Cute Kids Hairstyles for Girls


Cute Kids Hairstyles for Girls

When I was a little girl, some of my favourite times were spent with my grandma as she would try out hairstyles on me. She would it in her chair and I would sit at her feet and she would practice doing braids, or rip up her old tights and use them to put my hair in ringlets. I loved everything about it. I loved how we would bond and laugh, and I would love the moment where she would hand me the mirror and show me how it looked.

If your little one also loves having her hair experimented with and played with, we have found some of the cutest kids hairstyles for girls for you to try together. Take a look!

1Multiple Rope Braids

Rope braids are a great way to style natural or thick hair and they also look super cute. Separate the hair into two sections and twist each one clockwise, then twist the two stands around each other anti-clockwise. This causes friction that holds the braids together.

2Double Messy Buns

We are loving these cute messy buns. They are so playful and age-appropriate, plus they will keep your little one’s hair out of the way so she can get into all the mischief she wants.

3Simple and Classic Ponytail

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with a simple hairstyle, especially on those busy mornings. The perfect ponytail, with the hair swept back and secured just above the nape of the neck is a classic little girl’s hairstyle that always looks pretty. Dress up with a hair accessory, such as this lovely velvet bow.

4Side Fishtail Braid

Keep longer hair neat and tidy all day long with a gorgeous side-swept fishtail braid. Secure with an invisible hair tie for a polished finish that would be perfect for picture day. Adorable!

5Braided Headband

Can’t find a headband to keep your little lovely’s bangs out of her face? Not to worry, braid a headband instead. It may look complicated, but a braided headband is actually really simple to do and there are some great video tutorials on YouTube.

6Sweet Ringlet Pigtails

Pigtails are such an adorable hairstyle for little girls and we are just loving the ringlet curls and those super cute gold bows. She looks sweeter than sugar. So pretty and so simple.

7Bob Haircut with Bangs

If your little girl has short hair, it may not be as easy to style into intricate braids or even a ponytail. But, you can’t deny that this bob with bangs looks lovely. We love how the natural texture of the hair has been accentuated, showing off a subtle wave.

8Milkmaid Braid with Bangs

Who doesn’t love a milkmaid braid? It is a great hairstyle for a little girl for a wedding, for picture day, or for just running around in the garden. The straight bands really complement the soft round shape of the braids, don’t you think?

9Ballet Bun with Bow

If you are looking for a simple girl’s hairstyle, the ballet bun is perfect. Tie hair up into a high ponytail, twist the hair, wind it around the hair tie, and pin it into place. Add a fun hair bow for a super cute finishing touch.

10Pull-Through Ponytail

For a quick twist on the ponytail, this pull-through ponytail (also known as the lipped ponytail) takes less than a few seconds. All you need is a simple hair tool, often called to topsy tail hair loop, there are so many available on Amazon and they cost next to nothing.

11Classic French Braid

As cute as it is timeless, every little girl loves a simple French braid. Every time I put a French Braid into my 4-year-old niece’s hair, she says she feels like the Disney princess Rapunzel. We love the oversized bow securing this braid, it has an adorable retro school feel.

12Mini Braids and Top Knot

We love these super cute mini braids that feed into a top knot secured with an adorable little bow. The long lengths have been styled into lovely loose curls for a hairstyle that would be lovely on picture day, or just for a day of fun.

13Half Up Hairstyle with Bow

For a little girls’ hairstyle that is simple but effective, tie up the top section of hair into a half ponytail. To keep it pretty, young, and cute, add a hair accessory chosen by your little one. This big pink bow works well, but so would a colourful scrunchie or hair scarf.

14Pull-Through Braid Crown

A braided crown is a great hairstyle for little girls for a special occasion or just for keeping hair out of the face, for a day of hassle-free play. If your little one is going to be a flower girl, you could weave in a few real flowers into the braid…can you imagine how cute that will look?

15Reverse Bubble Braids and Space Buns

Your little girl is sure to love space buns. They may be a classic hairstyle of the 1990s, but they are such a fun look that is not only cute but practical too.


16Rope Braid add Side Ponytail


17Ribbon Halo Braid and Ponytail


18Waterfall Braid and Waves


19Cross Over Double Dutch Braid


20Asymmetric Mini Braids and Ponytail


21Mini Space Buns and Natural Curls


22Mini Pull-Through Braid and Ponytail


23Adorable Mini Top Knots


24Bubble Braid Pigtails


25Lipped Side Ponytail


26Super Cute Braided Buns


27Mini Dutch Braid and High Ponytail


28Bubble Braid Faux Hawk


29Perfect Pigtails


30Fishtail Milkmaid Braid


31Adorable Bow Bun


32Mini Braids and Pigtails


33Minnie Mouse Inspired Space Buns


34Long Bubble Braid


35Star Ponytails and Pigtails



I can’t wait to try out some of these adorable little girls’ hairstyles on my 4-year-old niece. She already asks me to put a high ponytail in for her when I have my hair styled in one. I can imagine us having lots of adorable matching hairstyles over the coming months. If you are having the same idea, head over to YouTube, there are so many great tutorials that will help you to perfect the more complicated styles, or even get you started by teaching you how to do your very first braid.

Before long, you will have mastered hairstyles for your little girl for any and every occasion. Plus, you will spend so much wonderful time bonding with your child or grandchild, as I did as a little girl with my Grandma. I cherish those memories now and as your little angel grows up, so will she.


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