Allen Iverson Braids Styles Inspiration

You might be too young to remember when Allen Iverson took the NBA by storm as a rookie. Not only could he ball but he brought into the basketball culture deep attention and appreciation for cornrows as a style. Allen Iverson braids are a trend that refused to die, almost 20 years later, our research shows the interest in this look is everlasting. These braids are characterized by the use of intricate and complex hair parts and braiding patterns, often combining weights to create awesome visual effects.

Not an exclusively “masculine” style by any stretch of the imagination, here are the top Iverson braids styles for men and women.

1Maze Master Allen Iverson Braids

This is what made Allen Iverson cornrows famous. Some of you will remember and some won’t but it doesn’t matter, it remains spectacular to this day.

2Big Leaves Iverson Braids

These Allen Iverson braids create the illusion of gazing through a rain forest. Two thick braids are fed in by curved micro braids. Lasting and perfect for shorter hair.

3Zig Zag Braided Part

Yes, optical illusions are a big part of Iverson braid styling. These braids mix zigzag parts and straight braids using hair extensions. Keep them glowing at all times by using high quality braiding hair.

4Iverson Braids Top Bun

Iverson braids don’t have to go all the way back, you can take advantage of the style in the crown of your head and then wrap you extension length up in a bun. Great results!

5Trident Queen Iverson Braids

This style just made us give a round of applause. Creating parts and tight braids is a HUGE part of a successful Iverson braid and this nails it perfectly!

6Full Rounds Iverson Braid

We love these dream catcher inspired Iverson braids. Kudos to the hairdresser for such a perfect execution of overlapped cornrows!

7Copper Red Iverson Braids

Color is a great way to add an extra layer of depth to a cornrows style. Blending in your hair won’t matter all that much as this style thrives on contrast!

8Triangle Parts Iverson Braids

Here’s proof that zigzag parts will work in every direction! On the back these micro braids. that give extra structure to the long pigtails. Looks simple but it isn’t!

9Alternate Allen Iverson Braided Updo

another great example of braided parts. Iverson braids are brought all around the head to crate a regal bun,

10Flow-To-Thick Braids

Waterfall inspired Iverson braids. Did you see that ombre detail? We love it! The best option to keep this style is to sleep in a quality satin bonnet.

11High Braided Ponytail

This is a staple inheritance of the Allen Iverson braids style. Alternating braid weights or creating a micro braid in the hair parts is a simple way of adding depth to a style.

12Threaded Iverson Braids

OK! This style adds an extra layer of details and we’re certainly not mad about it. Special designs or even the use of threads can be a great way to take your fashion statement a bit further.

13Priestess Iverson Braids

Use Iverson braids just in the brown of your hair and as a great base for crochet styling in the back. We love the details on these: hair rings, beads and a small but to bring it all up to this great look.

14Trilogy Iverson Braid

Design options are quite frankly infinite and this is proof. Paralleled cornrows is not a typical choice but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful and impressive!

15Zig Zag Feed In Iverson Braids

We like how this style mix-matched feed in braids and cornrows into alternate braids.

16Infinite Iverson Braids

A great hairdresser can give you the style of a lifetime! Threaded infinite braids that go all the way back. We love the barely there micro braids for a nice touch to a simple cornrow.

17Defined Parts Iverson Braids

In this style it’s clear how Iverson braids are the feed in braids ancestors. We love the contrast between blonde and black and those gorgeously shaped baby hairs.

18Star Pattern Iverson Braids

Radiating braids and patterns are no strangers to the Iverson braiding style. A great alternative to the typical boxer braids.

19Shock Waves Iverson Braids

This Iverson braids take advantage of the natural flow of the hair and facial features to create a sea current inspired style. An important tip: don’t touch your hair, after the style is set.

20Micro Iverson Braids In A High Ponytail

Next level braiding talent achieved! Shocking patterns wrapped up in a simple ponytail and nice finishing cuff touches. This Iverson braiding style is everything!

21Pan’s Labyrinth Inspired Iverson Braids

22Halo Braids Iverson Inspired

23Swoop Under Iverson Braids

24Wheeled Iverson Braids Style

25Mandala Iverson Braids

26Side Swap Iverson Braid Up-do

27Merged Iverson Braid Updo

28Half Iverson Pigtails

29Iverson Braids Ponytail

30Bright Red Iverson Braids

31Three Part Iverson Braids

32Freedom Long Braids

33Iverson Braids Intricate Dreams

34Ombre Blonde Iverson Braids

35Trident Part Iverson Braids

36Floral Design Allen Iverson Braids


Iverson braids belong to the cornrow realm. The style is fully urban, hip-hop, b-ball adjacent but oh it doesn’t mean it can’t be shockingly elegant and stylish.

It’s best to start your cornrows with stretched hair. You might let it air dry in a large braid or twist or go ahead and blow dry it on a low setting with a gentle brush. Stretched hair will guarantee a tangle-free and easier to braid Iverson braid set.

If you intend to keep your Iverson braids for long, keep in mind that a full shampoo wash might damage them for good. Invest in a dry shampoo or use a hair net before washing with a gentle shampoo. Massage in minimally and let the shampoo act for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

Conditioning is just as important as with any other protective style. Buy or create your own moisture mist using a lightweight oil and moisturizer mixed in with a water base. You can apply it daily before bed and sleep on a satin bonnet. You will wake up ready to go!

Are you ready to bring back or try the Iverson braids for the first time? Need any extra tips to decide? Let us know in the comments.



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