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Big Box Braids Styles We Love

Standard box braids tend to be on the skinnier side, but thicker versions of this protective hairstyle offer up a slightly different way to wear the look. Big box braids can be up to a couple of inches wide, giving you a more bold style that’s got chunky texture with a vintage feel. Just like skinnier styles, jumbo box braids come with tons of options for styling, and come in every color imaginable, in anything from chin to waist length. If you’re ready to wear your hair in a thicker protective style, check out these 42 trendy options for jumbo box braids.

1Jumbo Ultra Long Big Braids

Slightly thicker than a regular box braid, wearing these jumbo box braids extra long will give you a stand-out style that’s got more weight and presence than skinnier versions.

2Triangle Part Jumbo Braids

Want to add a new geometric look to your jumbo box braids? Try triangle shaped parts in between braids instead of the usual square shape. Not only will your style be a little more unique, but you’ll have beautiful star shapes where the parts intersect.

3Mid Length Jumbo Box Braids

Mid-length box braids are having a major moment right now, and making them jumbo adds some fun, chunky texture to the style. This collarbone-grazing box braids length is almost universally flattering, and looks great on just about everyone’s face.

4Jumbo Honey Blonde Box Braids

These honey blonde jumbo braids are extra thick, making use of larger pieces of hair to create big braids that make an equally big statement. Unlike skinnier box braids, this large box braids style doesn’t lend itself as easily to updos, but gives off an edgier look overall.

5Layered Jumbo Box Braids

These jumbo box braids are at the perfect length to create a sassy hairstyle that requires almost no styling time once the braids are installed. Instead of all being one length, some layering in this look helps to create this gorgeous and sleek shape.

6Center Parted Large Box Braids

With jumbo braids evenly parted down the middle this box braided style is a good choice for anyone looking to slim the appearance of their face.

7Pulled Back Jumbo Braids

Although big jumbo box braids can be more difficult to wear in updos than skinnier braid styles, you can still play around with different styling options, especially once the braids have loosened up a bit.

8Side Swept Jumbo Braids

Center parted braids can give you a nice, classic look, but sweeping braids over to one side creates a more dramatic style. If you’re getting bored of basic black braids, this honey blonde color is a great shade for anyone with tan or light brown skin, especially with warm undertones.

9Extra Dense Jumbo Box Braids

Not only are these individual braids very thick, but lots of braiding hair has been added in to create an extra dense style. Try this style out if you want a really full head of braids without much scalp showing through.

10Half Up Jumbo Box Braids

This high ponytail is the perfect way to wear your jumbo box braids hairstyle on a weekend night out or a regular day when you just want some hair up and out of the way.

11Jumbo Box Braids Bob

This box braids are in a nice in between size, being thicker than a regular braids but smaller than most of the braids on our list. This helps them to form a nice, sleek shaped bob, while still being thick enough to add lots of noticeable texture to the style.

12Double Bun Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids that are really long can be hard to style in twisted buns. This mid-length style is just long enough to twist hair around and into braids, but not so long that you can’t keep them secured in place.

13Big Jumbo Box Braids Undercut

Any box braided style can be combined with an undercut to bring some extra edge to the look. A nape undercut is the best choice if you’re looking to keep things symmetrical, and allows you to add a shaved design or hair tattoo that you can show off when your hair is worn up.

14Large Box Braids with Blonde Accents

Jumbo box braids give you the option of having just a few accent braids that really stand out. This particular style mixes classic black with light platinum blonde, giving your big box braids an extra bold look.

15Red Jumbo Braids Bob

Another gorgeous jumbo box braids bob, this one makes use of a rich shade of red. If you want something lighter and brighter than black but blonde isn’t your style, red braids are the perfect in between pick.

16Jumbo Box Braid Side Pony

Looking for a chic and casual way to wear your jumbo box braids? A low side ponytail is simple in the best possible way, and is the perfect way to finish off your style for everything from a busy day at work to a special occasion.

17Jumbo Yarn Box Braids

Instead of regular hair extensions, you can use yarn to create a jumbo box braids style. Some of the benefits of this method are the ultra cheap price of yarn, and the huge variety of colors that are available at most craft stores. Yarn braids also tend to be super light, but they can make you feel hot during summer months.

18Hot Pink Ombre Large Box Braids

Love large box braids? Love Ombre? We love ombre braids for bringing the trendy hair color technique in a way that requires no bleaching of your natural strands. Grabbing a style like this is easy, as lots of brands of braiding hair are now selling hair in ombre colors. If you’re looking for a specific color that you can’t find, you can try a DIY method to dye white or very light blonde hair using fabric dye or paint.

19High Bun Jumbo Box Braids Lob

Wearing your jumbo box braids in a lob length style is perfect for anyone who finds longer box braids feel heavy on their neck or pull too hard on fragile hair. To help open up your face when you’re wearing these braids, this quick little half up style is the perfect go-to look.

20Platinum Jumbo Box Braids

Want your jumbo box braids to stand out for more than just their texture? Platinum blonde is the ultimate “look at me” shade, and is a fun way to completely change up your look with no bleach required.

21Sleek Jumbo Box Braids Bob

Featuring a perfect center part and sleek shape, these jumbo box braids create a chic and professional style that will slim your face. This look has just the right amount of ’90s throwback while still feeling modern and trendy today.

22Big Jumbo Box Braids with Braided Parts

Want your jumbo box braids to look like a technical masterpiece? This seriously impressive style features skinny braids running through the parts, making it one of the most visually appealing braided looks on our list.

23Cool Rainbow Big Box Braids

Using shades of blue and purple that aren’t too far apart, these jumbo box braids create a cool rainbow palette that will turn your hair into a radiant, jewel-tone work of art.

24Black and Blonde Big Box Braids

Blend black and blonde together to create dynamic looking jumbo box braids. We love this look for bringing out golden tones in your skin and eyes, using both light and dark shades to play off of each other and create a luxurious look.

25Tapered Jumbo Braids

These really big box braids create one of the chunkiest looks on our list. While they’re not ideal if you want your braids to be tied up most of the time, this super thick look is great for making a big statement with big braids.

26Jumbo Grey Box Braids

Between the grey color and the ultra long length, these big box braids are perfect for creating a beautifully intimidating style.

27Soft Jumbo Box Braids

With a deep side part and versatile medium length, these jumbo box braids create a softer look that doesn’t feel too flashy or over the top.

28Jumbo Rainbow Yarn Braids

Want jumbo box braids that really stand out? Yarn braids let you to turn each braid into a gorgeous rainbow, and allow you to go for an extra long style that won’t weigh as heavily on your neck and edges.

29Jumbo Braids Bun

Although styling thicker braids in an updo can be a bit tricky, this style shows just how chic and sophisticated the finished product is. We recommend waiting until your jumbo box braids have loosened up a bit before attempting an updo like this.

30Big Box Braids with Mini Cornrows

These big box braids are impressively thick, and there’s a nice visual contrast created with the ultra skinny cornrows that frame them.

31Dimensional Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

If you love blonde box braids but want them to look more natural, try mixing together two or three different shades of braiding hair. The end result will be a flattering and dimensional style that looks great on most skin tones.

32Blunt Length Jumbo Box Braids

Sometimes simple is best. These jumbo box braids are all the same length, creating a blunt look that’s got just the right amount of retro flair.

33Natural Look Big Jumbo Box Braids

These super chill looking braids are perfect for an easy way to protect your natural hair. If you’ve got long natural curls that just need some time off of constant styling or you’re looking for a quick way to use up a few packs of braiding hair, these low-key braids are easy and cute.

34Grey Ombre Jumbo Box Braids

Love lighter braids but don’t want to wear one shade from roots to ends? These grey ombre big box braids offer up a nice mixture of dark and light, creating a jumbo braided style that looks devilishly chic.

35Jumbo Box Braids High Bun

This high, half-up hairstyle is one of the prettiest ways to wear your big jumbo box braids. Whether you’re dressed up for something special or just trying to get through a busy day, this half-up style has you covered.

36Jumbo Box Braids with Baby Hair

This big box braids style is so chic! Leaving some baby hair out at your edges is a trendy way to add a little softness to your box braids or other protective styles, but it’s also a smart way to keep your fragile edges from being pulled on. If you’ve got hair that tends to fall out in tight braids, opting for an edges out look every once in a while is both smart and trendy.

37Crochet Jumbo Box Braids

Want jumbo box braids that are quicker to install and take down? Using crochet hair means you can put your natural hair in cornrows and use the latch-hook method to attach your box braids. This large box braids style is an especially great choice for anyone with delicate edges or if you want to do a quick box braids style on your own.

38Butter Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

Buttery blonde is the perfect shade for summer, while wearing your hair in jumbo box braids will ensure you’re always looking your best without having to worry about styling.

39Braided Jumbo Box Braids

Braids on braids make for a sophisticated but easy way to style your long jumbo box braids. A single side braid keeps things nice and simple, but you can also try pigtail braids for a more casual day.

40Retro Long Jumbo Braids

Pulling hair together from larger sections creates this ultra retro style of jumbo box braids. We love this look for ladies who are always on the cutting edge of fashion and hair, and you definitely won’t see a ton of other people wearing the look.

41Side Wrapped Long Jumbo Box Braids

Need to dress your jumbo box braids up for a special occasion? This side wrapped style will take you just about anywhere you need to go, keeping your hair up without hiding it completely.

42Ombre Jumbo Big Box Braids

Between the ombre color, gold wrap, and braid jewels, these blingy jumbo braids are pure, over-the-top perfection.

43Chunky Big Box Braids

Beads and pieces of jewelry add so much to this gorgeous chunky jumbo box braids style. If Dookie large box braids is your thing, why not go for this beautiful protective style?

44Jumbo Box Braids Baby Hair

Add a bit of chicness to your large box braids look by styling your baby hair. This subtle look is absolutely Insta-worthy!

45Half Up Super Long Jumbo Box Braids

Another beautiful half up long jumbo box braids style. If your hair is super long, creating a half up bun at the top add so much style and it also much more comfortable to wear!

46Side swept Oversized Box Braids

Doesn’t matter if you choose long or short braids, with or without color, there is something about supersized box braids that just make you feel like a million bucks!

47Triangle Chunky Box Braids

We adore big braids! Triangle box braids are hot this season! This style feature side swept super chunky triangle box braids with beads, so beautiful!




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