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40 Crochet Braids Hairstyles | Crochet Hair Inspiration

Crochet braids made a huge debut in 2016 and it looks like they are not going out of style anytime soon. Hardly a new style, the resurgence in popularity of crochet braids — also known as latch hook braids —  is partly thanks to the current 90’s revival in both hair and fashion trends. This style is not only simple but easy to do as well. A great protective style with endless numbers of options, crochet braids allow you to experiment with various lengths, colors, and textures, all while keeping natural hair safe and undamaged.
The most common method is braiding your natural hair into cornrows, after which extensions are looped through the cornrows using a crochet hook. The end result is a seamless style that lets you show off bold crochet hair styles while your natural hair takes a break.

1Fluffy Twist Out Crochet Hair

This simple fluffy twist out is a perfect crochet hairstyle for everyday wear. Face framing layers make it flattering without being too bulky, while the side part adds extra volume on top.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

2Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

We love these long crochet Senegalese twists! Also known as rope twists, this style is achieved by twisting extensions around loose natural hair, or by looping pre-twisted hair into cornrows. Because this is a long term protective style, remember to moisturize your natural hair beforehand.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

3Curly Crochet Ombre Hair

Big hair, don’t care! This side swept crochet style features blonde ombre ends for a big, glamorous style that grabs attention without being high maintenance.

If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

4Kinky Twist Crochet Curly Hair

Tired of sitting for hours to get your kinky twist? These crochet kinky twists are not only much quicker to achieve, but also are very inexpensive, and cause no pulling that might result in unwanted hair loss. To get these curly ends, try adding small perm rods to extensions.
If you like this type of crochet twists you can buy it here.

5Tight Coils Croshay Braids

These long tight coils feature a fairly defined part and are pulled back on one side, making this a great style if you don’t want your face to feel hidden, or to show off your new statement earrings.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

6Faux Wash and Go Crochet Hair

Want the perfect wash and go? Give these crochet coils a try! These crochet coils give a perfect wash and go look while protecting your natural hair. The heart shaped cut is flattering to almost any face shape, and the shorter length makes it an incredibly chic yet manageable style.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

7Unraveled Crochet Havana Mambo Twist

If you’re getting tired of your twists, it may be time to unravel them. This glamorous style can be easily embellished with a few bright colored strands or braid jewels.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

8Big Bold Curls Croshay Braids

These lush curls are sexy and bold in a dramatic, face framing cut. Hints of chestnut brown ombre add a pop of color while remaining subdued enough to make this croshay braids style appropriate in any workplace.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

9Frohawk Marley Afro Braid Crochet

The perfect prom or wedding style for glamorous extroverts, this protective frohawk braid is a high volume, dramatic style that manages to be edgy and elegant all at once.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

10Honey Blonde Layered Curly Crochet Hair

Perfect for brightening up your style in warmer months, this crochet style features high contrast layered color that’s warm honey blonde on top and jet black underneath. A blonde this warm matches best with equally warm skin tones, and if you’ve got cooler notes in your complexion you might want to go for an ashy blonde on top.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here

11Faux Undercut Crotchet Hair

We absolutely love this crotchet hair faux style! This faux undercut mimics the silhouette of a shaved side without the major commitment of taking clippers to your hair. Crochet braids are added to most of the head, while one side is left in a french braid or a series of smaller cornrows. This style can be street or chic depending on how you want to style it. The end result is a young, edgy style that goes with everyday outfits or chic evening style.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

12Big Wavy Curls Crotchet with freetress crochet hair

If you like big loose curls, try Freetress Loose Deep for your crochet braids. This soft, romantic style is a modern classic that suits almost any occasion. To get a look this natural, be sure that hair is well moisturized and evenly braided before adding extensions.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

13Pretty Purple Crochet Curly Hair

Feeling bold? This electric purple shade is bright, adventurous, and perfect for spring and summer styles. To get a toned-down version of this look, mix the purple with a darker more natural shade.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

14Simple Ponytail Crotchet Hair

An essential style whether or not you’re wearing crotchet braids, this simple ponytail is a hairstyle savior during the long workouts of women who are into fitness just as much as style.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

15Long, Sleek & Straight Crochet Braids or Crochet Weave

If you’re into sleek looks without causing major heat damage to your hair, try a straight style with your next crochet braids. With varying the length and adding layers, there are endless possibilities to flatter any woman’s face shape and personal style.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here or if you prefer weave extension try this one.

16Short Crochet Braids Tapered cut

If you love the look of short, trendy cuts, but hate the idea of cutting your own hair, crochet braids are the answer you’ve been looking for. Play with tightness of curls or added color to suit your own individual style.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

17Curly Bob Crochet Hair Cut

This angled short crochet braids curly bob is a classic, sophisticated style that looks good on almost everyone, and is perfect for mature women who take a more minimalist approach to their crochet braid styles.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

18Jumbo Curls with Middle Part Crochet Weave

How cute are these jumbo curls? With hints of brown that give some softness to the style, these jumbo curls are the perfect balance of sweet femininity and sophistication. To help maintain these curls, try placing them in Bantu knots at night and apply your favorite oil or anti-humidity serum.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here

19Super Long Crochet Braids Hair

This is for all you girls out there who like super long endless hair. Getting this look is as easy as using extra long extensions in your crochet braids. Whether you want this for your everyday style or a Friday night out with your BFFs , this ultra long style will have you turning heads.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

20Brushed-Out Waves Crotchet weave

Volume anyone? This voluminous wavy style has the natural look of brushed out waves, and the angled ends in this particular cut are flattering on women with an inverted triangle or heart-shaped faces. We absolutely adore this voluminous wavy style!
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

21Puffy Twist Crochet Braids

A perfect year round style, these shoulder length puff twists are simple and require little to no styling once in place. Add hair jewels and beads to jazz up this fun flirty look. If you like to wear braids or twists this style option is perfect because you don’t have to sit for 6-8 hours to get them done and this style causes no stress or damage to your hair.
If you like this type of Havana crochet twist you can buy it here.

22Long Beachy Curls Crochet Weave

Looking for the perfect vacation hair? These long beachy curls will have you looking fabulous and stress-free while you’re frolicking in the ocean or lounging poolside.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here

23Snow White Platinum Curls Crotchet Hair

How gorgeous is this dirty white blonde look? A high contrast style against deeper chocolate skin tones, this platinum color really pops and looks almost supernatural, while spiral curls add dimension that keeps the style from looking flat.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.  

24Jumbo High Bun Crochet Braids with Marley Hair

The epitome of wearing your hair like a crown, pair this jumbo bun with large earrings and a wild printed dress for a tropical vibe.
If you like this type of crochet braids with Marley hair you can buy it here.

25Big Half Up Bun Crochet

Go big or go home. The epitome of wearing your hair like a crown, pair this jumbo bun with large earrings and a wild printed dress for a tropical vibe. This fluffy two-toned style is perfect for winter when big hair equals added warmth. Worn in a half up bun, this look is modern, edgy, and very on-trend.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here and here.

26Purple Crochet Twist Side Ponytail

Bold colors are so IN right now! Getting in on the bold color trend, these gorgeous purple twists pulled into a high side ponytail will look stunning when paired with chunky gold accessories.
If you like this type of crochet twist style you can buy it here.

27Electric Blue High Ponytail Crochet Twist

If you’re feeling vampy, this electric cobalt blue color will grab enough attention to satisfy your flirty side. Long jumbo twists are placed into a high ponytail for a chic, eye-popping look.
If you like this type of Havana Cuban Twist crochet you can buy it here.

28Red Twistout Crotchet

This twist out style has red tones all over, but they’re the brightest and most concentrated in the front, where a blue red shade puts emphasis on the face and looks especially stunning on women with deeper skin tones.
If you like this type of crochet braids with marley hair you can buy it here.

29Kinky Gray Hair Crochet

We are loving gray! While women have spent years doing anything to avoid gray hair, shades of sterling silver and snow white are now part of the biggest trend in hair. Following in the footsteps of celebrities like Rihanna, crochet braids allow you to get this trendy gray shade without damaging your natural hair.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

30Faux Locs Crochet Braids

Save your time doing faux locks. These are sold as individual locs so that you do not have to spend time twisting them. If you love the dreadlock look, but don’t want to commit long term, this crochet dread style is your simple solution.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

31Afro Kinky Curly & Baby Hair Crochet

We absolutely adore this curly haired beauty! Parting the hairdo down to one side frames and brings attention to the face. We love the puffiness and the baby hair!
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

32Pineapple Afro Crochet Braids With Marley Hair

This pineapple updo style is peachy and adorable! If you like casual, effortless look, this crochet style is for you.
To get this look you’ll need to use Marley Afro hair crochet braids. You can buy it here.

33Curly Crochet Hair Braided Deva Cut

Known as the Deva cut, this glamorous style with lots of layers has become a staple for women who wear their hair natural, but the shape can also be achieved with crochet braids.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

34Long Crochet Twists Braids

If you love long hair, these long crochet twists are a great (and easy to do) protective style! This style would look great in any length and for all skin tones.
If you like this type of Isis crochet you can buy it here.

35Dirty Brown Crochet Curls

Voluminous and trendy, this dirty brown color has so much curl and plenty of bounce! The purple lipstick brings flare to the look and flatters her beautiful skin tone.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

36Soft Curly Faux Locs Crochet

Love love love! If you want to try a unique faux locs style you should definitely consider this curly goddess locs! These long curly faux locs are stunning and super stylish! To get this look you will need to use the Soft Wavy Faux Locs Freetress Dread Locks Crochet Braids.
You can buy it here.

37Half Up Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

Another gorgeous Senegalese twist crochet braids style! The long braids are pulled half up half down. The red lips and gold hoop earring really look great with this hairstyle!
If you like this crochet Senegalese twist You can buy it here.

38Medium Freetress Crochet Hair

You cannot go wrong with this natural looking Jerry Curl freetress crochet hair style. These shiny curls look soft and bouncy and the light brown color lights up her skin tone and her beautiful hazel eyes.

39Afro Kinky High Bun Curly Crochet Hair

This natural looking Kinky texture is super cute and would look great for a day at the office or a Friday night out! We love the half up half down style, which gives the crochet an even more of a natural look.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

40Straight Crochet Braids with Kanekalon Hair

Another gorgeous straight crochet braids style! If you like natural looking straight hair, using Kanekalon hair will be a great option to get the look.
If you like this crochet style you can buy it here

41Beachy Freetress Crochet Hair

We are lovin’ these beachy honey colored freetress crochet curls! To get this look you’ll need to use 18” Freetress Synthetic Crochet Hair.
You can buy it here in whichever color you choose..

42Big Loose Waves Crochet Weave

If you’re looking to create that big, soft voluminous curls, Then this crochet style is a MUST try! The side swept bangs give a subtle and chic look.
If you like this type of crochet you can buy it here.

43Chic n Short Freetress Crochet Hair

This sexy short crochet style is not just super chic, but also very easy to maintain. To get this look you’ll need to use the Freetress Crochet hair Ringlet Wand Curl.
You can buy it here.

44Popping Crochet Curls

These bouncy side curls totally shouts Summer Vibes! The brown blonde highlights look so natural on her skin tone and makeup! We love how she completed the look with baby hair on one side.
If you like this type of water wave crochet, you can buy it here.

45Goddess locs crochet hair

Besides the fact that goddess locs are so in right now, they are also very light and easy to do protective style. We especially love these gorgeous long goddess locs with curly ends. Add a stylish scarf like the one in the picture and you’re good to go!
If you like this type of goddess braids crochet, you can buy it here.
For more Goddess Locs inspiration click here.

46Bouncy Blonde Freetress Crochet

Bounce, bounce, bounce! If bold and bouncy is your thang, this look is for you! The two-tone blonde on brown colors makes a super sexy and unique look.
If you like this type of freetress crochet hair, you can buy it here.

47Braided Side Curls Freetress Crochet Hair

Super chic and beautiful style! The gorgeous crochet culrs pulled to one side and the braided hair is shown on the other side. To acheive this look, she used a mix of 3 types of crochet: Freetress Barbadian Braid, GoGo Curl, and Presto Curl.

48Crochet Braids with Kanekalon Hair

This is probably our favorite crochet braids ever! These crochet braids with Kanekalon hair looks so pretty and natural! we love both the puffy and twist out looks.

49Faux Locs Crochet Dreads

We think this would be the PERFECT size for this type of faux crochet! If you love locs, but don’t want it to be heavy and uncomfortable, you should consider getting a short size crochet los such as this one. The side-swept faux locs dread crochet is gorgeous and looks so natural. Add some golden beads to your braids and colorful strings and you’re good to go!

50Wavy freetress hair

This loose Ocean Wave crochet style looks so stylish and easygoing that will work whether you’re going to the office, or to a fancy date-night.

51Thin Senegalese Twists

Cause what’s not to love about this gorgeous long half up Havana Mambo twists?!

If you like this crochet twists you can buy it here.

52Curled Marley Crochet

This style features middle part curly crochet with Jamaican bounce hair, that is so natural looking and chic!

53Deep twist Crochet

We love the long loose curls of this deep freetress crochet falling naturally and giving lots of volume and are framing the face.

54knotless crochet style

A beautiful style for those who want to get the knotless crochet braids , also known as the invisible part knotless root method.

55Short box braids crochet

Wear this cute short crochet this summer! This would make a perfect crochet style for the hot summer days.

56Shoulder length box braids crochet

Don’t like short hair, worry not! This shoulder length chunky Havana twist box braids style crochet is heavenly, especially with the added beads and gorgeous makeup.

57Long Twist Out

For girls who like long wavy locs! The half up top knot creates a beautiful and sexy look!

58Asymmetrical Bob Crochet

This curly bob crochet style is beautifully cut and swept side creating a voluminous bob cut.

59Bowl Shape Bob

Another stunning bob crochet with two different colors.

60Super Short Coils

Well defined finger coils crochet that’s great for women with short hair.

61Long Faux Locs Crochet

One of our favorite crochet styles is this ombre Faux locs with curly ends. When installed right, they look absolutely natural and stunning.

62Side Swept Curls

If you’re tired of your crochet braids you can always unravel and restyle them into a gorgeous twist out like this one in the photo.

63Red Curls Crochet

Another side-swept curly crochet that screams HOT!

64Curly Goddess Locs Crochet

These long curled crochet faux locs look natural and stunning with the hair beads and when pulled half up.

65Long Crochet Twists

Like your locs super long? This is a fresh and exciting Mambo twist style crochet that will look stunning on anyone.

66Bouncy crochet curls

Bounce bounce ladies! This kinky curly crochet style has lots of volume, and we love the baby hair and Bantu knots on one side.

67Long crochet faux locs

Another long crochet faux locs we are in love with!! If you like to look like Rapunzel, this crochet is the right one for you!

68Short curly faux locs crochet

Curly faux locs are so hot right now! This short style is very unique and eye-catching!

69Half up curly crochet

Want your hair to look natural and long with lots of styling options? These long Afro Kinky curls look cute and elegant and can be worn as an everyday look or for special occasions!

70Passion Twist Crochet

A new hot trend is the Passion twist crochet hair. This curly style looks so natural and stunning! It also has a very lightweight and soft texture.

71Jamaican bounce twists

A gorgeous medium size Jamaican bounce twist crochet that will look great for an evceryday or an evening look.

72Curled Faux Locs

Love goddess locs? how about curled? These defined goddess locs wavy crochet are super chic and a must try if you like to have curly locs.

73Red Twists

Love soft spring twists with a touch of color? Go for this fire-red crochet!

74Warm brown short curls

A unique and super cute short curly crochet style. We love this warm brown color!

753D cubic twist crochet

76Afro kinky curly

77Blonde box braids bun crochet

78Brown Ombre Havana Twist Crochet

79Curly colored locs bob

80Ghana kinky twists

81Lob boxer braids crochet

82Red black box braids crochet

83Short asymmetrical bob braids

84Unraveled Mambo Twist Crochet



    • Hi Maria,
      Here’s what you need to do to get this style: Wash your hair with water (no shampoo or conditioner), Then use Shea moisture or a Wonder Curl Jelly. Then let your hair dry naturally. To maintain this hairstyle you can roll the hair and pin it back (during nighttime). Good luck!

  1. Never try crochet before but i want a Bob style but i dont want to cut my hair…Can u tell me what kind of hair to use and how to maintain this style. ….

    • Hi Ivana,
      The best way to maintain the texture of your crochet braids is to Keep the hair moisturized and spritzing it with aloe vera water and a leave in conditioner. To add more volume to this style you can use bigger sections when doing your twists, and you can use a pick and pull from the roots and cut the hair in layers.

      Thanks for visiting!
      HairstyleHub Team

  2. Hello

    I love number 12 very much. What hair is that as when I searched for for freetress water wave it wasn’t the same one as the picture

    • Hi Sharissa,

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a tutorial for this specific look. However, to get this style you can use this hair
      Thanks for visiting!
      HairstyleHub Team

  3. Hello I was wondering about the faux undercut how it was done and what type of hair was used. Thanks so much for your help

    • Hi Hayley,

      Number 13 is a Brazilian Virgin Body Wave Hair. Or the Remy body Wave Hair if you’d like looser curls.
      you can find both here And here.

      Thanks for visiting
      HairstyleHub Team

  4. I looked at the suggested hair for Style Number 12, but the texture doesn’t look the same. What is the exact hair that was used so the same look can be achieved?


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