Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles

35 Crochet Box Braids Hair Styles

There’s close to none other protective hairstyles as convenient as crochet braids. They’re versatile, easy to keep and frankly quite stunning. Crochet braids have been around for ages but we’re reaching peak excellence in styles, lengths and colors.

We love an all-inclusive hairstyle: crochet braids can be worn by basically natural or permed hair of any texture, porosity or color. Universal hairdressing is a solid YES in this Hub.

We have rounded up the best and most most popular crochet box braids hair styles for your inspiration!

1Military Green Crochet Box Braids

Uhhhh this color is just sending us! Deep muted military green is a statement in and of its own. Truly showcasing the magic of a crochet style box braids with tiny braids, lots of volume and movement.

2Red And Bunned Up Crochet Box Braid

Longer length crochet box braids can be perfectly styled into buns. We love the added details of the curled up sides and baby hairs for a retro look.

3Crochet Box Braid With Hair Cuff

A thicker cornrow base will allow you to use less hair on your crochet set and sport thicker braids, and hopefully less weight, great option!

4Medium Length Crochet Box Braid

When crocheting, length is your to play with! We love this little pass shoulder length style. It looks natural and easy to handle.

5Highlighted Crochet Box Braids

If you want to go full length, why wouldn’t you? This color choice is totally breathtaking. The longer the hair, the grater the quality it must be to sustain friction and tear from your daily activities.

6Honey Ombre Crochet Box Braid

Crochet braids are sold ready and make for an even simpler approach to hair coloring. Choose ombre tones that highlight your skin tone or compliment your current wardrobe or makeup palette.

7Blue Ombre Crochet Box Braid

Get playful with colors! We love this navy to pastel blue hues spread throughout the style. It’s bold without being overpowering or costume-y.

8Low Lights Crochet Box Braids

Some hair manufactures will offer mixed hair packages to create this look, low lights that sit on the bottom layers of your crochet set. You can also create them by buying different color sets.

9Crochet Box Braid Half Up Bun

Another great way to style crochet box braid sets is the half up bun. Take the hair off your face but still show off your length.

10Crochet Box Braids In A Bob

Honorary mention to the bob look in crochet. This is top-level beauty, convenience and fun! Offering major facial feature framing and great highlights.

11Blonde Crochet Box Braids

Now this is a great idea! When going for lighter tones, chose thicker braid sets to showcase the color even more.

12Khaleesi Blonde Crochet Box Braids

These crochet box braids look like they have been inspired by the Mother of Dragons, bless her tormented soul. Regal length and strength for the common girl.

13Auburn Crochet Box Braids

We’re loving the look of these muted tones for crochet, WOW! Auburn and perfect, these crochet box braids are styled using two simple twists and a bobby pin. 10/10!

14Red Crochet Box Braids

Considering a red + pink affair for your next protective style? Check out how cute it looks in crochet box braids!

15Silver Crochet Box Braids

A great length alternative. Right above shoulder length with the added flowyness of silver hair. This hair color seems to have made its way into a classic so, why not consider it?

16Muted Red Large Crochet Box Braids

Maybe it’s us but, ain’t these thicker braids the absolute bomb? Fewer braids by square inch doesn’t mean there has to be less volume.

17Ray Of Light Crochet Box Braid

A case for trying out color to your heart content! This is giving us some love for the 99’s and the 2000’s and we’re here for it!

18Crochet Box Braids With Scarf

So, there might be days were your crochet roots need some extra love or the weather requires some extra protection. A scarf is a protective style best friend in both cases!

19Red Road Short Crochet Box Braid

It’s your hair and it’s yours to play with! Crochet box braids are a great way to play with hair color without any commitment, undo is just an untwist away!

20Crochet Box Braids With Curly Ends

Great variation to the classic crochet style look. Curly ends give you extra volume and a lot to play with for ponytails and up-dos. Great hair color choice as well!

21Mini Bob Crochet Box Braids

22Asymmetric Purple Bob Crochet Box Braids

23Chocolate Crochet Box Braid

24Crochet Box Braids In A Bun

25Chunky Black Red Crochet Box Braids

26Blonde Front Crochet Box Braids

27Half Up Bun Box Braids Box Braids

28Dark Blue Crochet Box Braids

29Purple Ombre Crochet Braids

30Blonde Bob Crochet Box Braids

31Grey Highlights Box Braids Crochet

32Short Bob Box Braids

33Swoop Bun Crochet Box Braids

34Single Thread Crochet Box Braids

35Burgundy Ponytail Box Braids

36Silver and Chunky Box Braids Pony


So how do you go about going for crochet box braids as your next protective style? Think about your priorities. Style and beauty can be achieved with great lengths or a short bob. Classic black or rare hair colors. But keep in mind crochet box braids can also be one of the heaviest styles to wear, some will require up to 8 packs of hair. If your priority is simplicity and convenience, you might want to steer away from those. Keep in mind you will have to move around with this for weeks at time, so it’s no minor detail!

Crocheting can be a real rest & recovery time for your natural hair provided that you commit to oiling your scalp from time to time and use as less tension as possible. Keep your extensions going strong by misting them with a water – leave in conditioner – oil mix and sleeping on a satin pillow case.

Is there a crochet box braid set in you near future? Which one was your top pick? Let us know in the comments!


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