Asian Hair Color Ideas

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30 Asian Hair Color Looks

Being Asian or of Asian descent can be sometimes hard especially when most of the things that you see in magazines, television, and online feature mostly Caucasian models wearing the latest Western trends. This holds especially true with dyeing asian hair. Asian hair differs in texture and structure in comparison to Caucasian and Afro hair types. When choosing the right hair color, we also have to take into consideration skin pigmentation and undertone, meaning not all shades will be equally flattering to everyone. So if you are wondering which hair color to choose on your next salon appointment, here are 30 Asian hair color ideas for Asian hair that might just help you on your way.

1Ash Blonde

It might be a wild idea to take naturally dark hair and take it to almost the other end of the color spectrum, but as you can see here, it functions really well. The ashy-ness of the hair provided a wonderful contrast to her golden skin and also complimented the lightness of her eyes.

2Subtle Ash Brown Bayalage

Here is a subtle example of how one can update one’s hair color without going too wild. The ash brown color is barely there, but it gives your hair this gentle “oomph” factor that we love. The color best comes out when the hair is slightly curled – very classy.

3Ash Brunette Bayalage

Here we can see how a skilled the colorist is. The balayage on her hair was so beautifully incorporated that one would think it’s all natural. It’s a wonderful look that would also suite short-haired gals as well.


If you are not one for very obvious color changes in your hair and prefer something more natural-looking, babylights might just be the thing for you. It is a very subtle treatment where your natural color is very gently lightened, giving you a naturally sun-bleached look.

5Blonde with Visible Roots

Blondes, as they say, have more fun, and you cannot deny that this is a fun look. Leaving the roots visible will also make this hair color low-maintenance because you don’t need to run to the salon for regular root touch-ups. As your hair grows out, you can have it gently touched-up, and it turns into instant ombre!

6Blue Black Hair

Blue black hair is quite popular because it is this nice balance of still have your naturally dark hair, but when you go out into the sun, or when the light hits it just right, the blueness of it is shown off. It is really pretty and works well with both long and short hair.

7Foxy Blue Silver

The popularity of silver hair from last year has not slowed down one bit. Here we see a really cool combination of silver with a hint of blue. As this hair color is blue-based, they would suite really well those with cooler skin undertones.

8Chocolate with Honey Highlights

This yummy-looking hair color is very popular with Asians because it is very flattering no matter the color of your undertones. It is not a far cry from how natural Asian hair looks like, and it is also not too loud that it grabs everyone’s attention.  

9Chunky Blonde

If you cannot decide if you want to go full-blonde but would still like to make a statement, this might just be the hair color for you. It is a punk-ish look that compliments a strong personality. Once you tire of the blonde, you can easily dye it a different color, like green or red!

10Chunky Blue Streaks

Here is an awesome Asian hair color idea that would greatly compliment a cool personality. The chunky blue streaks take this trendy pixie cut into a whole other level of stylish and easily gain you admiring glances.

11Chunky Red Bayalage

This is a great option for a fun and playful look. This can go well with both cool and warm undertones, but be careful to choose reds that are suiting to your skin tone. For example, a cool undertone works well with cinnamon and ginger, while warmer undertones work well with stronger colors like scarlet and fire-engine red.

12Amber Highlights

This is a beautiful look with just enough highlights to produce a wonderful glow. This is also a very popular choice and quite a safe option for people wanting to try coloring their hair for the first time because the change is not that dramatic, but still visible.

13Red Velvet

If you think that name red velvet is reserved only for cakes and cupcakes, you are dead wrong. It is a wonderfully arresting hair color that is bold and commanding. It suits everyone from fair to dark.

14Sweet Dusty Rose

This sweet ombre can be worn in a number of styles, from punk-rocker to sweet and girly. It is very pretty and playful. However, it takes a bit of dedication to maintain the color.

15Greige Hair

One of the hottest hair colors that is taking 2019 by storm! Greige is a combination of grey and beige and is a wonderful neutral that would suit all skin tones. The color is so classy and cool and we can’t get enough of it! However, you should remember that if your natural hair color is dark, there is a tendency for your hair to become brassy. To avoid this, use silver shampoo.

16Grey Bob

We don’t think grey hair will ever go out of style. It looks really charming paired with this cute bob. Remember, transitioning from naturally dark hair to grey is a long process, so make sure your hair is healthy before you do so. You should also take into consideration your skin undertones when choosing how grey you should go. Those that are blue-based might be too strong for warm skin undertones.

17Lavender Bayalage with Silver Highlights

Isn’t this hair gorgeous? The play with colors is amazing and is the perfect style for a playful personality. Style it curled to better show off the different colors of your hair!

18Natural Ombre

Unlike regular ombre where the color change is very obvious, getting a natural ombre is gentler and well..more natural. It is a great choice for anyone who wants a change, but not so drastic as getting pink hair.

19Old Lavender

We have nothing but love for this amaaaaaaaaazing hair color! It is so pretty and so girly! Style it up or down, you cannot go wrong with it! Though you may have to be very careful with the shampoo that you use as it can strip off the color quite fast.

20Phoenix Hair

We cannot find a better name for this hair color other than Phoenix. The wonderful color combination is reminiscent of the mythical bird’s feathers, and when one needs a drastic change, this would be an amazing choice. Like the phoenix, you rise from the ashes of your old self into a newer and stronger version of you.

21Pink Burgundy

A wonderful combination of pink and burgundy, this hair color suits both long and short hair. It is very playful and just the perfect combination for those not willing to go scarlet red, but wish to have an attractive and different hair color. For added effect and texture, add some flat iron curls.

22Pink with Platinum Edges

A very pretty hair color combination that can also be substituted for a different color. Lavender, perhaps? Or light blue? The possibilities are endless! We are, however, loving this pink and platinum combination!


Purple used to be associated with grandma-hair, just when their hair color is fading out. Now, the younger generation has embraced the color and the results are wonderful! This one looks like amazing mermaid hair!

24Red Violet

Look at how vibrant this color is! It’s a beautiful hair color choice for those willing to try something strong. Hotness factor is through the roof with this one!

25Silver Hair with Visible Roots

The term “silver fox” don’t belong to just men anymore. Look at this beauty. Make sure to match your hair with your skin tone, though. A blue-based silver hair might be too strong for warmer skin tones.

26Smokey Ash Bayalage

This hair color reminds us of beautiful and graceful chimney smoke in cool autumn evenings. This is what this hair is – beautiful and graceful. Pair it with red lipstick and BAM!

27Smokey Grey Ombre

Gone are the days where grey hair is something to be embarrassed about. Nowadays, grey hair is to be flaunted, natural or otherwise! Grey is here to stay!

28Smokey Lilac Gradient

This is the hair color you choose when you want to go grey, but not too grey. The gradual transition from dark, to lilac, to almost white, is just beautiful.

29Violet Balayage

This is an unusual choice for balayage, but not any less beautiful. It’s wonderfully arresting color and really shows off the creativity of a person.

30Go Wild!

There is never a limit to how much we can express ourselves. This wonderful hair color is a certain attention-grabber. You go you, wild child!


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