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Red Box Braids

In the realm of protective styling there’s barely any other favorite that compares to box braids. Hair extensions are used to thread with natural hair into so. Many. Options. Most run-off-the-mill box braid options vary in length, hair part and braid thickness, however we are devoted to COLOR today.

Red box braids are a phenomenal show stop. No single shade of red fits all so we’ve rounded up for you the best color choices in red box braid styling. Take out your favorite brand color palette and start dreaming of your next red box braid style.

1Mute red box braids

Mesmerizing is the lay of the game. These braids use a great muted red with minimum visibility of natural hair color to create this look.

2Red Box Braids With Baby Hairs

In all honesty, no style can be damaged by perfectly laid baby hairs but they really do bring out the best in these red box braids!

3Triangle Part Red Box Braids

Yes, parts play a huge role in the final look you achieve with your box braids. This time, triangles are pointed at several meeting points, bringing up a cute extra detail to the style. Love!

4Red And Black Box Braids

Rare and spectacular. Black to red box braids are a wonderful choice for the seductress feeling. We love the compliment of the white thread. This look is all about contrast.

5Bright Red Front Cornrows Red Box Braids

Put some variation in the box by adding a simple overlapped cornrows styling to the front of your hair. Then let it drop all the way to your hips and enjoy! Remember to seal it correctly.

6Deep Brown To Wine Ombre

Deep brown color might compliment your skin tone better, and it doesn’t take off one bit of cool to this ombre look.

7Loose Half Bun Long Box Braids

Great color choice! Muted but still shiny as the best of them. To create this look make a full side of your hair swap to the opposite side and secure with as many bobby pins as you need.

8Waterfall Red Box Braids

A larger thickness of a braid will make your style more relaxed and welcoming. Perfect for college finals and generally crazy months.

9Dark Red Box Braids

Dark red lioness! We love the finish on these braids, sharp and definitive. Achieve it by giving your braids a cut after sealing with hot water and using a lighter to barely burn the tips. Be careful and have a pro around!

10Red Box Braids With A Scarf

We love how fabric in turbans compliment box braids in general, but this is just too perfect! A head wrap can protect your roots or keep them from sight when they’re not feeling their best.

11Threaded Red Box Braids

You can thread all around, criss cross, or within the braid. It will look gorgeous no matter what! Choose silver or white accents to compliment red box braids.

12Thin Dark Red Box Braids

Tight and small red box braids will be closer to the movement and volume of straight abundant hair. We love them!

13Ombre Red And Black Box Braids

There are no rules about where to start your ombre fade. We love this choice that highlights the cheeks and gives the red enough length to charm everyone!

14Copper Red Box Braids

A copper undertone is a sexy choice for red box braids. Styling with a side top ponytail is playful and says ready to party!

15Pigtail Buns Red Box Braids

Extra large pigtails are a great option to manage a braid box set with style. Practice and master the tension and tuck in method to go scrunchie free and avoid crimping.

16Wrapped Ponytail Red Box Braids

We love this Die Artwood inspired look. Didn’t Beyonce wear something like this too in a blonde? A superstar choice is A-OK for us.

17Fantasy Red Box Braids

Most hair extension brands will retail a fantasy collection of hair color. This fantasy red is as bold as they come and we love it!

18Super Braid Red Box Braids

Another great styling choice. Grab your full red box braid set and create a super braid on the side. You won’t be overlooked so get ready for compliment showers.

19Red Jumbo Box Braids

These red jumbo box braids are matched with triangle parts. Two favorites combined. We love how polished and shiny the braiding and the parts are!

20Tan Orange Red Box Braids

Not as easy to find but this hair color is the bomb! Spicy and beautifully braided.

21Full Bun Red Box Braids

Protect your box braids at all costs! Buns are an awesome solution to keep friction at bay and still look gorgeous.

22Cuffed Red Box Braids

23White And Red Box Braids

24Shadow Red Box Braids

25Burgundy Red Box Braids

26High Ponytail Box Braids


27Bun And Baby Hair Red Box Braids

28Side Swap Long Box Braids

29Gold Thread Red Box Braid

30Red Jumbo Box Braids Zigzag Parts

31Bun And Bangs Box Braids

32Neon Red Box Braid

33Red Fulani Braids

34Bright Red Jumbo Box Braids

35Deep Wine Ombre Red Box Braid

36Side Star Red Box Braid

37Red Box Braids With Curled Ends

38Big Side Part Braids

39Shoulder Length Style

40Two Tone Thin Braid


Box braids are a marvelous choice from hot or cold weather months. Their protective capacity isn’t diminished unless you decide God forbid to neglect your hair. Protective styling begins on your wash day prep. Use clarifying or deeply moisturizing shampoos (depending on your particular needs) and deep condition using a butter-heavy creme or mask.

Detangle thoroughly starting with your fingers and section your hair into four, six or eight parts to use a finer comb or a tangle teezer. Pin them down to be chair ready, whether you’re doing your own hair or it’s time for your appointment.

Red box braids are made by matching your skin tone to a shade that compliments you. Most brands carry basic choices, but we wanted to do a special mention of Janet Collection color chart that offers hair for braiding in reds in ombre, balayage, two tones, fantasy and many more.

After braiding, the most important steps is sealing your ends with hot water and steam. This is a cornerstone for making your braids last. You can also repeat it every week or so at home to recover your braids for tear and frizz due to friction and weather conditions.

Which styles have you pinned? Let us know in the comments!


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