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Pixie Cuts for Women Over 50

Age doesn’t determine your haircut, style, or anything else for that matter. Although we know it’s easier said than done. But in all seriousness, we have so much admiration and respect for women who age gracefully. We wanted to spend some time focusing on our women over 50, because you deserve some hair love. Pixie cuts have been growing in popularity, especially with the over 50 crowd. Thinking of making a hair change? Take a look at some of these gorgeous pixie cuts that are perfect for older women over 50.

1Asymmetric Bangs Pixie Haircut

We love this pixie cut. Not only is it a classic shape, but the subtle asymmetric cut of the bangs makes this stand out. Just that little shift really changes the entire look of this pixie cut. Don’t you think?

2Classic Bangs with Pixie

Of course, we had to include one of the more classic pixie cuts we often seen on our beauties over 50. This is a great option if you want something super classic that offers bangs. Just make sure you get the bangs cut at a length that flatters your face shape.

3Chopped and Edgy Pixie Haircut

This is a statement making pixie cut. If you’re a woman ready to make a big statement with your cut, this is perfect for you. The extra short length and choppy ends give this edge and style.

4Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Another way to add subtle bangs to a pixie cut, this is a great style. Again we have a slight asymmetric element to the bangs that gives this really great, unique dimension to the overall cut.

5Jamie Lee Curtis Style

Jamie Lee Curtis has been rocking the pixie cut for many years. In fact, have you ever seen her without the cut? We haven’t! It’s a cut that works for her and with this picture you can see why – it’s gorgeous!

6Long Layered Pixie Cut

As you’ve probably seen by now, pixie haircuts for older women are super flattering! Pixie cuts are traditionally quite short in length, but one way to make your cut unique to your personal style preferences is by playing around with the length. Here, it’s on the longer side really mixing things up.

7Edgy Pixie Cut

Asymmetric bangs strike again – notice a theme? Bangs and layers give you an opportunity to change your style aesthetic. We really adore that this cut has long pieces in the back, shorter on the side, and asymmetric bangs.

8Extra Short Pixie Haircut

Add some drama and minimize the maintenance with this pixie haircut. Thanks to the super short length you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time styling your hair in the morning – which is a major bonus!

9Feathered Back Layers

Ask your hair stylist to add some feathered layers to your pixie cut. Notice how these aren’t your average layers, the feathering element adds this great volume to the back of the hair where layering was cut.

10Longer Bangs pixie Cut

Aside from adding bangs and layers to a pixie cut, another way to make it unique is by changing the length in different parts of the hair. For example, here she has the front of her hair a bit longer than the back.

11Jane Fonda Chic Pixie

Here we have another celeb who’s been known for her classic pixie haircut for many years. Jane Fonda is a woman who does a pixie cut right. If this is the cut you love, just take the picture to your hair stylist.

12Super Edgy Pixie Haircut

Talk about an edgy moment, right? This may not be your average pixie cut as a woman over 50, but that’ exactly why we love it. We’re all about women of any age embracing her unique sense of style. If edgy is your style persona – this cut is calling your name.

13Long All-Around Pixie

Are you looking for pixie haircuts for older women with bangs? Longer pixie cuts are still chic and fun! Another example of how you can opt for a cut that’s on the longer side, while still enjoying the ease of a pixie cut. This is great for someone with thicker hair.

14Top Left Longer Pixie

How amazing is this picture? We are obsessed with everything about this look. From the sunglasses to the incredible pixie cut – there’s nothing but love for this woman. What do you think of her pixie?

15Feathering Pixie with Layers

Not all pixie haircuts for older women have to be on the shorter side. Another switch up with the length of pixie cut hair – this time with the hair being left longer in the back. This gives a less traditional pixie cut feel, but that’s what hair and trends is all about – making it your own.

16Voluminous pixie haircut for older women

Want the feel of long, voluminous hair without actually having long hair? Say no more. The exaggerated, voluminous layers paired with longer length give this more of a dramatic feel most only achieve with long hair. Just goes to show you can really make a pixie cut different with a great hair stylist.

17Piecey Bang Chop Pixie Cut

Give your pixie cut a little fun touch with piecey bangs. The bangs cut this way compliment the choppy layers that were cut into the rest of the hair. Great cohesion!

18Flipped Out Layers

This is such a cute way to make your pixie cut feel a bit flirty and fun, adding flipped out layers into the hair. Bangs aren’t a must for this type of look, but it does add some additional face framing aesthetic.

19Whispy Layering Pixie Cut

How stunning is this haircut? Cutting a pixie cut with shorter sides and leaving the top and front long like this gives this gorgoues whispy effect that feels a bit more effortless.

20Swept Back Pixie

If your hair is naturally wavy, this cut can be ideal to help you really flatter your natural hair texture. The swept back styling gives this mature chicness to the overall style. We love it!

21Longer Length and Layers

Cut your pixie on the longer side with a few strategic layers. The layers cut on the longer side here add just enough volume to hair to give it this great shape without it overpowering the pixie cut.

22Shaped Pixie Haircut

Talk about a pixie cut with incredible shape, right? It’s picture perfect if you ask us. It’s just slightly longer on the top than it is on the side, just enough to add some extra dimension.

23Shorter on the Side Pixie

Here we have an example of a cut that has shorter sides and back than the top. It’s a bit more exaggerated because of how short the sides and back of the hair is, giving this really fun depth to the cut that further emphasizes the longer pieces.

24Side Swept Pixie

Even if you opt for a shorter pixie cut, you can still style it in a way that gives you this side swept effect. As you can very well see here – the layers are just long enough to create a part and be pushed to the side.

25Soft Layering pixie haircut for older women

You’ve seen quite a few pixie cuts that have choppy and feathered layers mixed in. This is a great example of softer layers. What we mean by that is the layers are there, but not quite as noticeable as some of the others.

26Spikey Bangs and Layering

27Stand Up Pixie Hairstyle

28Sweeping Layers

29Voluminous Pixie Hairstyle

30Short Bob Pixie

31Low Maintenance Choppy Pixie Cut

32Bowl Wavy Pixie

33Shortened and Spiked Pixie

We hope you enjoyed this list of pixie haircuts for older women! Which one is your favorite?



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