Messy Bun

Top 25 Messy Buns

Bun hairstyles can be easy or complicated, sophisticated or casual, and while sleek buns have their place in formal affairs, the modern bun is decidedly messy. No matter your hair’s texture, if it’s long enough to tie together, there’s a messy bun you can wear for any day or occasion.

1Half Up Bun with Ultra Long Hair

This style was all over summer 2015 and is continuing into this year. If you’ve got very long, very thick hair, this is a practical way to put your hair in a smaller, messy bun that doesn’t take over your whole head. And if you’ve spent this much time growing your hair — or invested money in extensions — it might seem a shame to hide all that gorgeous hair.

2Messy Sock Bun

If you want a bun with more volume than your hair can provide, try this bun that’s formed around a hair donut, or a rolled sock with the toe cut off. This bun can be as messy as you want it to be, as long as your styling tool remains hidden. Loose hairs around the face and at the nape of the neck add a breeziness to what can potentially come off as a very clean look.

3Two Cute Buns

Why settle for one when you can have two? This bun style brings to mind twin buns of the 90s made popular by fashion icons Björk, Gwen Stefani, and the Spice Girls. The buns pictured are made by creating a loop — like you’re tying a ponytail but don’t pull the hair through all the way — and then remaining hair is twisted around the hair elastic, then tucked or pinned in place. This style isn’t concerned with a clean part or symmetry between left and right, making it an incredibly easy look to achieve.

4Straight Bang Bun

A modern day take on Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, all this style requires is that you have bold, straight bangs, and long enough hair to tie at the top of your head. With such a strong face-framing bangs, you can make this bun as messy as you want, and it still may take people a while to notice it’s there.

5Low Messy Bun With Side Bangs

More of a classic look than the top knot, this low, messy bun is the perfect low maintenance style for a special occasion. Side swept bangs add nice face framing detail, while volume at the crown of the head helps elevate this style from the everyday. 

6Short Hair Half Bun

Depending on how short your hair is, you may not be able to get it all in a high bun, but a half bun is just as chic. Luckily for you, messy buns are very easy to create with this length of hair. Just tie your hair like you would a ponytail, but don’t pull it all the way through the final time. If some shorter hairs pop out, that just adds to the messy style.

7Messy Beehive Bun

Inspired by the iconic style of the 1960s, this bun gives a beehive shape without quite so much crazy volume. Hair with natural curl and texture is the best bet for achieving this bun without using the help of a structural aid, and don’t forget to fluff the finished product with your fingers for added messy effect.

8Big Loose Hair Bun

This style features a loose, messy look all over, perfect for a lazy Sunday spent meeting friends for brunch or spending quality time with your DVR. You can backcomb your hair to keep it looking messy without falling flat, and leave loose strands around your face to complete this low effort look.

9Low Messy Side Bun

Another messy bun straight off the red carpet, Jennifer’s style here features hair that is twisted around itself and secured behind one ear. Why go with a side bun? They tend to be more romantic than styles centred at the nape of your neck, and if you think you have a “good side”, strategically placing your hair will mean you’re naturally looked at and photographed more from a certain angle. A side bun like this is also a good choice if you’ve got an undercut you’d like to conceal for a fancy occasion.

10Twin Hair Buns With Undercut Design

If you’ve gone to the trouble of having a design shaved into your undercut, show it off as much as possible! A single bun would also do the trick, but this double version combined with the aquamarine shade make for a more playful overall style.

11True Top Knot Bun

Unlike most high buns that still sit somewhat towards the back of the head, this one is situated right on top of the head, leaving only a few inches between bun and hairline. A very high bun like this is a nice compliment to trendy but casual looks — think boyfriend jeans and a blouse, or black skinnies and a muscle tee — and will instantly elongate your neck.

12Short Hair With Top Bun

A full bun can be more difficult to execute with short hair, but this chic style proves that it’s worth the extra effort. For a more sophisticated, dressed-up occasion, this style features wavy texture on top to give added volume, while hair is messily pinned together at the back.

13Perfect Messy Bun Ombre

This high, loose bun, is an easy style that nicely displays the color contrast between roots and ends on this ombre hair.

14Messy Updo Bun With Braids

We love these cute braids in a bun style! Immediately class up your messy bun with these braids that start from each side of the head and wrap around the back. This style is full of different textures and transitions well from daytime to evening.

15Bridal Bun With Face Framing Curls

Face framing curls are really the only thing that distinguish this bun from a day-to-day look, making this simple style perfect for low key brides wearing neutral makeup and antique lace.

16Messy Bun With Undercut

If you’ve got an undercut that wraps all the way around your head, this bun is the perfect way to showcase your shaved style. This particular example features fairly short hair, but the main focus of this style is the undercut, and you can pull it off with any length on top.

17Low Bun With Long Bangs

An easy bun for long or short hair, the stars of this look are the long, face framing bangs and texture of the hair before it’s pulled into the bun. These tousled waves are verging on frizzy for a trendy, minimalist look.

18High Side Bun

Although not quite messy compared to some of the other buns on the list, this high bun is set to one side for an asymmetrical style that embraces the texture of natural curls. Instead of a sleek bun that’s been loaded up with smoothing products, this style allows natural hair to create soft, muted shapes, for the perfect level of impromptu sophistication.

19Super Big Messy Bun

This massive bun takes up most of the head for a style that’s anything but subtle. You’ll need lots of texture in your hair to achieve this look, making it a good option for the day after you’ve worn your hair curled or in braids.

20High Red Carpet Bun

If you’re looking for sexy cute messy buns, This high, messy style brings more of a vixen vibe than a low bun at the nape of the neck. Perfect with a smokey eye and black dress, this hairstyle exudes the bold confidence to really put your face on display.

21Big Bridal Bun

This sweet, bridal style looks almost angelic with a few wispy curls left loose around the face. If you’re wearing a simple dress and peachy pink lips to your afternoon garden wedding, this hairstyle will make you feel special but not overly made up.

22High Bun With Centre Parted Bangs

With bangs like this, hair always seems like it’s gracefully escaping from a more restrictive updo. Combined with this bun, the overall effect is the casual look of a woman who can’t help but look chic, even in a messy bun and a sweatshirt.

23Frizzed Out Bun

This is a very easy updo! For straight hair that isn’t having a good day, don’t be afraid to let your frizz show. Once considered a massive faux pas, frizzed out hair has been making appearances on red carpets and runways since last year. Give your products a rest and embrace this frizzy trend while it lasts.

24Piled High Bun

This super messy style features long, thick hair that’s piled on top of the head into a loose bun. Because the styling is so haphazard, this look is probably best reserved for casual occasions.

25Pastel Undercut Braid Bun

Looking to feature as many trends as possible in one look? This pink and purple pastel hair features upside down braids and a high messy bun that show off an undercut with a shaved design. Wear this style with short bangs for a killer combination of modern edge and feminine sweetness.



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