Natural Hairstyles for Black Girls

35 Natural Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

There are not many bonding moments comparable to taking care of your little girl’s hair. We’ve come a long way from hot combs, grease, and uneven pigtails, haven’t we? Taking care of your girl’s natural hair can be challenging but is also brimming with possibilities.

There are so many different styles and variations when it comes to styling your little girl’s natural hair. Black hairstyles for little girls are playful and fun, focusing on edge control and long-lasting options that minimize tangles and frizz.
So if you’re looking for new cute hairstyles for your little girl for school days and Sunday mornings, take a look at these super beautiful and cute natural hairstyles for little black girls we’ve gathered for your inspiration.

1Little Girl Lemonade Braids

These lemonade braids look so charming and cute! A great protective style for your girl’s natural hair.

2Cute Black Girl Braids and Beads Half Ponytail

Transparent and colored beads are just a wonderful thing! Girls love the sound and we love the look! These half-pony braids style is heavenly looking on this little girl!

3Ponytails And Beads Mix In Cornrows For Girls

This look is a playground classic that nobody is ready to dismiss. Cornrows into a ponytail are very long-lasting and are perfectly styled with those bottom beads.

4Triangle Part Box Braid For Girls

Are you looking for box braids hairstyles for black girls? Box braids are a great option to style longer hair lengths for girls, triangles add up a playful side that our inner girls appreciate very much!

5Alternate Feed In Braids

Maximum protection of ends from tangles. Top pigtails are a fun and playful look for girls, styled perfectly with those braided parts.

6Beaded Bangs Bun Cute Black Girl Hairstyle

Oh, the cuteness! This look creates bangs by crossing braids right on top of the hairline and weighing them down with beads. Clever and beautiful!

7Natural Maxi Braids For Girls

Stretched out hair into two big braided ponytails. A lighter approach that might last less time but gives out so much pretty!

8Braided Side Part Buns Natural Updo

We absolutely love cute hairstyles for black girls with buns! Keeping parts frizz free can be a challenging bit of styling little black girls hair, specially since new growth is always coming! Braids are a good way of protecting them.

9Natural Pineapple Mini Tails

Rubber bands are a girl’s best friend. A great way to add color and play with parts when the braiding gods are not on your side. Use them to create this pineapple look and wrap into a puff. If you’re looking for sassy and cute black girl hairstyles ideas, this updo is a must try!

10Curled Ends Boxer Braids

Waves and curls are also favorites in the playground! You don’t have to sacrifice them all the time, this look is a great option to keep the waves showing but under control. Beautiful!

11Natural Jumbo Twists With Beads

If you’ve been searching for twisted black girl hairstyles ideas, check out this style! What’s not to like about this absolute classic? Keep these twists on top shape by teaching your girl the wonder of a satin scarf and how it saves some valuable sleep time while you guys get ready in the morning.

12Color Thread Jumbo Feed In Braids Ponytail

*Insert in-love emoji* Girls and color, what can go wrong? Threads are another great choice for bringing fun and color into a hairstyle, maybe mom and daughter pick a matching shade? Sounds like a great idea!

13Cornrow Twists For Little Girls

Twisting can be gentler on thinner hair. The results are quite similar to cornrows with less tension required. A natural tip? Use natural gelatin dissolved in water to style twists and keep the lasting for days!

14Maxi Black Girl Braids With Beads

This style screams attitude! Simple yet VERY cute. Marbled ponytails and long braids keep the roots in check and the edges laid.

15Pharaoh Buns Long Black Natural Hair

This is a party style. Maybe a wedding or baptism sort of event. Looks absolutely stunning and will require the hair to be blow dried or as stretched as possible.

16Girly Reverse Sides Braid Bun

If you’re looking for black girl hairstyles that are easy and convinient, those side braids will still show some length while the rest of the hair is kept together and ready for great play times! Easy and convenient style!

17Two Puffs Style For Little Girls

Cute roll call:
Triangle part – Check
Rubber bands trail – Check
Perfect round puffs – Check

This is definitely one of our fav little black girl hairstyles on this list! Everything about this look is heart-melting!

18Cute Natural Maxi Puffs With Flowers

When it comes to natural hairstyles for black girls, you can never go wrong with natural pigtails! A classic that can’t be overlooked. Fully combed pigtail puffs, here graced by a beautiful sunflower. What accessory would you pick for your girl?

19Full Fro Natural & Cute Black Girl Hairstyle

Do you look like natural hairstyles with bold statement? Are you looking for bold-puffy cute hairstyles for black girls, for a party or an event? It’s never too early to introduce your girl to the mightiness of her full hair length. The braided part detail looks pretty darn great too!

20Split Cornrows For Little Girls

We are lovin’ black girl hairstyles with cornrows! Cornrows can create visual effects that can be very appealing to girls and adults alike!

21Side Swoop Braid Ponytail With Cuff

Something about this hairstyle is just screaming at us to go out and jump rope this very minute. Sadly we can hardly remember any songs, do you?

22Braided hairstyle little girl updo

Are you looking for braided hairstyles for little black girls that are easy and will last 2 weeks and more? You should definitely try this cute braided updo pulled up into a curly natural bun.

23Two Pigtail Buns With Braids 

24Side Part Feed In Braids with Curled Ends

25Braided Mini Buns Frohawk

26Fulani Braids For Girls

27Nefertiti Braids For Black Girls

28Half Up Bun Box Braids

29Little Black Girls Twists Style

30Little Color Extension Feed In Braids

31Little Girl Lemonade Braids

32Box Braids with Color Strings

33Beads And Box Cornrow Ponytail

34Cute Black Braided Ballerina Hairstyle

35Maxi braids Afro Puff

36Pink Highlights Box Braids

37Little Girls Feed In Boxer Braids

38Short Bob With Beads For Girls

39Alternate Weight With Baby Hair

40Natural ballerina bun black girl hairstyle

41Braided frohawk hairstyle for black girls

42Bubble braids and a high bun

43Cornrow pigtails with colorful strings

44High puff with beads and a front braid

45Simple high puff natural hair style

46Natural Two Strand Twists

47Pigtails and baby hair

48Two curly puffs natural black girl hairstyle

49Two cute ponytail twist hair

50Two strand twists and bow

51Unraveled twists pigtails

5290’s buns with cute edges black girl hairstyle

53Simple Rope Braid Pigtails

54Puffy Curly Pigtails and Bows

55Little Girl Natural Curly High Bun

563 Cute Natural Hair Twist Pigtails

57Neat Curly Pigtails black girl hairstyle

58High Pony and 2 Front Braids

59Curly Pigtails and Heart Braids with Beads


Styling little black girls hair may require time and patience, but the hairstyles and updo options you can create are cute and endless. Make sure to Invest in the best detangling products and tools for your little girl’s hair, and to use minimal brushing, minimal heat, and tension, as your girl’s hair is thinner and needs a clean environment to continue growing.

When choosing a style for little black girls we suggest you look for long-lasting easy to maintain styles with as little tension on the hairline as possible: girls won’t handle potential headaches and itchiness the way a grown-up would and they shouldn’t! That’s why we’ve selected plenty of alternatives for styling natural hairstyles for girls according to their needs. So which of these natural black girl hairstyles is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. 



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