Little Girl Haircuts with Bangs

35 Wonderful Ideas For Little Girl Haircuts with Bangs

Having a little girl is such a wonderful feeling because you can play around with her like a little doll. They are so precious and cute, and to top it off, they have such wonderful natural hair that just begs for you to run your fingers through them. Here, we give you 35 wonderful ideas for little girl haircuts with bangs. Hope you enjoy it!

1Asymmetrical Bob with Blunt Bangs

This a super cute haircut that suits just about every little girl out there. Most moms would be happy too as the hair is low-maintenance and won’t be prone to tangles. You can dress it up with pretty clips and headbands suitable for little girls.

2Asymmetrical Bob with Side Bangs

Another great example of an asymmetrical bob for little girls. The layers in the back are great for kids with thin hair as it gives an illusion of volume. This haircut is paired with side bangs, that may or may not work for your sweet babe. Most of them would probably be wiping their hair away from their face all the time, but that can be easily remedied with a nice hair clip.

3Below the Ear Bob with Micro Bangs

Such a sweet hair cut and it looks extremely chic to boot! We can easily imagine little French girls walking around in their cute little outfits with their equally classy parents, and sporting this hairstyle.

4Blunt Little Girl Hairstyle With Bangs

Blunt bangs are very popular among little girls because it’s just picture of innocence and cuteness. It also emphasizes their eyes and frames their faces in such a way that you cannot just get enough of their cuteness!

5Bob with Thick Wavy Bangs

Thick hair is just glorious, and this little girl’s bob with thick wavy bangs is just so rich. Remember that a child’s hair should not be shampooed daily unless it is dirty or sweaty. Shampooing daily will strip it of its natural oils, resulting in dry hair and scalp.

6Chin Length Bob with Short Bangs

Having a toddler might just be the best time to experiment with your child’s haircut because they do not really have a lot to say about their haircut yet. You can easily choose styles that you think might suit them and their personality – as well as your needs! Short hair is a really popular option because it is less work for the adults. Just a wash, dry, and brush, and they are ready to go!

7Curly Bob with Short Bangs

A lot of parents probably dream of a child with a cherub’s curls. Look at this little girl! She looks amazing! Dressing up curly hair with bandanas and bows is just lovely. As children are normally very active, it pays well for them to have shorter hair, and when they get a bit older, they can grow out their curls if they so wish.

8Wavy Hair with Long Blunt Bangs

This is an extremely charming haircut option for children with wavy hair. Observe how her hair is straight at the top, and curls and waves just so at the bottom. A lot of adults would give their right arm to have that kind of hair! This is also the perfect hair to have straight, blunt bangs because it creates a wonderful contrast to the slight wave at the end of the hair.

9Kinky Hair with Side Fringe

This is such glorious hair, but might also be a challenge to take care of. Most parents would opt to braid it to keep it under control, but leaving it to grow naturally is such a wonderful choice too. Of course it is not easy and takes a lot of time to take care of. It has been said that natural brush bristles, like hog or badger, is the best option as artificial brush bristles might pull and break your child’s hair.

10Layered Medium Length Bob with Feathered Bangs

This length is a wonderful compromise if you have a child that does not want to have short hair. It looks very sweet, thanks to the feathered bangs. This look works quite well with thin hair because the layers and the feathered style of the bangs give the illusion of thicker hair.

11Layered Pixie

A nice spunky look for kids. This leaves their neck free, which is wonderful because there are a lot of children who complain of itchy necks because of their hair. It is also a wonderful option for a summer hairstyle because it is very fresh. Kids no longer have to fight with their sweaty hair, and the long side bangs could always be held back with hair clips.

12Layered Wavy Hair with Long Side Bangs


This could be a really popular choice among the older girls because this is when they start to learn how to take care and style their own hair. It is important for little girls at this age to know how to properly care for their hair so that they will have healthier hair for the future as well.

13Long Hair with Arched Bangs

A wonderful haircut that would suit anyone, but most especially those with a round-shaped face. The arched shape of the bangs creates a nice frame for the face, making the face appear longer. The length of the bangs is actually dependent on the size of the forehead. A higher forehead might suit very well with long bangs, while a shorter forehead would do well with shorter bangs.

14Short or Long Hair with Blunt Bangs


Blunt bangs for kids are extremely adorable. The best part about this haircut is it can easily be done at home! Having bangs would mean regular trips to the hairdresser, but in this case, mom or dad can just grab herself a pair of hair scissors and snip away. This can be a fun bonding activity for both parent and daughter, as well as saving money!

15Long Hair with Long Face-framing Side Bangs

This kind of hair would suit a little older girl than a toddler, so to speak. It requires more care and can be time-consuming with washing and drying, something a 6 or 7-year-old might not have the patience for yet The style of it is also more mature compared to what the younger ones are wearing.

16Long Hair with Long Wispy Bangs

An adorable haircut giving focus to your little girl’s face. The bangs really highlight the beauty of the eyes, and the overall face actually. The bangs are nicely feathered, making the look softer than that of blunt bangs.

17Long Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs

If your little girl is blessed with thick, luscious locks, then she could count herself lucky – though not many may agree. Many think that thick hair is hard to tame, but that is not entirely true. Look at this very pretty long layered hair with curtain bangs. With proper care, this will grow into a very beautiful mane, and the curtain bangs make it easier for it to slowly incorporate itself into the hairstyle without much effort.

18Long Layered Hair with Face Framing Fringe

Isn’t this hairstyle a beauty? It really does emphasize the face, especially the eyes. A child’s eyes are really beautiful no matter the size, shape, and color. The fringes in the layers are really pretty and gives it an overall soft look.

19Curly Hair with Long Side Fringes

Little girls with curly hair? YES, PLEASE. This look is just divine. Her long curly locks are slightly tamed with the pigtails, and just a hint of her side fringes are visible. It is really pretty and very charming.

20Long Straight Hair with Straight Blunt Bangs

This is another conventional little girl haircut – long hair with bangs. The advantage about it is that you can play with it in a million different ways. You can put it in braids, hair clips, hair ties, and a variety of ribbons and bows!

21Medium Length Curly Hair with Side Fringe

This hair is just GLORIOUS! Most people will avoid putting bangs on this kind of hair, but as you can see, long side bangs function very well. Remember to use a shampoo that does not contain sulfates, as sulfates dry the hair very fast and could result in dull curls.

22Medium Bob with Side Bangs

Quite a contemporary style, but still equally cute. The bob, in however length, will always be a popular choice for children because it is low maintenance. When kids get older and can take care of their hair themselves, they might be then allowed to have longer hair. In a way, this gives them a small sense of responsibility.

23Medium Length Curly Hair with Curly Bangs

This little cherub’s bangs are barely visible because they might have probably been pinned to the side. A wise choice so that they do not bother the eyes. One tip when cutting bangs on curly hair such as this, never do blunt bangs. It just won’t do and the look might be too overwhelming for a child’s face. Better to have long layered side bangs as it creates a softer look.

24Medium Length with Side Fringe

A very pretty hair and quite versatile too. You will have a wonderful time experimenting and styling your little girl’s hair, or maybe just let it lay loose, whatever floats your boat.

25Medium to Long Layered Haircut

This is quite the cool little girl hair as it is not your regular straight edges. Quite nice and stylish, both young ones and adults might appreciate the style of the hair as well. This will look very nice with side bangs to complement the asymmetry of the whole haircut. Blunt bangs might not suite it as much as side bangs.

26Pixie with Side Bangs

Little girls are probably real-life pixies and Tinkerbells, and this haircut will just cement that fact. It is really cute, and don’t even for one minute think that very short hair is not suitable for little girls. It is. Added to that fact, this hair is really low-maintenance, thus a win-win for mom and child!

27Short Bob with Thick Bangs

The bob might just be the epitome of little girl hair. It just suits them really perfectly, and the thick bangs just add to the innocence of the look. You can dress up this look with a lot of different accessories, the favorites being bows, headbands, and hair clips.

28Short Layered Cut with Side Bangs

This look really suites the toddler in the photo. It’s almost reminiscent of the days when they were still babies and don’t have a lot of hair yet. It is also really practical for really young little girls since they cannot be really bothered with long hair because they are too busy playing and exploring the world around them to really care about what their haircut is.

29Short Pixie with Asymmetrical Side Bangs

We now see more and more little girls sporting this unconventional hairstyle as compared to before. Not everyone wants to have a bob or long hair, and kids should be allowed to express themselves however they want. It is quite refreshing, really, to see something different.

30Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Does your little girl have thin hair? Don’t fret! There are a lot of haircut options out there, and this is one of them. The stacked bob creates the illusion of thicker hair as everything is not just in one straight line. You can pair this with side bangs, or feathered bangs. Blunt bangs will make the thinness of the hair quite visible.

31Thin-haired Bob with Side Bangs

As you can see, here is another option for little girls with thin hair. Observe how the bangs are trimmed to the sides, making it an over-all flattering look.

32Toddler Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

Isn’t she just adorable? The toddle bob is just so cute and suits really well. This is a good option for your toddlers, moms, as it is low maintenance and keeps the hair out of their faces. Just lovely!

33Toddler Pixie with Long Side Fringe

Look at her slaying this haircut! There are actually a lot of adults wearing this kind of hair, but it also suits kids really well! The trick is to not make it so severe with it being so short – ask for more layers, the softer, the better.

34Undercut with Microbangs

Now here’s our little cool girl! The undercut can easily be hidden by the rest of her hair, but when she moves it back – BAM! We love the fact that she seems very happy with it. We should embrace our individual uniqueness and creativity.

35Toddler Curly Hair side bangs

If you’ve been looking for curly haircuts with bangs, this is a really sweet style for little girls with curly hair. You can see just a hint of bangs there on the side, and to make it extra charming, add a little bow!

We hope you enjoyed this cute list of little girl haircuts with bangs!




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