Summer Hairstyles 2019

Summer Hairstyles 2021

Spring is here, so hopefully, that means that summer isn’t too far behind. The wind and rain are doing nothing for my hair – it’s either stuck flat to my head or whipping around it wildly. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the new hair trends that are set to be big in 2021. The likes of big volume and curls, blunt bobs, super short crops and beachy waves are going to the be the styles of the season. When it comes to colour pretty pinks, shades of lilac, and natural and unnatural greys and silvers are going to be bang on trend. So, get all your summer hairstyle inspiration, by checking out some of our favourite looks.

1Blunt Bob in a Silvery Grey

You can combine more than one summer hair trend together like in this gorgeous style. The blunt bob is bang on trend, as is the silvery hair colour. The dark grey roots give depth and the sharp edges of the bob gives a sleek feel.

2Gorgeous Caramel Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are made for summer with their gorgeous tousled texture and matte finish. With stunning piecey waves like these, you will always look like you have stepped straight out of the ocean. The caramel colour with sunkissed honey highlights are perfect too, don’t you think?

3Short Pixie Cut in Lilac

If you are brave enough to go for the chop, super short crops are going to be bang on trend for this summer. This super short pixie suits the model to perfection and the smokey lilac shade is one of the hottest colours of the year.

4Super Straight and Super Sleek Locks

It is time to embrace your straightening irons once again as super sleek and straight lock are making a comeback this summer. Just take a look at this gorgeous dark chocolate lob, doesn’t it look stunning? Those blunt edges look super sharp and the lengths look so glossy.

5Slicked Back Hair in High Ponytail

The switch towards sleek hair continues with the incredibly polished high ponytail somewhat replacing the loose braids as the favoured up do. Keep your ponytail clean and neat by smoothing down all loose hairs and wrapping the style with a section of hair and pinning in place.

6Side-Parted Lob with Beachy Waves

Experiment with a side-parting this summer instead of the standard centre-part – doesn’t a side part look great with these tousled waves? The side part is great for thinner hair as it creates great lift at the root, so give it a try.

7Effortless Top Knot

Instead of going straight to the messy bun when you want to tie your hair up, give the effortless top knot a go. With a few loose tendrils framing the face, tie hair up into a high ponytail and wrap the lengths around the tie and pin into place. Beautiful!

8Rose Pink Waves

Rose pink is one of the hottest hair colors this season and it is not hard to see why. The pink shade will go with all skin tones and is just a wonderful colour for summer.

9Slicked Back Bob

If you are looking for an easy to maintain hairstyle that is high impact and beautiful, simply slick back your hair around the hairline and hold in place with a firm hold gel. It looks beautiful on short hair to super long lengths.

10Wild Bouncy Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, embrace all that wonderful volume as big hair is going to be a major hair trend for this Summer. So carefree and beautiful, don’t you think?

11Top Knot with Headscarf


12Wavy Lob in Gorgeous Grey Tones


13Super Short Crop in Powder Blue


14Cute Half Top Knot


15Slicked Back Bob


16Poker Straight Toasted Coconut Locks


17Half Top Knot and Beachy Blonde Waves


18Blunt Bob with Side-Part


19Dusky Lilac Bob with Side Part


20Big Voluminous Waves


21Blush Pink Hair with Top Knot


22Long Slicked Back Honey Locks


23Gorgeous Dark Chocolate Blunt Bob


24High Ponytail with Fed-In Braids


25Simple Bun with Headscarf


26Blunt Chocolate Lilac Bob


27Side-parted Lob with Lots of Volume


28Effortless Golden Brown Beachy Waves


29Long Silvery Grey Waves


30Headscarf and Tousled Waves


31Straight Platinum Blonde Bob


32Half High Messy Ponytail and Scarf


33Wavy Curls Romantic Half Up


34Braided Pigtails


35Pink Pearl Balayage


36Boho Half Braided Hair with Flowers


There are lots of great new hair trends for this Summer including:

  • Super short crops and pixie cuts.
  • Colourful sugary tones – particularly all lilac tones and rosy tones of pink.
  • Hair that is slicked back from the face and held in place with a wet look gel. Push the look further by embracing an all over wet look – stunning for holidays and days at the beach.
  • Beachy waves that have lots of texture and a matte finish.
  • Blunt bobs with super sharp edges,
  • Natural or dyed silver or grey hair.
  • Super sleek and straight hair with oodles of shine.
  • Big and bold volume and/or wild and dynamic curls.
  • The effortless and chic top knot, which serves as a great alternative to the messy bun.
  • The sleek and polished high ponytail with a clean finish and no hairs out of place.
  • The headscarf is the must-have hair accessory this summer, and there are some great tutorials online for all the wonderful ways to tie them. You will be surprised at the versatilty.

You have probably noticed that these Summer hairstyles we have chosen are a combination of a few trends together, which is a great way to give some versatility to your look.

Think about it. You can choose one of the colors that is going to be big this summer – such as silver and grey, rosy pink, lilac, toasted coconut – and then style or cut your hair into one of the on-trend looks. have it cut into a devastatingly cool crop, style it into beachy waves, or pull it up into a sleek high pony or relaxed top knot.

Keep your hair beautiful and healthy in the summer by taking care of it in the right way. Invest in some hair UV protection to prevent your hair becoming damaged by the sun and use a deep conditioning treatment once a week.


  1. Im 63 natural blond hair have natural highlights do not want to color my hair but want a style that is a wash and go type style because I am still working and want a no fuss style shoulder length or maybe a little shorter, bangs seem to get shaggy over time. maybe some layers would be good


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