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35 Natural Hair Updos

Are you looking for your next updo for a the office or even a wedding? Updos are not only are they stylish, but they are also protective and can be created without putting a lot of stress on the hair. Many updos do not require you to have great hairstyling skills or that you have super slick edges. Updos are great for formal occasions and professional settings, but they can also be fun and great for everyday wear. Updos on loose natural hair may be created on freshly washed hair, but are even better on hair that is a few days old, such as an old twist out or braid out or even on hair that has been stretched.

1Bunned Twists

This style is stunning in its simplicity, easily achieved and easy to wear. Perfect for those days when you want to put your twists up and give your ends some extra protection.

2The Transitioning Updo

To create this updo you will need an elastic band or small ponytail holder to gather the hair at the sides of the head. Remember to choose a hair tie that won’t snag on the hair and create breakage.

3Pinned Twists Natural Updo

Twists are a popular natural hairstyle and a popular element of many other hairstyles. The create texture and visual interest, which are ways to instantly makes most hairstyles better.

4Tucked Flat Twisted Updo

This flat twisted updo is made particularly interesting by the creative parts. It’s also super gentle on the hairline if done properly. The style is great on its own and requires no accessories, especially if done for everyday wear as opposed to a special occasion.

5Flat Twisted High Bun with Bangs Updo

This style is classic and suitable for all occasions and wearers of all ages. The twisted side swept bangs are versatile and may be styled to either side or in a pompadour for additional flair.

6Big Bun and Side Swept Bangs

Weddings are one of those occasions where an updo always works, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest. Updos are easily accessorized to up the glam factor and can be created on hairs of all lengths with a little help from some extensions. If you choose to use extensions when creating your updo, be sure to match your hair’s natural color and texture for a seamless look.

7Twisted Updo with Curly Bangs

This particular hairstyle is best recreated on hair that has been stretched particularly if you want to achieve the same full and fluffy bangs. Stretch your hair without using heat by banding or pulling your hair back for a few hours. Absolutely no heat is necessary.

8Twisted Faux Hawk with Twisted Pompadour

Neat edges like those required for this hairstyle do not always require gel or edge control. Mist your edges with water before gently smoothing on a small bit of Shea butter. Tie a scarf around your edges and let set for at 30 minutes. The end result should be sleek edges that are both moisturized and nourished.

9The Accessorized Natural Hair Updo

This style showcases the impact the right accessories can have on even the simplest of styles. When shopping for hair accessories of your own remember that bigger isn’t always better. You want to enhance and complement your style, not detract from it.

10Bun Faux-Hawk with Cornrows

This is a lovely hairstyle and the accessories scream wedding. This could be your style if you’re having a winter wedding. As the style is made up of many smaller parts, it would work well for those with shorter hair lengths. Add extensions to create fuller buns if desired.

11No Fuss Natural Updo

This updo is absolutely gorgeous and genius in its simplicity. If you can put a bobby pin in your hair, then you can create this look. One tip here is to make sure that hair is clean, moisturized and in its absolute best condition as that’s literally what this style displays. The hair.

12Twisted Updo and Bangs

Combining different styling elements is a great way to create unique styles with visual interest. Combining flat twists, cornrows, twists, single braids and or loose hair in any combination is sure to create a unique and pleasing look that can pass any test.

13Cornrowed Low Bun Natural Updo

Cornrows and buns are often involved in creating updos. This style uses extensions to help create a fuller bun, but be careful not to stress your hairline if you attempt this style.

14The BowHawk

Variations on the Mohawk are a popular template for many natural hair updos. The center of this faux hawk looks a lot like bows and is just another testament to the fact that you can create an updo with just some hairpins and creativity.

15Flower Side Bun

Are you all about flowers? This side flower bun is uniquely creative and would work so well at a flower-themed event, with or without accessories as the flower bun itself is a show-stopper.

16High Bun with Curly Bangs

This is one of the most wearable updos you will ever come across. A high bun with curly bangs is also one of those super versatile styles that work with every occasion and every outfit. This is a great style to do on an old wash and go and twist out after your curls have frizzed up a bit.

17Cornrow into a Low Bun

This is one of those easy updos that you could do in a pinch when you need a put together hairstyle but can’t find any of your hairpins or bobby pins. This updo is neat, but also totally free of tension on the hairline so that your style is protective, laid back and your scalp is unbothered.

18Pin Curl Twists on an Updo

This is the perfect natural hair bridal updo. Side swept bangs and sleek sides make this style very elegant. The twists that are pinned flat to the hair along the part is a way to add your own signature on a style.

19Fan Bun Updo

The fan bun is a twist on traditional buns. Fan buns make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

20Bohemian Natural Hair Updo

This soft and delicate look is so perfect and laid back. It is also great if your hair is still a little bit on the short side such as when growing out of a tapered teeny weeny afro (TWA).

21Flat twisted updo with a bun

An alternative to cornrows, flat twists are a great way to create an updo. Add flair with stylized parts to create a hairstyle that matched your personal taste.

22Pinned Pigtails Updo

Need a quick updo? Try this simple and elegant look that even those who think they are bad at styling hair can pull off. Add accessories to take the style up another notch.

23Side Swept Flat Twisted Updo

This flat twisted style is quick and easy, totally protective and super elegant. This is a quick style that you can create in under 15 minutes and is a good option for the work environment.

24High puff Natural Updo

High puffs are simple, elegant, fun and one of the quickest and easiest updo you can do on natural hair. It is important to use a headband that won’t snag on the hair and to moisturize your ends when styling your hair this way as they are exposed to the elements and will dry out.

25Rod Curls with Cornrows into a High Bun

To change things up a bit, add a cornrow going from the nape of your neck towards the crown of your head the next time you create a high bun. Stretched hair is easier to cornrow so consider lightly stretching your hair before doing your cornrow. Use an edge control with nourishing ingredients and avoid using an alcohol containing gels for a sleek look.

26Elegant Bridal Updo

Prepping your hair for an updo before a big event is essential. You want your style to look great but you also want hair that radiates health and gives off a healthy shine. Start with fresh wash hair that is deep conditioned and ensure your moisture and seal with a light oil to add a natural, healthy sheen.

27Tuck and Pin with Flat Twist

This updo would work great to keep you cool in the summer and keep your ends protected from the drying cold of winter. It is a great alternative to a low bun and requires only a handful of hairpins to be created.

28Low Bun

Low buns are great updos and are perfect for people who have trouble doing cornrows or flat twists because there is no need for those skills to accomplish this style.

29Fold and Pin Updo

This gorgeous updo is sleek and a great choice when you are looking for a hairstyle that brings the drama. Apply a little Argan oil before styling for a healthy shine.

30Grecian Inspired Braided Updo

This Grecian inspired look may be created with or without extensions. This hairstyle has goddess written all over it so keep it in mind when next you challenge your inner royal.

31Huge Textured Side Bun

This look is so gorgeous. This huge textured bun can be created from any style in which your curls were previously defined. The bun extends just over the hair line which makes it not just a bun but a bang as well.

32Jumbo Cornrows with Extensions Updo

Jumbo cornrows are much quicker to install those smaller ones and much less stressful on the hairline. Remember to moisturize your hair thoroughly before using extensions and make clean parts that help add interest to your style.

33Roll Tuck and Pin with Twists and Braids

The base of this hairstyle is fairly standard, but with the little braids added it becomes something totally fresh and new.

34Flat Twist and Cornrow Updo

This is a great hairstyling option for the littlest members of a bridal party. It is also a great option for someone who is transitioning to natural since it protects the hair and provides a way for the two textures to easily blend together.

35Double Cornrow with Twisted Pompadour

Slick edges and a twisted pompadour make this look great. The style elements are simple, but the effect is a total knockout. Always remember to keep your edges moisturized whenever you use edge control or gel.

36Sleek high bun

What a gorgeous bridal updo! This stunning do’ features super sleek high bun with baby hair and elegant makeup to complete the look!

37Zigzag double curly buns

Go for curly double buns if you like a sassy chic and comfortable style.

38Messy top knot on short pixie

If your natural hair is short, like this pixie cut, you can always add extensions ( a bun or a ponytail) for extra volume.

39Protective Braided Updo

This protective natural hairastyle is absolutely stunning for a wedding or special event! This style features 3 braids halo like updo with golden beads.

40Twists Pigtails

Want to create something easy to do by yourself? These braided pigtails are super cute! All you need to do is create thin braids and twists them into two pigtails.

41Double puffs


42Natural curly updo and bangs with a headscarf


43Undone Kinky Curly Pineapple


44Headwrap natural hair


45Curly messy natural bun


46Natural hair bun and side bangs


47Natural high bun with pins


48Puffy natural pineapple fro


49Simple elegant curly do’




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