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Strawberry Brown Hair Color Ideas

One of the many beautiful aspects of hair color is how the trends change, evolve and old becomes new again. It’s always fun to see trends resurface, just as much as it is to see new creative ideas come into the picture. Strawberry brown hair is a new color concept and boy is it epic. This is such a fun color to incorporate into your hair style if you want something new, fresh and fun for the spring and summer seasons. It’s got a bit of a color pop that’s sure to wow.

1All Over Strawberry

Add some spicey strawberry vibes to your hair with this strawberry brown coloring. The great thing about this color is you get that firey red tone paired with the warmth and deepness of brown.

2Lightened up Strawberry

Isn’t this gorgeous? We’re head over heels for this interpretation of strawberry brown hair. Adding a lighter tone using the balayage technique brings this hair color trend into the spring and summer months with ease.

3Strawberry Brown and Highlights

Another way to lighten up strawberry brown hair? Add some subtle blonde highlights! As you can see here, even just mixing in minimal highlights shifts the entire aesthetic of the hair color and makes it feel brighter.

4Bright Strawberry Brunette

How is this for bright hair? So pretty! This is leaning on the strawberry side more than the brown, but it still has that brown undertone that makes this different from the typical red or brown hair color. The result is pretty epic, too.

5Brown Strawberry Locks

Soft, gorgeous and strawberry essence – we’re sold! This is such a pretty color. The dimension added throughout the hair gives this such great depth and really showcases the unique strawberry brown hair coloring.

6Dimensional Strawberry Hair

We love when celebrities try out different hair colors and give us major hair inspo. This is such a stunning hair color on her, as you can see the strawberry tone really adds this great warmth to  not just the hair but also the skin.

7Dark Brown Strawberry Ombre

Can’t go wrong with a great ombre hair color! This is a darker brown tone, mixed with some strawberry hues but it’s just as gorgeous as some of the other options we’ve shown you. We love this interpretation for an edgier take on the trend.

8Warm Brunette Strawberry

Talk about hair goals, right? Wow! This color, opposite of some of the previous, leans more brown with very subtle hints of strawberry mixed throughout the hair. Just goes to show this is a hair color that can be adapted many different ways.

9Espresso and Strawberry Pieces

Espresso brown meets strawberry brown pieces for the ultimate combination, in our opinion that is. The lightened up tone of the strawberry brown pieces really adds this gorgeous contrast throughout the hair that makes the highlighted pieces pop a little more.

10Bolder Strawberry Brown Ombre

We had to show you some bolder strawberry brown ideas, because it’s such a unique color! Here the strawberry element is really bright and bold giving this really unique POP to the hair overall. We really like that it was applied to the front and bottom portion of the hair for an ombre like aesthetic.

11Highlighted Strawberry Brown

Anytime you want to make your hair color feel lighter, or even brighter, it’s all about utilizing highlights in the hair. Here they opted for just a lighter shade of strawberry blonde to keep it monochromatic and get this great flow throughout the hair.

12Top Pieced Strawberry

Isn’t this fun? Coloring just the top layer(s) of the hair in a strawberry color, over top dark brown is a really cool twist to the hair color trend.

13Hints of Strawberry

We love a subtle ombre moment, don’t you? Starting with this rich brown color at the base of the hair, fading into this stunning strawberry brown hue is a fun way to mix it up and try ombre.

14Light Brown Strawberry

Want a strawberry brown look that’s on the lighter side? Look no further! It’s quite light and strawberry-like, but it has that brown-ish tone to it that gives it a little added depth. Of course, blonde highlights help add a little extra brightness.

15Lightened Up Berry

This look definitely has that ‘lived in’ look with the highlight placement throughout, which is something that’s become a big trend recently. If you want to try that trend out, this is a great photo to use for inspiration to bring in to your colorist.

16Strawberry Melted

Another big hair trend right now is the melted hair coloring technique that, as you can see, gives hair this kind of, well…melted feel that blends colors together. It happens to be a great technique for adapting the strawberry brown hair color, too.

17Piecey Strawberry Highlights

If you don’t want hair color that’s a solid color all over, this piecey style of coloring hair may be a better option for you. Similar to what highlights do for hair, coloring hair in ‘pieces’ breaks it up and allows the colors to really shine through.

18All Over Strawberry Color

Whew – talk about red hot! We thought this was too gorgeous not to include on this list. It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s beautiful. The added pinky-red pieces in the front give a really unexpected twist that’s pretty incredible.

19Reddish Strawberry Hair

Once again, you can’t go wrong with adding some fresh highlights to hair. Here, the blonde highlights were a little more unusual in their placement with this kind of peek-a-boo twist to them that’s really fun.

20Dark to Light Strawberry

Ombre amplified here! Wow, this is gorgeous. They made this ombre really pop by including three very distinct sections/colors throughout the hair, starting with the darkest shade at the top and going down to the lightest using these really pretty strawberry brown tones.

21Rusty Strawberry Hair

More of a subtle, minimal hair color kind of person? Strawberry brown is a color that you can really do just about anything with and have it look great, even when you keep it simple with the color all over the hair as shown.

22Strawberry Brown Balayage

Do you love the balayage hair look? So do we! Next time you head into the salon looking for that technique, be sure to bring this if you want to add some strawberry brown tones throughout the hair.

23Dark Strawberry Brown Balayage

Go a bit deeper with the hair color with this type of coloring. The strawberry brown coloring is consistent to the others, just in this rich deep tone of the color. This is perfection for the fall season.

24Exaggerated Strawberry Hues

Hello statement hair! Ombre is a technique that is perfect when you really want a contrasting pop to your hair color. As you can very well see here – the colors each stand on their own and look really incredible.

25Front Strawberry Pieces

All over strawberry brown hair is great, but if you want just a little brightness around your face you may want to try some highlights just at the face like this. It gives just enough of a pop to the face.

26Subtly Strawberry

27Trendy Strawberry Brown

28Warm Strawberry Brunette

29Brown Toned Strawberry

30Strawberry Brown Waves



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