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Medium Length Shag Haircuts 2020

Shag haircuts have been a growing trend that’s only gaining more momentum. Women love the shag haircut for its effortlessly chic aesthetic. Whether you’re new the shag hair trend or not, we thought it would be fun to give you some medium length shag hair inspiration. If you’re looking for something that’s not too short or too long, we have you covered! Scroll through to check out some of our favorite shag haircuts of 2020 – we’d love to hear your favorite(s)!

1Messy Bangs Shag

Talk about a gorgeous haircut! We adore the effortless feel of this messy shag haircut. Of course, we say messy with love – it’s the beauty of shag haircuts. Textured layers and bangs add dimension to the medium-length style.

2Short Layered Bangs

Slightly on the longer side of medium length hair, this is a great shag haircut to embrace if you want some added length. Mixing in some short layers around the face gives a great face framing element and the look of bangs without the maintenance.

3Beach Blonde Shag

Medium length shag haircuts are all about creating the look of natural texture with the use of layers. This makes it a great haircut to add beachy, loose waves to in order to achieve this beachy vibe look.

4Blunt Bangs + Shag

Give your shag haircut a little edge with blunt bangs. Here they added bangs that are blunt, yet shaggy at the same time thanks to the asymmetric look to them. These bangs can be added to any medium length shag haircut.

5Shag with a Center Part

Shag haircut meets streamlined style. While shag haircuts are traditionally known for the effortless, beachy vibe – this is a great example of how you can embrace the haircut and still style it in a way that isn’t classic ‘shag.’

6Choppy Bangs

We love all the ways bangs can be added to personalize medium shag hair. These bangs keep the shag aesthetic cohesive with a choppy bang style. Because the bangs aren’t perfect it really adds to the shag feel.

7Piecey Ends

Add a lightness to the ends of your hair with ‘piecey’ ends added to shag haircuts. The hair at the bottom tapers in a bit, which really changes the look of the haircut. This cut can be tricky for someone with very thick hair, but ideal if you have thin hair.

8Blunt Layers

Shag haircuts really come in variety. As you’ve already seen on this list. If you have very straight hair, we absolutely love this take on the shag trend. Choppy layers creates the shag aesthetic, and gives pin straight hair texture and volume.

9Collarbone Length

Shag hair that rests right at the collarbone is a fresh and modern take on the haircut. It’s long enough to embrace the layered effect of the shag style, without being too long. We’ll admit we’re all about the added bang element here.

10Curly Shag

Curly hair can most certainly adapt the shag haircut! As shown here, shag hair is just as gorgeous on curly hair. It’s all about adding layers strategically to create a lot of depth to the hair, with ends being lighter.

11Effortless Shag Hair

One of the things most women love about shag haircuts is how effortless they are to style. This picture proves hair that’s air dried looks pretty incredible thanks to a great shag haircut. Make the most of your shag haircut with a great hairstylist!

12Split Bangs with Shag

This is for the women who want a medium length cut, that leans a bit on the shorter side. There aren’t a lot of layers mixed into this cut, because it’s not super long, but there are enough layers to give the shag texture.

13Long Layered Shag

Long layers can be just as effective as short layers when adding volume and dimension to your hair. We really love how this shag haircut lays so effortlessly. The layers frame the face and make the hair look so much thicker.

14Layered Long Medium Length

Here’s another great example of longer layers for a medium length shag cut. Here they framed the face with choppy bangs. Bangs left a little longer give this a vintage, yet modern appeal.

15Low Lights Shag

We’re all about having fun with haircuts, but if you still want to add a little something extra to your shag haircut – consider low lights. Look at how the small touch of color completely changes the way the hair looks here.

16Mid Length Shag Hair

Looking for a way to elongate your face shape? Opt for shag hair on the longer side, as shown here. The slight added length makes the face look longer and leaner. Subtle layers give just enough texture to the hair.

17Naturally Wavy Shag

We thought this was another great example of a go-to medium length shag haircut to try out. More than the cut itself, mixing in highlights this way gives so much added dimension and reflection to hair.

18Straight Shag Haircut

We’ve shown you quite a few shag haircuts that work well for wavy hair, but that doesn’t mean straight hair doesn’t look great with the cut. In fact, we adore straight hair cut into a shag cut. Giving shag layers to hair give this gorgeous voluminous look with an effortless feel.

19Easy Straight Shag Hair

Here’s another great example of straight shag hair. The way the layers were cut on this haircut give this choppy style that compliments pin straight hair perfectly. We love this!

20Side Swept Bangs

Calling all our round face ladies! This is the perfect shag haircut if you have a round face shape. Adding side swept bangs flatters a round face, while allowing you to rock the shag look.

21Voluminous Shag Hair

Talk about edgy volume! Super short layers mix in with bangs here and really add edge to the haircut. Don’t you think? Between the volume at the roots and emphasized short layers we’re sold.

22Lob Shag with Bangs

The lob meets shag with this haircut. If you want to stick with the lob hair length, giving it a shag cut gives it a modern twist. We probably don’t have to say – we’re all about the piecey bangs.

23Short Center Bangs

We love all the ways people are using bangs to give shag haircuts a unique twist. Cutting bangs extra short in the center makes this shag look totally different from all the others we’ve shared.

24Side Bangs

Here we are again – bangs changing up the shag haircut! This time they left bangs thicker to really achieve a deep side swept aesthetic. Such a fun addition to medium length shag hair.

25Shag with a Side Part

A little more on the subtle side, this is a gorgeous way to add the side swept element to shag hair. It frames the face so beautifully and doesn’t require committing to a full, thick bang.

26Tussled Shag Hair

Clearly, side swept hair is synonymous with shag haircuts. We’re all for it! Especially when it looks this great. Adding short layers around the face makes it easy to change the way you part your hair to go from side swept to a center part.

27Wearable Shag Hair

This is an incredibly wearable shag haircut, if you ask us. And that’s why we love it so much. By now you’ve probably noticed some similarities between some of these – hopefully giving you some great hair inspiration.

28Soft Ends

Dramatic shag for the win!  Leaving ends very light and piecey like this gives a fun edge to the haircut. Not to mention it helps prevent those super heavy ponytails when you want to wear your hair pulled back.

29Feather Layered Shag

Give your medium length hair a feathered, layered touch like this to make your hair have such great natural movement and shape. Great cut to wear straight, curled or wavy – versatility to the max.

30Textured Medium Shag

It’s no secret Padma has great hair, but this may be one of our favorite haircuts of hers. The shag cut pairs so well with straight side swept bangs. The juxtaposition between effortless and streamlined is beautiful.

31Spunky Shag Hair

Spunky was the first word that came to our mind when we stumbled upon this haircut. It’s fun, stylish and, well…spunky! Bangs, layers and a medium lob length are a winning combination.

32Shag Lob Length

If you’ve been looking for medium shag haircuts with extra flair and sassiness, give this one a try! Blunt + lob + shag = a combination we didn’t realize would go together so well. We thought the blunt ends of this hair give shag hair an edgy twist that feels so fresh and modern.

33Shag Bangs Medium Length

Taylor really can’t do wrong, in our opinion. But there’s no denying this shag hair is EVERYTHING. Bangs mixed in this way make the simple shag so much more unique.

34Straight Textured

Give us all the edgy shag haircuts! Straight across bangs look stunning worn straight like this. Not to mention, they complement shag hair by creating even more layers throughout the hair.

35Thick Medium Shag Haircut

This is for all of the women with thick hair! Yes, you can embrace the shag hair trend – we promise! We wanted to make sure to show you a few great thick hair shag cut examples like this to give you inspiration.

36Layered Shag Bangs

37Timeless Medium Shag

38Classic Shag

39Wavy Medium Shag Haircut

40Medium Length Wave



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