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Just Natural hair care reviews

Just Natural Hair Care Product Reviews

If you are someone who cringes at the idea of lab made products that are full of unrecognizable chemicals, we completely understand; and so does the Just Natural Hair Care company. Their entire philosophy stands behind the idea that nature provides all of the necessary ingredients for excellent hair and skin care. By using only the purest plant oils, butters, and botanical goodness, Just Natural provides safe ingredients that are gentle to the skin and great for your hair; all without ever needing to be tested on animals or using animal ingredients! There is no doubt that a lot of really good hair brands out there have products that work beautifully, but if you are someone who truly wants to embrace the idea of natural hair care and are looking for the right products to get started with, Just Natural may be the perfect solution for you.

1Where to Buy Just Natural Products

There are a number of different locations where you can buy these natural hair care products and they might actually be easier to find then you think. A lot of the items can be purchased from their website or from Amazon at affordable prices with free shipping (if you are an Amazon Prime Member) offered for some of the products.

In this post you will learn about their hair and skin care products, product descriptions to help you know exactly what each individual product does, along with a how to use list, ingredients list, and reviews that will help you figure out how well it works for each individual person. Whether you are looking for products that are a great natural option for color treated hair or just information on what benefits a natural hair growth treatment may offer you, then Just Natural Skin Care products might be just the right things for you to try!

2Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment

About the Product

Just Natural has many different kinds of hair treatments, but one of the most basic (and affordable) options would the the Grow New Hair Treatment. This product is all about restoring natural strength back into the hair that you still have. While it would be amazing to find a product that completely sprouted thick new hair all over your head, unfortunately, once hair follicles die there is no bringing them back. That’s why is it so important to take good care of the hair that you still have! Because hair goes through so much trauma by being exposed to chemicals, excessive styling, stress, and all around crazy hormone changes it sometimes loses its ability to grow well on its own. That’s when a hair treatment product, such as the one by Just Natural, comes in handy. By re-introducing important essential fatty acids and nutrients back into the hair, you will be able to help restore health to your hair. While you won’t be able to sprout new hair on your head like a freshly watered lawn, you will be able to strengthen and support what hair you do have and ensure that it stays healthy and beautiful.


While there are lots of really great ingredients in this product, here are a few key ingredients that help to bring nutrients back into the hair.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is a wonderful oil that is packed full of minerals and vitamins. By including this oil, the New Hair Growth Serum is able to re-introduce elements such as iron, copper, vitamin K, and protein back into the hair; thus making it stronger and reducing hair fallout.
Licorice Root Extract while this ingredient may be most known for the candy, it is actually used primarily for its roots which produces extracts that are great anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant healing agents. This is a great ingredient that also helps to decrease fallout and may help any irritation that may be occurring on the scalp.
Sea Buckthorn Oil is taken from the berries of the Buckthorn plant and is extremely high in vitamin C, E, carotenoids, and fatty acids. On top of this, there are also an abundance of vitamin E and K, both of which are great for promoting healthy cell function and production.
Burdock Root Extract improves scalp circulation and improves the overall strength of the hair, which aids in preventing fallout. It is also full of vitamins such as: A, C, B1, E, and K.
Chia Seed Oil contains 60% Omega-3 fatty acid and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is very hydrating to the hair and can even help to sooth any inflammation and itching that may be present.
Atlas Cedarwood is an essential oil that is known for having anti-bacterial properties, as well as detoxing for the hair. This creates a stimulating effect that strengthens and affects the overall health of the hair.

How to Use Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment

  • Shake well before use
  • Wash your hair well in order to remove any build up that may be lying on the scalp.
  • Separate the hair with your fingers in order to reveal the roots, being sure to get the product primarily on the scalp and base of the roots.
  • Leave the product in your hair for at least three hours; you can leave in longer if desired.
  • After allowing the product to set, wash your hair and condition. Then style as usual.
  • Keep in mind that a very small amount of this product will go a LONG way, so don’t use too much when applying. Using your fingers to apply as opposed to a spay method will help the product to last longer as well as prevent any chance of a greasy appearance.

What Customers Have to Say About the Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment

As can be expected, all of the users that have reviewed this product suffer from excessive hair loss. The major thing that was noted about the Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment was that, although it took a few days or even weeks to see a difference, people really good see a difference occurring with their hair. The fallout slowed down, the hair that they had become thicker and shinier, and helps thinning to become less apparent. While the only downside to this product seems to be that the effects take time to appear, that really should be expected. This is because the hair may be falling out due to the fact that it is starved of nutrients and minerals required to keep hair growing normally. It will take some time for that process to reverse and for normal hair growth to occur. If you are patient and stick to a routine, this product may end up exceeding your expectations.

3Just Natural Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

About the Product

This little spray bottle and its contents are all about fighting hair fallout and soothing your distraught hair follicles. It is comprised of antibacterial essential oils that are specifically included in order to penetrate the follicles and help to target specific trouble areas quickly. This is a product that is gentle enough for daily use and can be left in the hair in order to moisturize the scalp while it also adds extra volume to the hair’s overall appearance. If you have naturally brittle hair that needs a bit of help, the Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment is lightweight and conditions hair without causing a lot of extra oil to weigh down the hair. You only have to use a little bit, as just a very small amount of this product can go a long way. Such a feature makes this hair product excellent for those on a budget, because while the product is a bit pricey, the fact that it lasts quite a long time makes it well worth the price tag.


There are a ton of really amazing ingredients in this product, all of which are a natural benefit to your hair’s health in some way. Because the list is quite extensive, we will just list the main nutritive ingredients that are used in this product.

Jojoba Seed Oil is used in a lot of cosmetic and beauty products because of its wonderful moisturizing properties. It is great at adding extra hydration to your hair and skin without making you feel greasy afterwards. Because this oil is so lightweight, it also won’t clog pores, so any acne that could potentially happen with other oils, can be avoided by using Jojoba oil.
Foraha Oil has been used for centuries due to its excellent healing properties. It is a natural antibiotic and also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The inclusion of this oil is very beneficial to the health of the scalp.
Pumpkin Seed Oil is packed full of minerals and vitamins. By including this oil, this product is able to re-introduce elements such as iron, copper, vitamin K, and protein back into the hair; thus making it stronger and reducing hair fallout.
Castor Seed Oil has to be one of the best for fighting off scalp infections. This is because of the high antimicrobial activity contained within Castor Oil. On top of this, the oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which are very beneficial in promoting healthy hair growth.
Thyme Essential Oil may bring to mind thoughts of delicious cooking and the smell of crushed herbs. Besides culinary use, however, Thyme is also a great essential oil to use when promoting healthy blood flow. When used on the scalp, Thyme oil helps to deliver the needed nutrients to the hair follicles through the blood. It is also known to have cleansing properties, meaning that it can help to remove build-up on the scalp while stimulating it at the same time.

How to Use Just Natural Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

This is a special scalp treatment that will need to be shaken well before use.

  • Wash your hair normally and thoroughly in order to remove any build-up on the scalp.
  • Separate the hair with your fingers in order to reveal the scalp. Then, apply the product to the scalp, getting as close to the roots of the hair as possible.
  • Leave the product in the hair for at least 2-3 hours, longer if needed. You can then rinse the product out.
  • Condition well and style your hair as usual.
  • Be sure to use a very small amount, as a little bit of this product can go a long way.

What Customers Have to Say About the Just Natural Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Whether your hair is suffering due to stress or medications, or if you are just wanting a bit of a growing boost to your already healthy hair, the Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment seems to be liked very much by people in both categories. This is a gentle product that can be used daily, and although it would be nice to see immediate results, keep in mind that everyone’s body make-up is different. Some people may see something right away, while others may need to use the product consistently for a few weeks before they see any changes. No matter what the case may be, this is a great natural hair loss treatment that is full of great ingredients that will help to strengthen and improve overall hair health with each use. On top of this, just a little bit of the product will go a long way. So, if you are on a budget, there’s no need to worry. You can still get healthy hair without breaking bank over it.

4Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo

About the Product

Made with herbal ingredients and vitamins to help boost your hair’s overall health, the Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo is a great choice for those who want to give their damaged hair a break from products that contain a lot of chemicals. By eliminating an over hall of these harmful chemicals, you can actually slow down and prevent fall out. This is because the chemicals, while being very drying and harsh to your scalp, can also leave a harmful residue behind that will essentially suffocate the hair follicles, causing them to die. This Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo is designed to revitalize the scalp and hair follicles through a formula that is boosted with potent natural ingredients and rich nutrients. On top of this, as a gentle and sulfate-free wash, you will be able to use this product daily; providing your hair with exactly what it needs in order to look at feel great by being nourished from the roots to the tips.


As a natural take on shampoo, you can expect to find a long list of awesome ingredients placed upon the bottle. However, instead of listing out all of the many ingredients included, let’s take a look at just the main nutritive ingredients included and what they have to offer the hair:

Aloe Vera Hydrosol as we all know, comes from that spiky little plant that grows with reckless abandon. Aloe Vera has been used for generations as a medicinal plant and its jelly and oils are excellent for soothing all kinds of skin conditions and irritations. This contains vitamins such as A, C, and E along with over 200 naturally occurring nutrients like sterols and amino acids.
Birch Essential Oil is extremely purifying and detoxifying. It is known for helping to strengthen the root of the hairs, as well as prevent the occurrence of dandruff.
Horsetail Extract does not actually come for a horse’s tail, however it most likely got its name from the fact that the plant looks like a hose tail. This extract is great for slowing down hair fall out in both men and women, as well as encouraging the growth of new hair follicles. It will also aid in increased blood circulation, assisting in hair growth, and providing nourishment.
Plantain Extract is an anti-inflammatory that is excellent for killing germs and stimulating new hair follicle growth.
Fo-Ti Extract helps to improve blood flow and nourish the roots of each hair follicle. Also thought to help promote thicker and stronger hair.
Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil does an excellent job of stimulating hair growth through anti-bacterial properties and its detoxifying effect.
Rosemary Essential Oil helps to stimulate the hair follicles and improve overall blood flow to the scalp. This helps to improve the scalp’s condition and even encourage new hair growth.

How to Use Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo

  • Shake well
  • Wet hair completely
  • Massage a small amount of product into your hair from root to tip
  • Leave on the hair and scalp for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly
  • Use at least twice a week and always follow up with conditioner
  • Use a small amount as a little will go a long way

What Customers Have to Say About the Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo

Some customers who have experienced hair issues such as fall out, itchiness, painful bumps, and severe thinning have found this product to be extremely effective after a few weeks of consistent use. The smell is subtle and very clean smelling, which is refreshing. This is a great factor for those who may be bothered by strong smells. It is important to remember that while it would be amazing to have immediate results, more often than not, it will take weeks to months for any real results to appear. However, if you are patient, this product may be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to overall hair improvement.

5Just Natural Bald Spot Treatment

About the Product

This is an excellent product for anyone who may be suffering from early stage male or female baldness. The Bald Spot Treatment is designed to target hairless areas with a flood of nutrients which will encourage the dormant hair follicles (often caused by damage) to awaken and regenerate healthy new hair. It is good news to know that bald spots may not be permanent if the right measures are taken. Cease using harsh chemicals on your hair and allow the hairless spots to be treated with something gentle and nnutrient-rich like this bald spot treatment; it is a hair accelerator that feeds the follicles back to their full potential.


There is a long list of wonderful ingredients in the product, but we are going to focus mainly on the nutritive ingredients that help to revive the dormant follicles. Lets take a closer look at seven very important elements to the formula:

Nettle Root Extract acts as a natural hair treatment, growth stimulant, and natural color restorative.
Tucuma Butter helps to add moisture and protection to the scalp and hair; enriched with vitamin A and omegas 3, 6, and 9.
Foraha Oil has great healing properties. It is a natural antibiotic that contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; both of which are very beneficial to the health of the scalp.
Sea Buckthorn Oil is extremely high in vitamin C, E, and fatty acids. On top of this, there are also an abundance of vitamin E and K, both of which are great for promoting healthy cell function and production.
Pumpkin Seed Oil is able to re-introduce elements such as iron, copper, vitamin K, and protein back into damaged hair; making it stronger and even reducing hair fallout.
Plantain Extract is used as an anti-inflammatory that is excellent for killing off pesky germs and stimulating new hair follicle growth.

How to Use Just Natural Bald Spot Treatment

  • Apply gentle to affected area in massaging motion
  • Leave it in your hair, do not rinse out
  • May be used once a day

What Customers Have to Say About the Just Natural Bald Spot Treatment

Thankfully, not all bald spots have to stay that way. Customers are saying that by using this product daily, they are able to not only regrow hair in hairless spots, but also soften the hair in the surrounding area. If you are someone who is suffering from bald areas, don’t be discouraged. Trying this product may be exactly what you need; just remember that re-growing hair is a slow process and it will take time, but consistent use should yield results in time.


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