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Quinceanera Hairstyles

Do you have a big birthday approaching?! Exciting times! If you’re here, we’re going to assume you’re in the midst of planning your Quinceanera. We don’t have to tell you what a fun time of your life this is, to plan a gorgeous party to celebrate this pivotal age in your life with all your friends and family. Naturally, with all the party planning you have to pick a dress, shoes, and a quince hairstyle for the big day. To get your search started for you we’ve scoured the internet to find some pretty epic Quinceanera hairstyles we think you’re going to fall in love with – start scrolling through to check them out!

1Big Curls Loosely Tied Quinceanera Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s glam yet simplistic this is it! This is such a beautiful updo incorporating big curls that are loosely tied back to create a stunning updo style. Keeping the top simple, without curls adds the perfect amount of dimension to the style.

2Embellished Braid Crown

We’re in LOVE with this Quinceanera hairstyle. For the girl who wants a style that allows the majority of her hair to be down and curly, but also incorporate a fun unique twist. Hair worn down for a Quinceanera is beautiful, especially when it’s curled to add some texture to the hair. The standout element of this look, however, is the braided crown. Stunning!

3Classic Quince Hairstyle

This look is beautiful and definitely hones in on the classic Quinceanera hairstyle we all know and love. If you want something that’s going to stand the test of time and reign a classic look for years to come, this is a beautiful option. While it’s classic it’s anything but simple and boring! It’s also a great canvas to add hair clips or other embellishments to so you can make it your own.

4Criss Cross Quinceanera Hairstyle

Ok how incredible is this hairstyle?! It’s so unique – we’ve never seen anything like this before. Another great way to rock a hairstyle where most of your hair is worn down in curls, but also with a fun twist at the top. In this case they created a criss cross pattern with the hair, completing the look with pearl and flower embellishments.  If you’re looking for curly quinceanera hairstyles this is definitely an option! So gorgeous!

5Side Swept Quince Glam

This quince hairstyle is SO glam, we love it. Embrace long, curly hair by sweeping it over to one side in an effortless manner like this. We really love the way its so effortlessly brushed to one side to create an asymmetric feel. The hairstyle is instantly elevated with the crown-like hairpieces added to the hairline. The placement of the hair accessories gives the simple hairstyle a whole different look.

6Braided with a Crown

The low bun chignon hairstyle has been a go-to for Quinceanera hair for quite some time. But we know you want to add your own twist to the classic look. Incorporating braids, like they’ve done here, is a great way to do exactly that. The braids really make this look how they weave right into the bun. This is one of our favorite royal quinceanera hairstyles!

7Double Braided Waves

Braids + curls = major hair win! Have your hair pulled back while still leaving some of it down with a hairstyle like this. Styling a large braid on the side really pulls this look together. Keep it simple with just one oversized braid or get a doubled braid like they’ve done here. It makes it a little extra dramatic- which we all love!

8Unexpected Braid Updo Quince Hairstyle

Low buns not really your thing? This is a great alternative for a gorgeous updo. Styling big curls into a loose looking updo is always going to be a gorgeous choice. For this look the braid styled in front of the bun style really changes up the feel of this. Because the braid is weaves with an edgier type of manner it gives the perfect amount of contrast to loose curls.

9Flowering Quinceanera Braids

Do you love bohemian, girly type of styles? You’re probably in love with this Quinceanera hairstyle then! Fishtail braids get a boho-vibe here when they’re pulled out to create that undone type of look. All that said, it’s really the way the two braids come together and are twisted creating a flower look that’s really the focal point of this hairstyle.

10Flower Crown Chic

Crowns and other jeweled hair accessories are always very popular for Quinceaneras. While those are always beautiful options, we wanted to show you another hair accessory idea in case rhinestones aren’t really your thing. Flower crowns aren’t just for Coachella with an updo like this! Do you like to add extra boho vibes to your Quinceanera hair? you should definitely try this look!

11Loose Waves with a Glam Touch

Loose waves get touched with glam with this hairstyle. We adore how subtle the waves are in this hair, adding just a twisted effect to tie some of the hair back. The hairstyle itself is very simple and something that’s easy to recreate with any hair texture and color. Adding a glam hair accessory is what makes this simple look more formal. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

12Looped Braids with Waves

Can you tell braids are a go-to way to give hairstyles a unique touch? This is another perfect example of how you can pull some of the hair back and make it part of the hairstyle perfectly. Braiding the hair and using that as the way it’s brought together is such a gorgeous touch! This allows both the curls and braids to work together with ease.

13Side Braid Wavy Half Up Quinceanera Pony

Our long hair ladies will love this look. Add big curls to the hair first. Once the curls are in place one single braid is styled on one side of the head, bonus points for an oversized braid to match the scale of the braids. After the braid is secured pull back some of the hair from top and other side to create a half up style. If you’ve been searching for half up quinceanera hairstyles that are DIY easy, this is definitely a look to consider. Easy but OH so glam!

14Jeweled Hairband Waves

Adding a jeweled hairband to hair that’s worn down and curly is one of the easiest ways to make it feel Quinceanera appropriate. The key here is to choose a hairband that compliments the dress you wear and the rest of your look. If your dress is simple in a neutral color like white, adding a hairband with color is a gorgeous way to add just a touch of color.

15Super Curl Embellished Quinceanera Hairstyle

For the girl who wants a simple hairstyle but maybe a colorful jeweled hairband isn’t your thing – this is another alternative! Completing the hairstyle with a fairly subtle rhinestone headband transforms the look without taking away from the gorgeous long curls.

16Long Side Braid Elevated

Hello Quince hairstyle glam!! We can’t get enough of this beautiful quinceanera hairstyle. If your hair isn’t quite this long naturally, adding extensions is the perfect way to achieve this look with the length. Side braids always look so beautiful but the way this is styled creating a larger than life looking braid really adds major glam to the braid. Well, and the rhinestone crown that really finishes the look!

17Big Curly Glam

We don’t know about you but we really can’t get enough of big, loose curls for formal occasions right now. It feels so fresh and modern while adding the perfect amount of texture to your hair. Allow the big curls to be the highlight, adding just a few chic touches into the mix like a strategically placed braid and dainty hair accessory in the back. For girl who love big and bold quinceanera hairstyles, this glamorous look is a must-try.

18Modern Quince Glam

This hairstyle is so modern we can’t get enough! It definitely has that old Hollywood glam type of feel, too. Parting the hair in the center and keeping the hair very sleek and tame is what creates the perfect Hollywood vibe. Opt for a hair accessory that sits close to your head to maintain the sleek feel.

19Roped in Pearls quince hairstyle

By now we’ve shown you quite a few hair accessory options you can choose for your Quinceanera. But when we stumbled across this hairstyle we HAD to include it in the list. Using a rope embellishment is a completely different aesthetic from other hair accessories, and a great option for an effortless hairstyle. Intertwining it throughout the look really brings all of this together with perfection.

20Full Glam Quince Hair

Hey glamour girls! Whether you’ve always wanted to be a pageant girl or you just want a hairstyle that’s the epitome of glam this is simply stunning. Sweeping the front pieces of hair to the side in this dramatic manner really adds a great counterbalance to the crown accessorized updo.

21Elevated Braid with Flowers

So often formal quinceanera hairstyles are sleek and structured, but we have to say we love the ideas that offer a more effortless, relaxed type of feel – just like this hairstyle. The oversized braid is so beautiful but it’s really the way the braid feels ‘undone’ that makes it feel that much more special. Tucking a few flowers into the braid is a great accessory to keep the effortless vibe consistent.

22Pearlized Bun Quince Hairstyle

Keep it classy and sophisticated with an oversized bun hairstyle for your Quinceanera. This bun isn’t your average bun, though. The way they’ve styled the hair gives the bun the look of braided hair that’s just within the bun. Leave it simple with just the bun and a few pieces framing your face or add a fun accessory to the base of the bun.

23Half up Quinceanera Hairstyle

We don’t know about you but we just love half up hairstyles. Especially for a formal event! You really get the best of both worlds with a half up hairstyle. Make the look glam yet simple by giving your hair big, gorgeous curls and loosely tying it back into the half up style. Leave a few pieces close to the face down to frame your face!

24Braided Princess Updo

How gorgeous is this updo?! This is giving us all the Princess Quince vibes. With this hairstyle you’re getting the look of the classic, low bun-like hairstyle but with more texture and style with all of the braids styled into the look. We love that they added braids at the side just above the ear to bring it all together so perfectly.

25Quince Hair Princess Style

We know our Quince ladies want to feel like the princesses we are so we couldn’t resist including some royal hairstyle moments! This look is ALL princess. Don’t you think? The crown is such a statement on its own, keeping the rest of the look around the face sleek and simple is key so it doesn’t overwhelm you. This look can be created with a side part if you’re not a middle part kind of girl!

26Fierce Flower Headpiece

Ok, how stunning is this Quinceanera hairstyle?! We adore the way this headpiece wraps across the forehead instead of on top of the head like a traditional headband. This slight change really changes the aesthetic of the hairstyle. A great accessory to compliment long curly hair!

27Effortless Braided Glam

Get the look of a hairstyle that’s both sleek, sophisticated yet effortlessly relaxed. We love low half up quinceanera hairstyles and we LOVE the way this hairstyle encompasses opposite aesthetics so perfectly. The sleekness comes in with the top portion of the hair being pulled back into the low bun/ponytail, complimented with a side braid. Then the relaxed feel comes into play with pieces left out of the hairstyle around the face and the ponytail portion being loose waves.

28Half Up Quinceanera Hairstyle with a Twist

You probably haven’t seen a half up hairstyle quite like this before! Adding simple braids can make almost any hairstyle have a completely different look. This is a great example of that! A simple, half up hairstyle gets a pop of dimension when a braid is styled alongside the area that is pulled back.

29Wrapped Side Braids

We can’t get enough of these effortlessly chic hairstyles for a Quinceanera. Another beautiful way to rock braids, simply. We’re all well versed in a single braid on one side of the head, adding a second here gives it that extra pop of style. Instead of just pinning the braids back with a simple pin, use something with style to add to the hairstyle.

30Side Sweeping into Quince

If you like a hairstyle where most of your hair is pulled back but don’t want it all away from your face this is a great option to consider. The hair is all pulled back with a sleek style, but because all of the hair is swept to one side you also get this beautiful face framing effect.

31Half Up Quinceanera Hair Crown Updo

32Simple Chic Quince Style

33Bouncy Curls Half Up Quinceanera Hairstyle

34Tucked into Braids

35Half Up Twirling Tucked with Florals

36Waterfall Braids for the Win

37Floral Half Up Quinceanera Hairstyle




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