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Women make up a large portion of the hair care product industry. From shampoos to the perfect dry oil to handle dull strands, women are undoubtedly heading out to purchase a larger amount of hair care products. However, the part of the industry that we don’t think about as much is the male hair care industry. While men aren’t exactly in a rush to get a balayage done, they do need high quality hair products that nourish and protect their strands just like women do. The male hair care industry goes far beyond simple shampoo and conditioner. Men need the right styling products to achieve the styles they want. One product that men need for the perfect, gravity-defying curls and waves is the right pomade. Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, here are the 10 best hair pomade brands for men with reviews and styling tips.

1What is pomade? Pomade definition and is pomade good for hair?

Much like gels and hair grease, pomade is a hair dressing scented ointment that is used to style the hair and hold it in place. The aspect that makes hair pomade different from other hair styling products is that it is sort of like a combination of many of the popular hair styling products on the market today. Pomade is a greasy, wax like styling product that may be water or oil based. It gives the hair a lasting hold, shine, touchability; all while not drying out the strands. Men seek out the use of pomades for various different styles. For some men, they want serious hold for a retro, slick back look that will stay in place all day long. For other men, they want a hair pomade that will enhance and hold their curls into place. Then, there are some men that want a low maintenance product that is going to give their morning, fresh out of bed hair a bit of shape and style without too much manipulation or effort. Whichever the case and wherever you fall on the spectrum, pomades can enhance and perfect the hair style.

Best Hair Pomades For Men – Reviews

2Reuzel pomade

Reuzel pomade

Whether you are looking for a product to enhance the natural texture of your hair or to slick it down for a perfectly intact style, Reuzel Pomade  has a formula that is right for your strands. Reuzel Pomade creates a long lasting hold that works on just about any hair texture or thickness. The water base is great when it comes time to wash the product out as it works as well as wax but washes out of your hair easily without any residue left behind. Since the pomade is concentrated, it works on many different hair textures and is perfect for endless hair styles. Reuzel does not become hard or flaky which is great for hair flexibility and manipulation of hairstyles. The greatest feature of the Reuzel Pomade is that it creates exceptional hold and gives the hair a beautiful low shine without making your hair look overly stiff and too greasy. How easily it washes out is also great because there isn’t any residue left behind.

3Suavecito pomade review (water based pomade)

Suavecito pomade

Suavecito is a pomade that even sounds like it is an amazing hair product. Water soluble with a fresh and pleasant scent, Suavecito Pomade offers a medium hold without a crunchy finish which is what everyone wants when it comes to creating the perfect hair style. The pomade offers a nice flexibility that doesn’t make the hair feel too stiff. If you start out your day with one style but want to change it up or refresh it by the end of the day, you can add a bit of water to reactivate the pomade in your hair without the need to pile on more product. Unlike many other hair products made to keep hair in place, Suavecito pomade doesn’t leave behind a white residue or unsightly flakes. It can be easily combed through the hair to make sure each strand is in place. Since it is water soluble, Suavecito pomade is super easy to wash out at the end of the day. This hair pomade, since it is a medium hold, is great for hair that isn’t very thick or textured. Where can I buy Suavecito pomade you ask? Check for prices on Amazon.

4American crew pomade (best pomade for wavy hair, curly & straight)

American crew pomade 

When it comes to choosing the perfect pomade for male hairstyling, most men should look for a pomade that offers shine, hold, and one that doesn’t leave behind a residue. American Crew Pomade meets all of those requirements. With a medium hold that leaves hair shiny and flexible, American Crew Pomade works well with straight, wavy, and curly hair. It works well to slick back the hair into a sleek style or to hold curls into place for a naturally textured look. The medium hold formula that makes up this pomade works well with thick hair that needs to be tamed. It can be a bit heavy for finer hair types but if used in smaller amounts, it can be useful for varying hair types. American Crew Pomade allows you to shape your hair into the perfect style whether you are going for a sky high pompadour or a slick backed look. The shine and the flexibility are wonderful and essential for long lasting, attractive styles.

5Murray’s pomade

Murray's pomade

Want old school pomade with no frills or fuss? Murray’s Pomade is the one for you. With a tried and true formula that is straight forward, Murray’s has been the trusted source for the slicked back hair style since the birth of the pompadour. The original formula is packed with quality ingredients that protect the hair as well as the scalp. Ingredients like lanolin and coconut oil are great for the hair strands. Murray’s conditions the strands while also styling them which is a great feature for any hair product. Since Murray’s pomade uses old school ingredients and methods when it comes to the creation of the product, it has been trusted by millions of men for decades. The oil based formula provides the maximum amount of hold to create a neat and tidy style that lasts all day long. While it is undoubtedly an exceptional pomade choice that has stood the test of time, it is important to keep in mind that a little goes a long way. When it comes to Murray’s Pomade, there is no need to pile on the product as using too much can cause your hair to feel goopy or weighed down making it more difficult to wash out at the end of the night.

6Uppercut pomade

Uppercut pomades

Developed by expert barbers that knew what their clients needed most when it came to pomades, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a water soluble product that is great for various hair type from fine straight hair to thick curls. Uppercut Pomade is a brand that takes it’s inspiration from the dying art of old school barbering. The creators of the brand wanted to deliver a product that was high quality, exceptional performance, and steeped in masculinity which this hair pomade is. The water soluble formula makes it easy to wash out at the end of the night. The Uppercut Deluxe pomade provides incredible shine, wonderful hold; all without making the hair feel crispy, dry, or overly stiff. The unique formula creates a flexibility that is necessary for all day longevity of a style. Add a bit of water when needed and you can easily restyle your hair or freshen it up for a night look. Uppercut Pomade is for the man that wants a particular, timeless, and classic style that is unique to him.

7Dapper Dan pomade

Dapper Dan pomade

Most pomades are best used on damp hair as they usually set as they dry. Dapper Dan Pomade totes that it can be used on freshly blow dried hair or hair that is fresh out of the shower which is quite a feat for pomade. A small amount of the pomade can be used on dry hair to give it a shiny boost or a larger dollop can be applied to the hair for the perfect retro, slicked back look. The water soluble base makes it a flexible product that is easy to wash out at the end of the night. After the product has set in the hair, a bit of added water can reactivate the pomade and make it easier to restyle. Dapper Dan Pomade dries to a touchable finish that isn’t too firm or hard. Since the finish is pleasant, you can comb through your hair throughout the day as needed or run your fingers through your hair without the worry of crunching, flaking, and residue.

8Imperial pomade

Imperial pomade

Who knows male hair care products better than barbers? The Imperial Pomade brand is a barber grade hair product line that offers men the best of the best when it comes to styling pomades and products. Their pomade is no exception. The water based pomade offers an incredibly strong hold for various hairstyles and hair types. The great feature about Imperial Pomade is that it allows you to be in control of the level of hold you need. Depending on the amount of water you have in your hair to start with alters the kind of hold the pomade has on your hair style. This is useful for a person that changes up the hairstyle periodically. For a lighter hold, apply a smaller amount of the product on wet or damp hair. For a tighter and firmer hold, apply more of the product on dry hair. You can reactivate your style with a bit of water if you feel that it needs a bit of refreshing. The water based formula is great because it allows for easy and simple removal at the end of the day without a sticky residue or feeling left behind.

9Layrite pomade

Layrite Pomade

An old school hair product that has been on the market for a while, Layrite Pomade is a no fuss product that gets straight down to business. It is a water soluble product which means that it is super easy to rinse out when it comes to removal at the end of the day. The original formula offers a medium hold for slick back hairstyles that need to be held tight into place. The pleasant vanilla scent makes it a product that men want to use as it’s not overbearing. The fresh scent and tight hold lasts all day long on various hair styles. Layrite Pomade gives the hair a natural low shine that looks attractive without appearing artificial. It goes on to the hair evenly and smoothly which makes moving the product through the hair a breeze. While it is a timeless classic in the industry of male hair care, the original formula is only suggested for finer hair types that are short to medium in length.

10Axe pomade

axe pomade

The Axe brand is known to be the brand of the 20-something man that is getting into products to take care of himself beyond deodorant and toothpaste. As of late, Axe has dipped into the hair care industry offering their fans a hair pomade to tame the bed head look that isn’t very attractive. The hair pomade offers a medium hold that tames strands without giving the overly shiny or wet appearance. It’s definitely the type of product that is a bit more modern and for a more up to date style as opposed to the retro, slicked back do’s that pomades are known for creating. The product is perfect for your weekday, office look as well as a classic, clean cut weekend do. While the product, like other hair products, can be used on dry hair, it has the best results when it is applied to wet or damp hair as it allows it to set.

11Admiral pomade

Admiral pomade

If you are looking to create and perfect your classic style, Admiral Pomade is the product for you. Admiral pomade is the best of both worlds. It offers the wonderful hold of traditional pomades while also being water based which is easier and less harsh on the strands. One of the highest rated pomades on the market today, Admirable Pomade gives your style long lasting hold, flexibility, and the right amount of natural low shine. Whether you are looking for a pulled back look or a more modern style, Admiral Pomade can help create that perfect look. The creamy consistency goes onto the hair smoothly for an even application that is easy to work into the hair. Admiral Pomade is made in small batches with 100% plant based preservatives and infused with natural beeswax which gives your hair a natural feeling. The natural ingredients and care that’s put into making each batch of the product doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a product with integrity, quality, and a great reputation to prove it.

12Old spice pomade

Old spice pomade

There are very few brands out there that are as iconic and respected in the male grooming industry as Old Spice. One whiff of an Old Spice product and you know exactly what you are smelling. Through the years, Old Spice has stayed on the top of it’s game and is now dipping into the hair care industry with it’s hair sculpting pomade. Unlike most pomades on the market, Old Spice Pomade offers it’s customers a matte finish as opposed to the classic shiny finish. The medium hold is great for a style to is not supposed to look overly stiff or slicked. This pomade is perfect for a neat and clean look as it keeps the hair in place without the hair being pasted to the head. This product can be used on varying hair types from fine, thinner hair to thicker, curly strands.

13Baxter of California clay pomade

Baxter of California clay pomade

Definitely the stand out product amongst pomades, Baxter of California Clay Pomade approaches this kind of styling product in a different way. Most pomades offer hold, shine, and slick style. This product, however, takes a totally unique approach. The Baxter of California Clay Pomade is infused with natural products like clay and beeswax which gives it a distinct texture. While this pomade still offers you exceptional hold, it totally nixes the extra shine and gives a matte finish for a more natural look. The textured product gives the hair a tamed but pliable result which is great for all hair types. Using just a dime size amount of product, you can emulsify it in your hands and work in through your hair for a natural hold. For a stronger hold, you can add more of the product. This is a great product that is perfect for you if you want to retain the natural texture of your hair while still holding it in place.

14How to use pomade hair

How to use pomade hair

Pomade can be used on naturally curly or kinky hair as well on hair that has looser waves that need a bit of encouragement to add texture. Before using the pomade, the hair should be clean and ready to style. Before using the pomade, your hair should be a little damp. This will help the strands be easier to manipulate into the perfect style. Scoop up about a quarter size of pomade into the palm of your hand. You may need a little less or a little more depending on your hair type, the product, and the style you are trying to achieve. Work the pomade into your palms and then begin working it into your hair gently. If your hair is naturally curly or kinky, work in the pomade gently to avoid ruffling the natural curl pattern too much and creating frizz. If your hair is wavy, swirl or twirl the pomade into your waves to encourage to pattern. If your hair is straight and you’re going for a more tousled look, play with the pomade and the directions you want your hair strands to go. You can also create a slick back look with pomade without worrying about strands jumping out of place. There are different hair pomades on the market that work with different hair types. Depending on your hair type and the product that you use is going to determine the method you are going to use to apply it successfully to your strands.

15Pomade hair vs gel

pomade vs gel

Pomade is a hybrid of some of the best hair products for men. It has the qualities of gel, sheen spray, hair spray, wax, and moisturizer. The thick, sticky consistency along with the high oil content makes it perfect for a wide array of hair types. It provides the perfect kind of hold without drying out the hair or scalp. Gel, a classic when it comes to hair styling products, is also great for providing long lasting hold. The downside to gel, though, is that it can be incredibly drying and cause the hair to have flakes after a short time. Gel also tends to wear off throughout the day and hold doesn’t tend to last. Gels are the ideal product for finer hair, curly hair, or hairstyles that don’t require the hair to be slicked down as gel is unlikely to hold it in place for very long. Pomade like products are usually chosen over gels because they last longer, are easier on the hair, and leave the hair looking shiny without appearing to be wet or greasy.

16Pomade hair vs wax

Pomade hair vs wax

Pomade creates hold, shine, and is a product that won’t ruin your scalp. It can be used on curly, kinky, wavy, and straight hair depending on the style you want to achieve. The thick consistency and slightly tacky feel is the perfect formula for the ultimate, long lasting hold. The oils in the product provide the ultimate level of shine. Wax is similar to pomade but has a thicker consistency and doesn’t really offer too much in the shine department. Wax is a good choice for a look that has to stay exactly in place over a period of time. It’s even good for styles that are going to last in tricky weather conditions like very humid conditions. The downside to wax and what makes it a kind of product that men usually don’t want to use is that it can be very difficult to wash out at the end of the night. Wax can leave a sticky residue that seems almost impossible to remove.

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