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60 Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Modern hair trends for women are in a moment of embracing an “anything goes” philosophy, where pastel purple and silvery grey are among the hottest hues, and shaved hairstyles for women are one of the biggest style trends. For women who were never into long locks, the shaved hair trend is allowing more freedom for playing around with pixie and bob styles, while even die-hard lovers of insanely long manes are trying undercut and side shaved hair styles to update their looks. Whether you’ve been inspired by buzz cut babes like Amber Rose or the side shaved hair styles made popular by women like Kelly Osbourne and Scarlett Johansson, you’ll be reaching for the clippers after checking out 60 of our favorite edgy shaved hairstyles for women.

1Undercut Bob Side Shaved Hair

Put some edge in your bob with a high undercut style that’s perfect for flipping your hair over to one side. Because the hair on top of this look is long enough to style in curls or waves, you’ll get plenty of longevity out of this look.

2Clean Buzz Cut

With hair that ever so slightly tapers in length at the back and sides, this buzz cut looks simple and clean. If you’ve already loved what a short pixie haircut does for your face shape, this super feminine shaved style just takes things a little bit shorter.

3Aqua Mohawk Undercut Shaved Hair

Between the cut and the color, this gorgeous shaved style looks like it was ripped from the pages of a fashion magazine. If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of bright mermaid color and edgy undercut fun, this shaved look will take you from summer right through to fall.

4Side Shave Hair Box Braids

We love the contrast of long box braided hair next to a crisp side shave. An added bonus with this look is how much time you’ll save having your braids installed.

5Pink Undercut Pixie

With short shaved sides and piecey textured hair on top, this sweet pixie is perfect for women who want to put a bit of bubblegum pop in their shorter style. If you’re worried about this color not matching your complexion, don’t worry: there’s a shade of pink to go with every skin tone. As a general rule, fair skinned ladies look good with lighter pastels, while women with deeper skin can go for more saturated shades.

6Line Detail Side Shaved Hair

It’s true that hair grows back, but there’s something extra daring about a woman with ultra long hair choosing to shave a section of her hair. This edgy look is definitely having a trendy moment, but if you do decide to grow it out, flipping your part to the other side offers up a way to help hide your grown out hair.

7Platinum Buzz Cut

Kristen Stewart is one of the many babes who have jumped on the buzz cut wagon. Her platinum, slightly grown-out style offers up an incredible contrast against super smoky eye makeup, but will look equally cute with dewey makeup and a sun dress.

8Undercut Pompadour

Some women shy away from shaved hairstyles for fear of looking masculine, but this pompadour style chooses to embrace a hairstyle that’s typically worn by men. The result is this fun, high volume style that looks just as good on a casual day as it will when you’re dressed to the nines.

9High and Tight Buzz

Putting a feminine spin on a classically masculine cut, this high and tight military style has never looked so chic. Fading at the sides makes this shaved style look pristine instead of DIY, while a subtle razor part helps to add some definition between the two sections in this style.

10Geometric Undercut

Hair tattoos offer up a huge opportunity to be creative with a shaved hairstyle. Lotus flowers and simple lines are among the most popular, but this geometric style takes things to the next level, incorporating tons of texture within its pattern. It may not be an easy style to keep up long term, but you’ll be loving this look for the week or so after you leave the salon.

11Sophisticated Pixie Bob

Scarlet Johansson’s shorter ‘do hits the perfect note between bob and pixie, and looks incredibly sophisticated. If you’re looking for a shaved hairstyle that’s work appropriate and won’t have you feeling like a teenager, you won’t be disappointed with this style.

12Wraparound Female Undercut

Featuring a shorter section with geometric lines shaved into it, this pixie with wraparound undercut is a real work of art. Bringing some depth and sophistication into this style are the smoky brown and blue shades, which play off one another to create some really interesting dimension.

13Faded Pixie Short Shaved Hair

Want to spice up your super short pixie with just a tiny bit of shaving? The slight fading around the ears and nape of this haircut offer up the perfect way to add some edge without going for a full buzz cut.

14Sneaky Side Shaved Hair

For women with fairly thick hair, a small shaved side patch like this one can be shown off when hair is flipped over, or hidden when parting the other way. If this is your first foray into a shaved hairstyle, it’s a good low-commitment look that doesn’t have to be on display 24/7.

15Faded Undercut Side Shaved Hair

The fading in this undercut is the perfect way to elevate your pixie from a basic shorter style, and comes with the added bonus of carving this artistic line detail into the side of the cut.

16Long hair Shaved Sides

The hair tattoo trend is one of the funnest things about wearing a shaved hairstyle. It’s most popular to feature a hair tattoo in a nape shave, but the side placement of this heart is perfect if you’re looking for a more in-your-face style.

17Shaped Up Pixie

Who says shape ups and precision hairlines are only for men? This short, curly pixie gets some added definition with perfectly shaved and sculpted sides, and even has a slim part shaved into the look.

18Dutch Braids Undercut

Combining ultra feminine braids with the hard, edginess of a shaved hairstyle, this look is perfect for ladies who like to push the envelope but still have options when it comes to how they style their hair. Braids like this can be difficult with shorter hair, as little pieces tend to slip out as you go. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of product, and braid hair when it’s still damp, which will give you more grip than if you’re working with bone dry strands.

19Shaved Bowl Cut

The modern bowl cut is edgy, avant garde, and usually includes some shaving. This style is really going for the bowl shape, and features a very precise line all the way around the ends that contrasts nicely with the surrounding undercut.

20Grown Out Long Hair Shaved Sides

Side shaves are nice when they’re fresh and right down to the scalp, but some women actually prefer the softer look of a slightly grown out shave.

21Drop Faded Undercut Long Hair Shaved Sides Updo

An undercut all the way around the back of the head can be tough to pull off if you’ve got thinner hair, but for women with thick strands it can make long hair much easier to style and manage. While most styles like this feature a shaved area of uniform length, this look incorporates a bit of a drop fade that adds some dimension and can be used to hide an irregular head shape.

22Locs with Side Shaved Hair

Whether you’re having trouble with a section of your hair and need to start fresh or you just love the mash-up of long locs with a clean-shaven side, this hairstyle is equal parts fierce and feminine.

23Undercut Pixie with Fringe

If you’re worried about a very short hairstyle looking too masculine, choose a pixie that can be styled forward with a face-framing fringe. These bangs brighten up your eyes without covering up your eyebrows or messing with the ultra-short aesthetic of this style.

24Tapered Curls with Temple Shaved Side Short Hair

Temple faded styles might be popular with guys, but they’re also a great way for women to frame a tapered curly cut.

25Rainbow Shaved Pixie Shaved Side Short Hair

This fun rainbow hairstyle is the perfect balance of light and dark, blending fun pastel colors with a bold shaved undercut that wraps all the way around the head.

26Low Side Shave Bob

In this geometric looking cut, a shaved side helps to accentuate these blunt bangs and give them a wraparound appearance.

27Faded Millennial Pink Pixie

Millennial pink is one of the hottest colors of the year, showing up in everything from fashion to interior design. If you’re looking for a fun new hair color to try, millennial pink works surprisingly well on just about every skin tone, and looks incredibly cool in this close-cropped pixie with faded sides.

28Side shaved hair tattoo

Another example of a bold hair tattoo, this look places a lotus flower shape just behind one ear. Give this style a try if you’re all about accessorizing your hair in as many ways as possible.

29Modified Chelsea Cut

Usually a chelsea cut features a mostly shaved head with some hair left at the fringe and in front of the ears, making it a daring style that can come off as intimidating. This modified style shortens the fringe and adds enough hair to cover the top of your head, putting a new fashion-forward take on the look without losing any of the edge.

30Faux Locs with Undercut

A wraparound undercut with curving line details creates the perfect frame for this gorgeous blonde faux loc look.

31Half Shaved Bob

This half shaved style is an edgy option for women who want enough hair to play with different styling methods, as the rest of hair is left long enough to curl or secure in a braided style.

32Shaved Nape With Lotus Design

If you want to use your shaved hairstyle as an opportunity to turn your head into a work of art, try adding trendy hair tattoo to your shaved nape style. This particular lotus design is one of the most popular, but the possibilities are endless if a skilled artist is holding the razor.

33Blonde Buzz Cut shaved hair

This super short style gets elevated from a basic buzz cut thanks to its honey blonde color, and hair that’s left slightly longer on the top than the back and sides.

34Long Hair With Half Shaved Head

If you’re looking for a shaved hairstyle that still brings tons of feminine glamour, try adding this dramatic, near half shave to your long haired look. For ladies who are attached to having a head full of long locks, this bold look can be a scary one to commit to, but having long hair elsewhere can make it easier to disguise a formerly shaved section of hair if you decide to grow it back out.

35Low Wrap Around Undercut

This low undercut wraps all the way around the head, meaning you can put it on display when you wear your hair up, or just let the sides show when hair is worn down. A crescent moon hair tattoo at the hairline is a nice added detail that will help your undercut hairstyle stand out from the rest.

36Subtle Nape Shave cut

Subtle shaving in the nape area can help to clean up the appearance of unruly neck hairs, and is easy enough to maintain at home with a decent set of clippers and a reliable friend (or some major skills with a mirror).

37Box Braids With Undercut

Combining a shaved undercut with box braids is a great way to eliminate some weight if you plan on wearing long, heavy braids, and can save damaged sections of hair from being pulled on.

38Shaved Side Panel

The little shaved side panel on this mid-length hairstyle is the perfect accompaniment to this punky shade of electric copper.

39Side Shaved hair With Long Curls

Go full glam with a shaved hairstyle by combining your buzzed side section with long, luscious curls and over-the-top accessories. Ladies who really want to dress up can go for the geometric hair tattoo pictured, but you can stick to the basics if you’d rather do your own shaving upkeep at home.

40Lavender Undercut Look

With high shaved sides that wrap around the back, more than half of Kelly Osbourne’s head is bare in her iconic lavender undercut look. More than just a fun and edgy trend, this particular shaved hairstyle can help to slim the face by adding volume to the top of the head.

41Geometric Shaved Nape

This shaved nape hairstyle packs a big style punch into a relatively small area. You probably won’t feel like you’ve lost much hair, but this small space is enough to show off some geometric designs whenever you wear your hair up.

42Buzzed Bowl Cut

Once the definition of a bad home haircut, the bowl cut is making waves among cutting-edge women who are into avant garde, boundary pushing fashion choices. This version of the bowl cut takes the look in an extremely short direction, making for an even edgier spin on the style.

43Red Carpet Side Shave

After shaving the side of her head for the role of Cressida in The Hunger Games, Natalie Dormer made the style work with a major dose of glitz and glamour on the red carpet.

44Drop Fade Pixie

This shaved pixie takes style elements from men’s haircuts like a drop faded silhouette and expertly shaved skin fade.

45Pink Mohawk Pixie

A strip of bubblegum pink hair down the centre of the head creates a mohawk look that’s been styled to chic perfection with a soft feathery texture.

46Aqua Green Buzz

This ultra short style is bold yet feminine thanks to its jewel-toned green color that plays nicely off of deeper skin tones and golden brown eyes.

47Geometric Shaved Part

If you’re looking for an incredibly unique shaved hairstyle, this geometric slice detail will absolutely have you standing out in a crowd. One downside to a bold shaved style like this one is that the growing out process can be a pain, and you might want to switch to a super short pixie once you’re ready to leave this style behind.

48Angled Half Shave

Go bold with this slightly angled shaved style that sees almost half of the head shaved right down to the scalp, while the remainder of the style is left in a very long style. Anyone new to shaved hairstyles might want to test out a smaller area before leaping to this look, and should be prepared for the long and often annoying growing out period.

49Side Shaved Long Pixie

Miley’s Cyrus’ pixie style makes use of shaved sides to create a nice contrast between the longer pieces on top, and made big style waves as part of the singer’s transition from young Disney starlet to edgy pop risk-taker.

50Side Shave With Short Bangs

Combine ultra short bangs and a shaved side panel for the ultimate combination of bold style choices that flatter and frame the face.

51Shaved Leopard Print Detail

Put those short hairs in your shaved sides to work as a canvas to be painted on! Leopard print is one of the more popular artistic dye jobs, but the possibilities are endless!

52Basic Buzz Cut

This buzz cut is basic in the sense that it features no fading, designs, or pastel dye jobs, but Natalie Portman looks anything but basic in this bold shaved hairstyle. Famously captured on film for her turn in “V For Vendetta”, this clipper cut is the ultimate rebuttal to anyone who believes that all women should have long hair.

53Short Bob With Shaved Nape

We love a shaved neck with a super short bob, and it’s the perfect way to show off your shaved style at all times. For women with thick hair, you’ll love the light, bouncy feeling that comes along with no bulky hair sitting on your neck, especially in warmer months.

54Pixie With Geometric Hair Tattoo

If lotus flowers aren’t really your thing, try a more abstract geometric hair tattoo in the back of your shaved pixie style.

55Two Level Shaved Bob

Part sleek bob and part edgy shaved look, this hairstyle shows skill and artistry with two different lengths on the shaved side that are separated by a razor line. This shaved hairstyle won’t be easy for amateurs to keep trimmed at home, but getting the precise details just right are worth making regular visits to the salon.

56Hard Part Pixie

Between the faded sides and hard part shaved right into the hair, this pixie is proof that traditionally masculine details have a place in all kinds of hairstyles.

57A Line Bob With Undercut

The undercut nape of this A-Line bob is working overtime to make this stellar hairstyle come together. Not only does the shaved area help to bring a staple bob into the modern style moment, but it also removes bulk for women with thick hair, and allows for an ultra dramatic angle from back to front.

58Straight Fringe Pixie

Going for a short pixie haircut with a straight fringe across your brow can bring the same face-framing properties of any set of bangs to your short haired look. Wearing your pixie pushed forward will keep a shorter cut from looking masculine, even with prominent shaving around the back and sides.

59Shaved Sides With Bangs

Don’t feel like giving up your beloved bangs to wear a shaved hairstyle? You don’t have to! Bangs can often add a feminizing touch that plays interestingly with partially shaved hairstyles rather than clashing with them.

60Boy Inspired Undercut

Rihanna’s red undercut style is an interesting combination of a modern bowl cut and a masculine inspired pixie, making it the perfect partially shaved hairstyle for pop music’s edgiest trendsetter.

61Gray Grunge Bob Shaved

Grays and Silvers are super trendy right now. This asymmetrical Bob undercut has this edgy grunge vibes.

62Pink Shaved Wavy Haircut

If you want to go bold and jazz up your sexy undercut, even more, a bold color like this pink will add so much edge and sexiness to your look!



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