Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids Styles

“I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros” a cultural statement for women rocking natural hairstyles all around the world took the internet by storm back in 2016. Beyonce’s video “Formation” was a glorious declaration of love for black hair. The Lemonade album visuals put curls, coils and baby hairs front and center of a vibrant, elegant and modern culture. Lemonade braids became an instant trend and built their way up into a braiding style. Lemonade braids are a long cornrow style characterized by side parts and closely threaded braids with minimum scalp revealed.

So keep on reading and get inspired by these stylish and customizable lemonade braids styles:

1Lilac Ombre Lemonade Braid

A subtle and playful hairstyle. Color and super sharp zigzagged parts for when the season and the occasion calls for a hip style and you’re ready to rock it.

2Fulani Lemonade Braid

Ready to slay? Earthy, sultry and gracious this lemonade braid is inspired by African fabrics and patterns. Hair rings add a touch of glow to highlight the length and volume of this style.

3Hair Rings Lemonade Braid

This hairstyle will work wonders on accenting your facial features to the max. Asymmetry is a huge hair trend not easily achievable while wearing long hair, but this hairstyle pulls it off perfectly.

4Razor Shaved Hairline Lemonade Braid

Talk about edgy! A marvelous razor shaped angle gives this hairstyle a unique flair. Thread in bleach hair brings in a little lightness for great balance.

5Jumbo Lemonade Braid

Nobody said you had to be a long time sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, more than what’s due! Chunky jumbo lemonade braids bring you the best of both worlds, the sleek sideways style with full volume while saving serious styling time.

6Blonde Nape Lemonade Braid

A side part with lots of class! This full lemonade braid has a natural increasing volume braiding style. Suited for long wear periods when you want to keep your hair tucked away but still shining through!

7Full Size Red Ombre Lemonade Braid

The red tips of this hairstyle won’t let the length of your hair go unnoticed. A thicker than usual styling is still not missing a beat from the lemonade braid styles. Make sure to pair it with great earrings and a killer smile.

8Lemonade Braid High Bun

Elegant braiding style never ceases to amaze us! These lemonade braids are pulled up into a high bun. This is a great braided updo hairstyle with low manipulation and lots of flair. An extra set of braids is necessary to achieve this full looking braid bun.

9Greek Inspired Lemonade Braid

This is a fully angled side part, softened by curvy braids. We love the aesthetic resemblance to greek culture and style. Can you see yourself wearing in this style with a single sleeve dress? I know right!? ♡

10Arched Crown Lemonade Braid

This lemonade hairstyle is giving us serious beach vibes. Maybe a cruise in your plans? This laid back and subtle style gets your hair entirely off from your face while the long braids style frame and flatter your features! Perfect combination.

11High Ponytail Lemonade Braid

Bring pulling and brushing routines to a halt. This lemonade braid high ponytail is able to give you a sleek look without having to straighten your hair. The high ponytail can be worn loose or in a bun for versatile and practical looks.

12Single Embroidered Lemonade Braid

Simple details can add a lot to a hairstyle. These full side lemonade braids have an embroidered front thread that’s doing enough. Down-to-earth and little upkeep, this style is perfect for college finals, traveling or any other busy season coming your way.

13Chocolate Brown Lemonade Braid

Make your hair stand out with this seductive hair color! Sitting around the areas o 2 and 3 extension color, this style blends in perfectly with short natural hair. A lower amount of braids guarantees less manipulation hassle and might be a life savior on warmer weather!

14Micro Detail Lemonade Braid

Layers and layer of detail! This hairstyle is for when you’re feeling a little extra and fully committed to stopping the show. Thin to chunky braids, Red ombre extension, neutral tone beads. These lemonade braids have a lot going on, might be a great choice for a fashion event, concert or photo shoot!

15Crossed Front Lemonade Braid

Provocative while simple, these lemonade braids can take you from class to a cocktail party. A simple crossed braid on the front lets you show how much you pay attention to detail and create a tantalizing mood around you.

16Straight Back Side Lemonade Braid

Love the lemonade braid style but worried about applying too much tension? These simple, medium width lemonade braids won’t put so much stress on your hairline.

17Copper Thin Lemonade Braid

With minimal scalp showing and a great color tone, these lemonade braids reminding us of the women of the Himba tribe. This hair color will highlight your skin features. Make it stand out even further with black and gold details of your outfit and makeup.

18Thick Lemonade Braid

A mix between feed in and lemonade braids, this look is midway between volume and definition. The way hair parts are set up it gives the illusion of movement with a smaller set of braids.

19Blonde Top Lemonade Braid

Full length and a saturated scalp with blonde hair extensions. This is the lemonade braid at its prime. Stylish a remarkably urban, you can almost feel yourself doing rounds with your head out of the El Camino. Get in “Formation” with this style.

20Front Flow Lemonade Braid

Simple and cute, this hairstyle perfectly adapts for teenage and younger girls. You can even play with hair extension length to make it more manageable without taking away much from the style.

21Mid Razor Shave Lemonade Braid

This is a bomb combination. Razor shaved side will let you add up shapes and shades to your lemonade braids. This hairstyle sits higher in the maintenance intensive style buy, why not!?

22Mid Part Lemonade Braid

This lemonade braid is honestly more Solange than Beyonce. Natural and simple, this look shows a certain innocence, countryside, romantic personality. Long black hair showing its majesty.

23Mid Length Embroidered Lemonade Braid

It’s all about making your hairstyle serve your features. These lemonade braids gold threads are put specifically around the cheek area and frame the face beautifully. Been dying to try hip length hair? This might be the style for you!

24Chunky Blonde Ambition Lemonade Braid

As a true fashionista would! These lemonade braids have a great amount of volume and light. They are making a statement for fashion, elegance and pride. not your everyday lemonade braid, consider this hairstyle for photo shoots, parties and festivals.

25Micro Feed In Lemonade Braid

This hairstyle has a simple straight cornrow style, however! Hair parts and micro braids are perfectly put to create a stardust trail within your hair. We’re sure urban / hip-hop style girls will love the details in this!

26Blonde Ombre Lemonade Braid

High contrast ombre and full volume lemonade braids. This is a great protective style for fall and winter season. Always remember to moisturize and seal your tucked away hair to prevent damage.

27Reverse Duo Lemonade Braid

A couple of braids going the opposite direction can bring this hairstyle to a new stage. We love this full hip length look that’s still laid back. Braids can still be brought up to a low bun or a mega braid to switch it up a bit!

28Blue Sleek Lemonade Braid

Sleeeeek! Lemonade braids with a futuristic vibe. What’s not to love about this? Blue ombre highlights and fuller looking braids. Baby hairs nice and laid complete this wonderful look.

29Purple Rain Lemonade Braid

Braiding pattern is so tight and glossy in these lemonade braids they almost look like twists! We love the fuller looking trend, and the violet purple gives this look a rock / funky vibe. Flowy, perfect baby hairs for a romantic touch that, of course, reminds us of the Prince era.

30Centered Lemonade Braid

Lemonade braids into a natural sitting ponytail. There’s nothing ordinary about this look. We love the visual effect of the arched cornrows and the beaded length. Be mindful that thinner braiding styles require you pay extra attention to your hairline to keep it healthy and frizz free.

31Full Red Lemonade Braid

Single statement color lemonade braid. All praise this mighty style. The zigzag parts and thin braids give so much fullness to this look. If you’re ready for a bold change of look, keep this in mind.

32Tight Thread Lemonade Braid

If there’s something to love about the lemonade braids is its density. A cornrow style that can still provide full looking long braids. Flirtatious and risk-taking, lemonade braids are on their way to becoming a top trend of protective styling.

33Nefertiti Inspired Lemonade Braid

Queendom it is. A full vibrant style that takes advantage of symmetry to create an elegant vibe. Beaded tips add weight and character to your length. One great tip to maintaining this style is adding oil to your extensions before wrapping your hair for bed.

34Detailed Feed In Lemonade Braids

Match feed in braids into the side looking lemonade style (equals) perfection. Definition is the cornerstone of this hairstyle. Perfect for curlier textures that might suffer a bit with natural hair untangling from their braids.

35Beaded Detail Lemonade Braids

Although less dense than the regular lemonade braid. This style compensated by great honey – color highlights that reflect the light and give the feeling of volume. Simple details like the beaded braid give it a chic look perfect for engagement parties, recitals and day time events.

36Red Lemonade Braids

If you like bold colors these chunky red lemonade braids are stunning and chic to wear!

37Super Thin Lemonade Braids

If you are looking for a fresh and clean look you should definitely try these skinny lemonade braids style!

38Ombre Lemonade Braids Jewelry

These lemonade braids start off dark and then blend into a burgundy tone. Jazz up your look with hair jewels or beads.

39Medium length lemonade braids


40Side lemonade braids baby hair


41Medium size lemonade cornrows


42Long lemonade braids with curly ends


43Stitch lemonade braids


44Sexy thin long lemonade braids


45Black and red lemonade braids ponytail


46Chunky lemonade braids with strings


47Honey blonde lemonade braids


48Bright red lemonade braids


49Long lemonade braids curly ends


50Reddish blonde lemonade braids


51Black and red lemonade braids


52Blonde front lemonade braids




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