Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

We’re shouting out all our curly haired women! Curly hair is admired by women all over the world, and with good reason. If you have naturally curly hair consider yourself lucky. As gorgeous as it is we know a lot of women with curly hair can sometimes struggle finding new and fresh hairstyles that work with their hair texture. Sound familiar? You’re not alone! We thought we would give you some fresh inspiration to start a new season with medium length curly hairstyles we absolutely love.

1Rounded Curls with Bangs

A great, go-to haircut for anyone with naturally curly hair. The rounded shape is extremely flattering for virtually any face shape, especially with the addition of side swept bangs. Adding in short layers gives dimension and depth to curly hair.

2Medium Length Curly Bangs

Immediately switch up your layered shoulder length curly hair with…bangs! Expect to see bangs popping up a lot over the next year or so – they’re definitely making a comeback, and stronger than ever. Frame your face with curly bangs to match your gorgeous curls.

3Barrette Shoulder Length Curly Hair

We love any hairstyle that’s simple and still embraces natural curls. Pulling your hair back and securing it with a cute barrette is just about as simple as it gets. But as you can tell – it’s still incredibly stylish and cute.

4Blunt Bangs, Curled Style

This is an edgy take on bangs for curly hair. By straightening parts of the bangs, it adds a unique twist to shoulder length curls. It’s a great way to give hair balance of texture with straight pieces mixed with curls.

5Bouncy Curls Enhanced

How gorgeous is this layered shoulder length curly hair? Parted on the side it’s a hairstyle that allows the curls to be the focal point and do their thing. If you don’t want a lot of layers, this is a style to consider.

6Scarf Accessorized Wavy Medium Curly Hairstyle

One of our favorite things about curly hair is even the most classic hairstyles look interesting and unique, thanks to textured curls. Here a classic ponytail looks anything BUT classic and boring. Curls, bangs and a scarf to complete the look is epic.

7Wavy Medium Curly Hair Style

Play around with the way you part your layered shoulder length curly hair to change up the way your hair looks as a whole. You saw a couple of side parted styles – here’s a center parted look. No need for a ‘perfect’ part with curly hair, it adds to the effortless feel.

8Freshly layered curly hair

Talk about stunning curly hair! Medium length curls get to live in their full glory with this hairstyle. The way the hair is cut with layers and bangs takes weight out of curls to allow them to adapt a great natural shape.

9Piecey Shoulder Length Curly Hair

The ‘undone’ aesthetic of this curly hair is what we really love most about it. Don’t you agree? Separate your curls to add volume to the hair as they’ve done here. By working the curls and separating the pieces it creates this ‘piecey’ feel.

10Shag Wavy Medium Curly Hair Cut

You may have noticed shag haircuts are…everywhere! The good news is if you have naturally curly hair you can most certain try this trend, contrary to what you may have thought. Use this image as reference to get a great shag haircut.

11Natural Curls Pinned with a Rose

There’s just something about a simple flower pinned into hair…don’t you think? It always seems to be a fun twist to any hairstyle. Lucky for our curly hair ladies, it’s another fun way to accessorize your hair and still keep it simple.

12Glam Embellished Medium Curly Hair

Give your medium curly length hair a glamorous twist with accessories. Pinning just a couple of rhinestone embellished clips onto one side gives your curls a chance to shine, with a side of glam.

13Fluffy Wavy Curls

Isn’t this fluffy wavy medium curly hairstyle stunning? We thought so. The cut itself is quite minimal with few layers, but it’s the way the curls are sectioned off from one other to add this fluffy element to the hairstyle.

14Medium Curls Glamour

Do you like big volum medium curly hairstyles? Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to add major glam factor to curly hair. The curls here are big and voluminous, which is a perfect pairing for a side part. Tease the roots and use volumizing products to give curls this big, glam look.

15Nostalgia Inspired Curly Hair

We couldn’t resist sharing this 90’s inspired hairstyle. Whether you grew up in the 90’s or not, we can all appreciate clipping a couple of butterfly clips into hair. This is giving us major Spice Girl vibes and we couldn’t be more in love.

16Curled Headbands

When it comes to medium curly hairstyles that have this natural vibe, all you need is just add a headband to give it a little pop! Seriously, who knew placing a headband would transform curly hair so seamlessly? The juxtaposition between effortless, ‘undone’ curls and glam headbands is everything we didn’t know we needed.

17Medium curly hairstyle and pigtails

Adorable hairstyle alert! It really doesn’t get any cuter than this, in our opinion. Half up pigtails, complete with dainty bows, is a fresh way to style medium length curly hair. It’s a great way to pull some of the hair away from your face, while still keeping some of it down.

18Pigtail Styling

We’re all about options around here, while this is similar to the previous hairstyle we love showing you different ways to rock a hairstyle. Shoulder length curly hair is the perfect hair to style into half up hairstyles, as you can see!

19Half Up Curls

Ok, we’re not quite done with the half up medium curly hairstyles. It’s just that curly hair happens to be the perfect texture to style into these types of hairstyles. Leave a few pieces out to frame the face and create this effortless touch to the hairstyle.

20Stylish Ponytails Updo

Throw your curly hair up in a messy bun, but elevate things a bit. Pairing a couple of thin headbands together, as shown in the picture, is a way to make just about any ponytail totally unique and stylish.

21High Curly Pony

Rihanna is the queen of curly hairstyles, that’s no secret though. We really love this take on a high ponytail. It highlights curly hair, with the ponytail placed VERY high on top of the head and leaving a few short layers out.

22Lob Cut and Length

Are you just looking for a simple and natural medium curly hairstyle look? Give your shoulder length curly hair a modern twist with a blunt finish on the ends. This ‘blunt’ cut creates a lob like haircut that really changes the way curls look. A simple transition with major impact.

23Shakira Curls

Another curly haired celebrity we can always count on to rock curls beautifully. We really adore the tapered effect at the ends of the hair here in combination with shorter layers up top. It gives so much body and movement to curly hair.

24Medium layered curly hair

Believe it or not there are a lot of ways curly hair can be cut with layers to give a unique look. This hairstyle has blunt ends with short layers mixed in throughout the hair. Layers allow curls to bounce, taking unnecessary weight out of them.

25Messy Bun

Yep, curly hair can make messy buns look chic! The great thing about shoulder length curly hair is the versatility. It can be worn down and up very easily and effortlessly. What’s not to love about those options?

26Effortless Curls

Curly hair cut to create this rounded look on the hair gives such a cute look. Thanks to curls natural volume, you can embrace a rounded shape like this and simply play around with the way your hair is parted to change it up every once in a while.

27Big Curls Styled

Curls come in all shapes and sizes, as you very well know. If you have big, bouncy curls this curly medium hairstyle is something for you to consider trying out. Parted to the side with a few layers further enhances the natural shape of curly hair.

28Expressive Accessories

Express yourself with your hair accessories! There really is no easier way to evolve your hairstyle than with hair accessories. Hair pins with words and sayings have been extremely popular the past year, and it’s easy to see why.

29Stylish Curly Ponytail

Curly ponytail done right. It doesn’t get much more fun than this high, curly ponytail. After securing the hair in a ponytail high up on the back of the head, pull out a few pieces around your face and nape of the neck to highlight curls.

30Pulled Back Medium Curly Style

Here’s another fun take on the half up hairstyle when you have layered shoulder length curly hair. This is a bit different in that sections of hair were pulled back from the sides of the head and secured with a fun hair pin. Easy, cute and fun!

31Tapered Ends

Curly hair holds shape incredibly well. Here the rounded shape of hair gets a lightened twist with tapered ends. We adore this haircut!

32Scrunched Style

Who knew scrunchies would be a trend that would come back so heavily? Well, they did! We never thought we would be so on board for the trend to reemerge either. Give a messy bun a stylish upgrade with a scrunchie.

33Short Layered Curls

Wow! We can’t get over how stunning this curly hairstyle looks. It really just takes a few strategically cut layers to elevate curly hair.

34Half Braided Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Curly hair + braids = summer hair done right! We don’t know about you but when it’s summertime we love hairstyles that are effortless and stylish. This loosely styled braid is exactly that, and it just so happens to be the perfect pairing to medium length curly hair.

35Side Shoulder Length Curly HairVoluminous Curls

Honestly, this shoulder length curly hair speaks for itself. In our opinion, that is. Sweep your gorgeous curls over to one side, like this gorgeous hairstyle, to add a little extra ‘oomph’ to curly hair.

36Side Part Simplicity

37Pinned to the Side

38Swept Curls

39Straightened Bangs

40Curls Shaped




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