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35 Smokey Ash Brown Hair Color Looks

Brown hair is usually split into two main groups; warm browns feature golden or reddish tones, while ash brown hair keeps things cool with smokey undertones in shades of grey, blue, and even green. Ash brown hairstyles are the moodier sisters of warmer brunette looks, perfect for any season as long as you’re looking to bring a bit more edge to your brown hair. Many people use the rule that ashy hair colors look better on women with cooler complexions, and while it’s true that cool complexions (especially with red undertones) tend to look great against ash brown hair, warmer skin with peachy undertones can also look great against a complimentary ash brown mane. If you’re looking for a cool new way to wear your hair brown, these 35 smokey ash brown hair color looks are the perfect update for anyone’s basic brown hair.

1Smokey Ash Bronde Balayage

With a gorgeous smokey blonde balayage over an ashy brown base color, this is the coolest take on the bronde hair trend we’ve seen. Perfect for ladies who like the trendy in-between shade but don’t love the way warm hair colors look against their skin.

2Smokey Ash Brown Hair Color Sombre Style

Give your natural ash brown hair a new season update with a slightly lighter ombre color applied over the ends. Between the natural-looking shades and very little difference between the two colors, this is one of the most easygoing ways to wear dimensional hair color.

3Greyish Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

Cool, ashy brown hair provides the perfect backdrop for dark gray highlights. Give this style a try if you want to wear your hair in a dark color that’s more muted than a jet black or rich espresso shade.

4Medium Chestnut Ash Brown

This medium chestnut brown hair is the perfect neutral shade and will go with just about any skin tone.

5Natural Medium Ash Brown

This medium ash brown style looks simple and natural without being flat or boring. If you’ve been wearing your brown hair with warm caramel highlights for a few seasons now, this is a great way to cool things down for a change.

6Smokey Ash Brown Ombre

Whether you wear hair plain and straight or in a casual fishtail, these dimensional colors play against each other beautifully without looking too in-your-face.

7Light Ash Brown Hair with Face Framing Highlights

This style lets you brighten up your face without completely abandoning the ash brown hair that you were born with (or paid for at the salon). Because these shades of brown and blonde aren’t too far apart on the color spectrum, these face-framing highlights come across as sun-kissed and natural looking.

8Dark Ash Brown Balayage Hair Color

Highlighting dark brown hair offers the opportunity to be very bold or super subtle, and this ashy brown balayage lands nicely in between the two extremes. A dark brown base color looks thick and dimensional thanks to these balayage highlights. Being applied with a fine technique, they blend effortlessly in and out of darker strands.

9Layered Ash Brown Lob

This perfect lob actually features a nice mixture of warm and cool tones of ash brown hair color, making it a great choice for women with neutral complexions, or anyone who just can’t make up her mind.

10Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

If this is your natural hair color, lucky you! Everyone else will have to hit up the salon to get this perfectly cool dark brown shade. Despite the general rule that cool colors go with cool skin tones, this look is a great example of how a natural-looking ashy brown hair shade can play against warmer complexions.

11Chic Smokey Ash Brown Hair Color

If you grew up in the age when your hair was only cool if it was full of chunky warm blonde highlights, you might have grown up thinking ash brown hair was for plain hair. We’re here from the future to tell you that cool, smokey ash browns make up some of the most incredibly chic looks this season.

12Ashy Blonde Balayage

An ultra subtle blonde balayage helps to brighten this cool brown style up without bringing in any warmer shades. Fair-skinned beauties with cool pink tones in their skin will love how this dimensional shade makes their faces come alive.

13Bold Smokey Ash Brown Highlights

Isn’t this highlighted smokey ash brown hair color just lovely!! This all-over highlighted style uses the balayage technique but in a less trend-obsessed way.

14Blue Tinged Ash Hair

The blue tinge in this medium ash brown hair makes it a contender for the coolest hairstyle on our list. This is a beautiful example of how unnatural colors can be used to subtly enhance a hairstyle without overpowering the look.

15Ash Brown Babylights

The brown base color in this mid-length cut is a fairly neutral shade of brown, but ashy gray babylights help to give it a smokey appearance in both color and texture. If you’ve always wanted to try out a greyish hairstyle, this is one of the most natural-looking ways to pull it off.

16Natural Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

Fair-skinned women with cool undertones and blue eyes can look incredibly dramatic in this shade of dark natural ash. Between the azure eyes and dusty pink lips, this hair color is the perfect canvas to enhance a chilly, muted look.

17Ash Brown with Blonde Balayage

We tend to think of ash brown as needing to be paired with colors that are muted or very cool, but this balayage style is a nice example of how a neutral blonde can balance well against an ash brown base. This style works well because neither of these two colors are too far on the warm-cool spectrum.

18Light Ash Brown Color Melt

From dark ash brown hair color from the roots to cool dirty blonde ends, this color melted hair is smokey ash brown hair color perfection. Give this look a go if you’ve been dying to try ash brown hair but want something more dimensional than a single tone style.

19Bright Ash Brown Bob

This ash brown bob looks bright thanks to some cool purple undertones. Although this isn’t exactly an everyday color, it’s a versatile shade that fits well with both warm and cool skin tones.

20Lavender Ombre with Ash Brown

A dusty lavender ombre makes the perfect accent for this medium ash brown hair color, creating a purple-tinged style that will make all of your friends jealous.

21Dishwater Light Ash Brown Hair

Dishwater hair may not sound appealing, but it comes out as this gorgeous medium-brown hair that’s super toned down. We love this look for women with very fair or porcelain complexions, and it works well with both warm and cool undertones.

22Ash Violet Color Melt

This color melted style incorporates a slight touch of violet that shines nicely in the light and helps enhance its transition from black-brown roots to medium ashy brown ends.

23Light Ash Brown Hair Bob Cut

With some yellowy tones throughout the middle of hair strands and smokey greyish tips, this brown bob presents an impressive range of colors.

24Dark Ash Brown Hair Color with Gray Babylights

So dark it’s almost black, this ash brown hair is exquisitely accented with gray babylights, making for a cool smokey hairstyle that looks great on women with medium-dark complexions.

25Layered Smokey Ash Brown Balayage Highlights

Layer lighter colors over darker ones if you want your bob haircut to look dimensional and endlessly thick. With light grey highlights dancing over dark ash brown hair color, this cool bob is a moody masterpiece.

26Iridescent Dark Ash Black Hair Color

This dark ash brown hairstyle almost sparkles thanks to expertly applied highlights in lighter brown and dove gray colors.

27Dark Smokey Ash Brown Balayage

Frame your face and make your dark brown hair look brighter without going brassy.

28Ash Bronde Lob

Yet another gorgeous entry from the world of bronde, this particular style does a great job of mixing blonde highlights with a dark brown base.

29Ash Blonde Ombre

Try a cool blonde ombre over your natural ash brown base if you’re looking to switch up your hair color without going for a brand new shade from roots to ends.

30Textured Dark Ash Brown Hair Color Bob Cut

Still one of the trendiest haircuts around, textured bobs and lobs mix the styling ease of longer looks with the chic precision of a shorter cut. Try a dark ash brown hair color if you’re looking for a color that’s versatile and chic enough to match this cut.

31Shag Smokey Ash Brown Hair Color

This medium-colored smokey ash brown hair style uses darker roots to help balance out highlights and makes for a great everyday ash brown look.

32Subtle Gray Ash Brown Balayage

This bluish-gray smokey ash brown balayage offers a subtle hint of smokey ash color to bring an even bigger cool factor to your ash brown hair.

33Dimensional Cool Bronde

With ash brown and blonde expertly weaved together, it’s hard to tell where one shade ends and another begins.

34Ashy Green Brown Color

Some ash brown styles have a subtle green undertone, but this cool color look makes liberal use of a muddy seaweed shade. Forget pastel aqua and lavender hairstyles, this is what real mermaid hair looks like.

35Platinum Ash Brown Highlights

These platinum highlights with rich light brown lowlights are so subtle and give a beautiful natural and effortless look.

36Warm Ash Brown

Medium ash brown or mushroom brown hair is a new trend that’s taking over! This shade with ashy brown hair tones is a great choice if you like warmer shades.

37Wavy Ash Brown Hair with Highlights

Whether you choose to go for a subtle or bold look, light blonde highlights will give your ashy brown hair warmth and dimension. The curls also add so much texture and depth to the overall look.

38Cool Ash Brown Balayage

A full on ash brown balayage style with cool shades of blonde highlights. This ashy brown hair base is layered with strong highlights and lowlights creating so much dimension and depth.

39Asymmetrical Smokey Ash Brown Balayage

This light ashy lob appears almost matt and very cool. It starts with dark roots fading into beautiful ash highlights.

40Medium Greyish Brown

This greyish shade of medium brown hair reminds us of old photographs in sepia tone and will give your hair an antique look that’s not quite as intense as fully grey color.

41Warm Ash Highlights

This look features warm ash highlights and lowlight creating a light grey-brownish tone.

42Light Ash Brown Balayage Ombre

This ash brown balayage ombre color is super chic and will look great on both short and long hair.

43Metallic Lilac Ash Brown

Brown color is beautifully blended with cooler tones like purples and greens! These metallic lilac highlights blend perfectly with the silvery ash brown shade.

44Silvery Ash Brown Balayage Hair

If you want to spice up your ash brown hair and give it extra edge, all you need to do is turn up the silver levels, going subtle from the roots and gradually getting thicker through the ends.

45Smokey Ash Brown Balayage Thin Highlights

What a gorgeous dark ash brown hair color base with highlights! We love this wavy lob cut with subtle highlights lending beautifully with the dark brown shade.

46Chocolate Ashy Brown Hair

If you’d like to get a warmer tone and update your classic brown color,  this warm chocolate ashy brown hue is so flattering and refreshing.

47Ash Brown Chestnuts Highlights Balayage

Shades like chestnut and mocha would look great with your skin, in case you have warm undertones. So consider adding warmth to your ash brown with chestnut highlights and lowlights.

48Mousy Ash Brown Ombre Balayage

This style features a dark ash brown hair color base with warm bronde and cool grey balayage highlights.

49Warm Dark Ash Brown Hair Highlights

Another gorgeous example of dark ash brown hair color with super subtle highlights.

50Pink Ash Brown Balayage

51Ash Brown Pixie

52Milk Tea Light Ash Brown Hair

53Almost Ash Black Hair Balayage

54Warm Light Ash Brown Hair Shade

55Super Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

56Blue smokey ash brown hair color

57Natural smokey ash brown balayage

58Light ashy brown hair

59Dark ash brown hair color with lowlights

60Lilac Highlights and smokey ash brown hair color

61Blonde smokey ash brown hair color




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