30 Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Top 30 Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Aside from the bride and groom, bridesmaids are the usually the second most seen and photographed people at a wedding, making bridesmaid hairstyles an important part of the wedding and it’s important that they look and feel spectacular on the day that they stand up for their friend of family member. Whether you’re a bride searching for a style all of her bridesmaids will wear, or a bridesmaid who’s been given free reign over her look, these 30 bridesmaid hairstyles will help you choose the perfect look for the occasion.

1Low Wrapped Ponytail

For long haired bridesmaids who are looking for a more low key updo, this twist on a classic low ponytail features sections of hair that are left loose on each side of the head, then crossed over and wrapped around the base of the ponytail. This wrap around technique comes out looking much more polished than an everyday ponytail, and conceals hair elastics that can take away from your style on a fancy occasion.

2Half Up With Braided Part

This adorable boho style looks great on anyone with chin length hair or longer, and it’s simple enough to pull off without the help of a professional stylist. Tie hair in whatever half-up style you’d like  — ponytail, bun, maybe even another braid — but leave some hair loose on either side of a centre part. Then braid this loose hair like a french braid, working from the back of the head towards the forehead. Once your braid is complete, part loose ends and tuck them behind the ears.

3Chic Messy Top Knot

A style that anyone with long hair is already familiar with, the messy top knot can be dressed up for even the fanciest of weddings. By keeping long hair off of the back and shoulders, this style is a great choice for showing off especially intricate bridesmaid dresses or jewelry.

4Retro Glam Waves

Looking for a hairstyle to match a dress with a sweetheart neckline for an Old Hollywood themed wedding? These big, bold waves invoke the golden age of glamour while remaining rooted in modern styling techniques.

5Side Bun With French Braid

This low, understated french braid is a simple addition to a side bun that pumps up the romance factor and sets bridesmaids apart from wedding guests. With the added flower detail, this is a good style choice for an entire bridal party, and works especially well for women with fine hair that won’t hold a curl for hours on end.

6Low Ponytail With Braided Part and Bangs

This braided part style is full glam, featuring a deep side part and hair that’s braided all the way down the part and hairline. Unlike the boho braided part, this style is better suited to bridesmaids with longer hair, since it’s all tied in a pony rather than in a half-up style.

7Big Bun With Loose Braids

Curl hair all over and then pin it back into a big low bun that gives the illusion of a very thick head of hair. One or more simple braids originating from the part add a nice touch of romance to this fairly high maintenance style.

8Half Up Style With Two Strand Braids

Intricate looking, but not too difficult to pull off, this half up style is created with a two strand braid on each side of the head that intermittently adds hair to the braid without being as carefully patterned as a traditional french braid. Perfect for casual, backyard weddings, this style is simple but not boring.

9Dutch Braid Headband With Low Bun

This thick, braided headband is created using the dutch, or reverse french, braiding style, and hair is tied together in a low bun. Far from messy, this perfectly shaped bun is created using the help of a hair donut, giving structure and added volume to this pristine style.

10Short Retro Waves

Hairstyles for special occasions can be stressful for women with hair that’s too short for a traditional updo or big, cascading curls. Try these retro finger waves to dress up your bob length hair.

11High Bun With Face Framing Curls

This fun, flirty style looks great on very young bridesmaids, and would make an excellent prom style as well.

12Simple Fishtail Braid

A perfect blend of traditional braided styles and modern flair, fishtail braids add interest without being over the top dramatic. This is a style that your bridesmaids can do for each other, which is an especially helpful time and money saver when you’ve got a big wedding party to worry about.

13Big Side Bun

For a classy wedding at a New England country club, this side bun is chic, sophisticated, and goes with almost any dress.

14Short Hair With Braided Bangs

Another way to add special appeal to hair that’s on the shorter side, this style features hair that’s braided down the bangs and pulled apart to create a unique and quirky look.

15Over Ear Bun

Not quite your low, understated side bun, this Princess Leia-inspired bun is placed right over one ear, for a style that’s dressy and fun at the same time. To balance out the bun, give hair some volume on the opposite side.

16Half Up Braided Feather Style

Formed from two one-sided french braids, this style incorporates feathers for an added dash of animal spirit that will integrate seamlessly with a 1920s themed wedding featuring feathered bouquets and boutonnieres.

17Pinned Back Style for Shorter Hair

For hair that’s too short to go into an updo like a top knot, this style curls hair all over to give it texture, then pins it all back. While very chic and sophisticated, this look can require some maintenance as it relies on lots of little pins to hold it together, especially if you’ve got thick, heavy hair.

18Glamorous Half Up Style

Blake Lively’s long blonde locks are one of the most popular inspiration for wedding hair, and this simple style features glamour without being too fancy for a smaller wedding ceremony.

19Sleek Top Knot With Bangs

Many bridesmaid styles seem to ignore the existence of women with bangs. It’s true that many braided styles can incorporate and hide bangs, but with bangs this good, we’re not sure why you’d want to hide them! Even if you don’t have bangs, this sleek Athenian-inspired bun matches perfectly with high-necked dresses and big earrings at a decadent wedding event.

20Curled Bun With Rose

With or without the added flower, this is probably one of the most intricately executed hairstyles, and is best left to the hands of a professional.

21Simple Braids With Ribbon

If your bridesmaids are wearing solid colors, this is an easy way to add an extra pop of color to their look. This ribbon-tied style is so easy to execute it will leave you with much needed time for last minute details.

22Halo Braid

More subtle than a thick crown braid on top of the head, this braided style suits bridesmaids from a wide variety of age groups. A few loose tendrils around the face give this look a soft style that wears well from day to night.

23Curled Bob

If you’re concerned about putting your bob in an intricate updo, try these curls out instead. With no pins to worry about, this style is set to carry you from an afternoon reception to an all night hotel party with the happy couple.

24Curly Low Bun

A good way to put up ultra long hair, this bun features hair that’s been curled beforehand, and twisted and pinned into a large bun that sits relatively flat against the head.

25Sleek Low Pony

Simple and elegant, this hairstyle suits any age of bridesmaid, and is the perfect accompaniment to a long gown of structured satin or light and airy chiffon.

26Pinned Braid Updo

Another style that’s surprisingly easy to execute, this updo is created from four simple braids, one originating on the sides of the head near each ear, and another two at the nape of the neck. Once braids are secured, the back two are coiled and pinned against the head. Finally, the two side braids are wrapped overtop of the back braids, and also pinned in place. Feel free to vary the number of braids you work with based on your hair’s thickness and individual preference.

27French Braided Updo

Another creative way to put bob length hair in an updo, you can create this look with multiple french braids, or one continuous braid that spirals around the head.

28Curled Bob With Braid

Sweet and simple for a casual wedding with bridesmaids wearing short floral dresses, this bob length hair has been softly curled and a three strand braid is pinned back against the head. This style is quick, easy, and works with most hair lengths.

29Braided Top Knot

A top knot with something extra, this updo is as simple as putting hair in a high ponytail then braiding only the end of the pony before wrapping it around your hair elastic and securing it with pins. For something a little different, try a fishtail braid.

30Twisted Braid Updo

This braided updo features one long braid that’s been coiled up and pinned to the head. To give hair texture and interest at the front, make sure to curl it before you begin braiding.


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