mid back length african braid

African Hair Braiding Styles For Any Season

Ancestral beauty, who wouldn’t want to tap into that perfection? African braiding styles are a perpetual trend building its way up to becoming a regal classic! The braiding technique offers versatility and super stylish looking braids that you can rock for job interviews, weddings, holiday season parties and the beach! Great African braids are always done of freshly clean hair that has been properly deep conditioned, and must be wrapped up with a silk scarf at night to preserve their quality and remain frizzless for the longest amount of time possible.

1African Braids With Highlights

Make your face glow up with copper blonde African braid extensions. Keep your braids thin for spectacular volume and movement. This style is perfect for resting your hairline from cornrows or other tension intensive hairstyles.

2Chunky Beads African Braids

Earth tone beads bring an organic, sultry vibe to this style. Wearing the full length of your 22” to 24” inch hair package and keeping your ends in check and in style and the same time with chunky beads.

3Chunky Colored African Braids

If you are looking for a hip style that transmits the full color of your personality, look no further! We love the tones of this subtle color highlight in thicker braids that have incredible sheen and movement to them. And the tricolor flag detail? Superb!

4Crown African Braid

Among the thousands of options to grace your crown, this is a REGAL choice! Threaded cornrows bring a wonderful accent to this hairstyle, finished up with a fashionista version of long chunky beads.

5Cuffed African Braids

So what do we like best: the feed in micro braids, the side part, the baby hairs, the perfectly put in cuffs? Tough choice! We love full looking braids with minimal accents that can be taken up or down a notch according to the occasion.

6Diagonal Part African Braid

Grace your hairline with tightly patterned African braids. Cornrows in diagonal and in angled direction offer added grace to your features. This is a low maintenance, low manipulation style that will benefit from taking close care of your scalp, by oiling it every few days.

7Earthy African Braid

Ohhhhh wow! Honey color extensions matched with neutral tone beads really make this African braid style stand out! The West Indian, tropical vibe of this hairstyle can’t be denied, it’s almost as if it’s calling you to book a flight to the Bahamas right away!

8Embroidered African Braid

Yes, minimalism! Yes, subtle curves! Yes, sparks! This african braid is ticking all the right boxes for a badass hairstyle. The full up high ponytail puts in some extra fierceness to this style.

9Flat African Braid

With simple details, this African braid sure makes a lot of fuss! We live for that single braid down the middle of the hair part and then the symmetry between both sides! Reverse braids on the sides will compliment your cheekbones and smile!

10Goddess African Braid

This is a perfect hairstyle for when you’re channeling your inner 70’s soul and funk child! Full volume, blonde from roots to tips and transparent beads. This African braid is all out there and we bow down to it.

11Golden Kiss African Braid

With a radial point at the temples and soft curves, this African braid cornrows are a definitive runner up to pick for your next etiquette event. Incredible golden tone will accent your skin and you can even compliment it with gold accessories.

12Half Ponytail African Braid

Casual, fun and poetic. Yes, this hairstyle is a full mood. A half ponytail with keep you fresh and hip in warmer weather, while beads and cuff will keep you sparkling and making your own music day and night.

13Half Up Bun African Braid

Tight and thin braids make this style. The top bun is a formal accent, balanced with the loose braids in the back. When rocking these african braids remember to properly seal and tuck in at night your ends, it’s the only way to guarantee a long-lasting BOMB hairstyle.

14High Ponytail African Braid

Pointed at the stars! African braids can be styled to go up in a full high ponytail. This hairstyle uses a lot less hair extensions and will feel lighter on your head than regular full length african braids, definitely a plus to consider around busy times and hot weather.

15Top Bun African Braid

Subtle but fierce! This is a match between cornrow styling and regular box braids, taking up further by a magnificent full volume bun! This is most certainly a party look, also wonderful for when your wondering what to wear for a date, party or festival!

16Ringlet Top Bun African Braid

Full black hair extensions will give you an amazing level of shine! We love the beads thrown in mid length to accentuate facial features.

17Hip Length African Braid

Long, luxurious, full amount of hair. This african braid hairstyle is all for length. Maybe it will get you inspired to try hip length hair for the first time, who said it had to be monotonous? Golden cuffs and front overlays create interesting accents. You can personalize it further adding a hint of color.

18Honey Dew African Braid

Copper African braids. No matter your skin tone, it will GLOW with the assistance of this gorgeous thick African braids. The frontal cornrows don’t go all the way to the back, giving you control and full volume. Keep a good satin bonnet handy!

19Mid Back Length African Braid

A fewer amount of braids and thicker parts bring ease and flow to this hairstyle. This African braid style made our short list for its practical approach of mid back length hair, which is actually not that common. These braids provide all the style, detail and tradition of the African braid with a simpler approach. Awesome!

20Mid Part African Braid

Black hair, opposed cornrows and lots and lots of volume: YES! A mid part works perfect for those who are trying to accent their brow line or even their forehead a-la-Tyra Banks! The scalp is barely visible in this style, which makes it a good choice for colder months.

21Multipart African Braid

Zig zag classiness! This is a perfect African braid hairstyle for college girls with a lot on their plate. Sideways and sexy, the full length braids can be done into a maxi braid or a side bun for a touch of romance and convenience.

22Pigtail Bun African Braid

This hairstyle gives the wonderful balance between elegance and play! Pigtails are usually considered fun, even childish hairstyles, but with this level of detail and volume, this African braid is a great choice for formal office settings.

23Pompadour African Braid

Bring out your vintage spirit! This part Mohawk part pompadour African braid is a perfect match for photo shoots, weddings and big events where you want to show your rock personality.

24Purple African Braid

Purple is definitely a color extension favorite in the natural hair and braiding community, can you blame us? These braids color compliments or complexion and features into perfection.

25Rainbow African Braid

Why choose a single color? These badass African braids in full cornrow version combine braid thickness and multiple color highlights. If you’re interested in making a full statement with your hairstyle, then this is a look to consider!

26Red Beaded African Braid

The beautiful contrast between that deep red color and the beads make the most remarkable feature of this hairstyle. A signature of African braids, reverse and overlaid braids are there to bring more oomph to your facial features.

27Rounded Crown African Braid

Simple and magnificent! Fully symmetrical cornrows standout by the single shape they’re all rounding up to. A great style to rest from ponytails, buns and up-dos while still keeping it low manipulation and heat free.

28Side Part African Braid

Just because you’re a woman on a hurry doesn’t mean your hairstyle can’t pop! This side part African braid gives great volume, detailed braids and simple styling you can build up from. Make sure to avoid adding any extra tension to your hairline with elastics or other types of tight headbands to prevent damaging your hairline .

29Storm White African Braids

Make your African braids collab with other interesting hair trends. Full silver extensions look amazing as a compliment to African braids. Hip, waist or whichever length you desire, consider this style if you’re ready to have fun with a radical color change!

30Subtle Sides African Braid

How graceful! Subtle waves and a hairline braid can go a long way. These African braids with full cornrows on one side are incredibly convenient, reduce a lot of hair extension weight and gives a sexy asymmetrical look that’s quite honestly to die for!

31Wine African Braids

Color and triangle head parts. Two great choices made in this hairstyle. Very urban / hip-hop vibes steaming from it. We all praise a versatile African braid that can be worn loose, in a high ponytail or bun. A killer choice for a club night out.

32Square Twists

We love this square head parts twists style with long black twists turned into curls at the ends.

33Elegant braided cornrows

34Simple middle part feed in braids

35African feed in braids with weave

36Feed In braided ponytail

37Feed in braids updo

38Cornrows with a touch of blue hair color

39African hair braiding with golden strings and beads

40Long Ombre African hair braiding

41Passion Twists half up


42Black and Red Ombre Cornrows


43Brown Bob Fulani Braids


44Elegant black and blonde feed-in


45Honey blonde Fulani braided buns


46Honey brown braids with jewelry


47Low Bun Twist Cornrows


48Side twisted lemonade braids


49Silver Grey Fulani Bob Braids


50Stunning Layered feed in braids with beads


51Super long omber feed in cornrows


52Wedding hair braided updo




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