not into blonde? Try this out with your favorite color.

8Ombre bun

A bun is always a go to style. We love this pink and purple pastel combination. Because you can really experiment with the undertones of both of these colors you can tailor it to fit you.

9Half up and down angled bob

Looking for and informal and chic style? Try out this hand up and down angled bob. Paired with the right outfit this look will be perfect for any red carpet.

10Spiked ash blonde cut

Miley Cyrus has done many changes over the years not only with her career but with her looks as well. The world was shocked when she chopped off her long blonde locks and went for this spiked ash blonde and black combination.

11Voluminous layered cut

How gorgeous is Ciara in this blonde and brown voluminous cut? The back and nape of this cut tapered and slightly layered and the crown is full with light curls to add texture.

12Lilac-crown braid

Here we have a beautiful lilac color with black roots and hits of white and grey. This is a simple crown braid that is perfect for the girl on the go. Pair with a bold eye and nude lip or vice versa.

13Textured wild cut

Adrienne Bailon is looking stunning in this shoulder length wild style. It is an earth tone ombre cut with some texture which gives it an edgy look.

14Simple low bun

This is the perfect “work” style. A cute messy low bun for Short Ombre hair. This low bun is a perfect fit no matter what business you’re in. Embellish with bling hair clips and of course, jewelry. Bring out those diamond studs you’ve been saving.

15Wild fray cut

This is a carefree look that still happens to look put together. Get this look by cutting your hair with a straight razor instead of shears to give you that frayed cut.

16Ombre twist out

For natural girls rock an ombre twist out. Add some personality to your style by adding two flat twist along your part. This style is super easy and works on any hair length and texture.

17Alexa’s Bob

Check out Alexa Chung in this funky short Bob style. We love this clean and a bit messy look. Want to stand out even more? Step it up a notch and go with a hot pink lipstick like MAC “candy yum yum”.

18Ocean Colors

Kylie Jenner looks stunning as always with this edgy ocean ombre cut. Try out this beautiful ocean colored and dark combination. This color combo will compliment any skin tone so give it a shot.

19Short curly Mohawk

No matter the length of your hair a mohawk should always be a go to style. We love the texture that the curls and the platinum Ombre give this Mohawk a much edgier and sexier look.

20Beyonce’s Blonde Ombre

Everyone went crazy over Queen Bee’s short blonde ombre look. To get something similar we recommend using Hawaiian silky “wet look gel curl activator”. As you can tell by the name it gives you a wet and smoother look without the mess.



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