Layered Bob Haircuts


30 Layered Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts come in a variety of shapes and lengths, but they can generally be separated into two categories: blunt and layered. Blunt cuts feature hair that’s mostly a uniform length and are well suited to more finely textured hair, while layered bob haircuts utilize different lengths to create shape and dimension. If you’ve got thick hair that feels easily weighed down and can be difficult to style, a layered bob haircut eliminates some of the need to rely on products and heat styling to keep your hair from looking shapeless. Having more finely textured hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear one of these layered cuts, but you’ll probably do best with a haircut where layers are subtle and textured rather than choppy and dramatic. Check out 30 of the hottest modern layered bob haircuts to figure out which style is right for you.

1Shaggy Textured Lob

Full of bouncy, shaggy attitude, Julianne Hough’s layered haircut looks like the perfect modern incarnation of the ultra-layered ’90s look, “The Rachel”. With layers concentrated more around the face and hair kept longer in the back, this is a great bob haircut for women who don’t have super thick hair, or those who would like to be able to put their layered bob in a ponytail.

2Rounded Silhouette Bob

The round silhouette in this layered bob haircut is ideally suited to women with oval shaped faces. Layers around both the back and front create a softly textured style that’s more casual and fun than a structured stacked bob or sleek blunt cut.

3Textured A-Line Layers

With a significant different in length between the back and front, this A-line bob cuts a dramatic shape and makes for a put-together look even with minimal styling. Textured layers help to remove some weight from the sides of this haircut, showing off dimensional color like these burgundy highlights, and making it easy to style with plenty of volume and bounce.

4Wispy Layers bob

The wispy, flicked layers in this bob haircut are concentrated around the back of the head, making for a relatively low-maintenance style that thick-haired women will love.

5Short Wavy Bob

Depend on the type of hair you have, this curly version can be created with or without the use of hot tools. The big waves add extra volume and the overall look has a very cool effortless vibe.

6Layered Pageboy

While most retro incarnations of the pageboy haircut feature blunt ends, this version uses layers to create a modern, avant-garde pageboy style. Look to edgy style innovators like Karen O for more ideas about how to rock an edgy layered pageboy like this one.

7Short Messy Bob

This bob style is super flattering and so versatile! To achieve this messy look all you need to do is to apply a bit of dry shampoo or hairspray and comb the product through your hair with hands. This will add texture and hold. Then divide your hair into small sections and blow dry it. To create these subtle waves, curl your hair with a flat ironand finally, separate the waves and shake your hair with your hands. You can add a bit of spray to add more hold and volume.

8Choppy Layers With Bangs

With thick, straight bangs and long, sleek pieces framing the face, this bob haircut creates a shape so perfect it could be a wig. Choppy layers in the back make this silhouette possible for women with thick hair whose mane can look easily weighed down.

9Layered Curls

Layers are an essential aspect of creating this bouncy silhouette on curly hair, but you should find a trusted stylist who has experience working with naturally textured hair.

10Soft A-Line Layers

These soft layers create a low-key bob haircut that’s perfect for busy professional women and moms who are always on-the-go. Add in some natural looking highlights like this light coppery blonde if you want to make this easy style look special even on days when you have minimal time to spend.

11Wavy Layered Lob

The longer a bob, the more dramatically layered your style can be. This collarbone-grazing haircut allows for several inches difference between the shortest and longest layers. A bob this length styled with a deep side part that creates sideways volume is especially flattering on women with long face shapes.

12Razored Layers Bob

If you’ve got fine hair and you’re absolutely set on having layers in the back of your bob, we recommend going for these razored layers. The precise cutting technique creates an incredibly fine texture and reduces the amount of hair you’ll lose compared to a cut with choppier layers. Thick haired ladies can get in on this style too, but you might want to ask your stylist to remove more weight from the back section.

13Inverted Layered Lob

The underneath layer of this inverted long bob haircut creates a nice blunt line, while the hair overtop of it features nicely textured ends. The combination of these two techniques creates a lovely style with lots of depth and will have you feeling like a trendsetter.

14Piecey Stacked Bob

Dramatic layers in the back of this bob haircut create a stacked shape that’s become a favorite among professional and middle-aged women. Having a relatively thick head of hair will help to make this haircut look volumized, but products like mousse and texturizing spray can help to create a finished look that doesn’t fall flat.

15Big Volume Bob

Bouncy layers and a deep side part help to create one of the most high-volume layered bobs on our list. Long bangs that sweep across the face help to minimize a large forehead, and also add width to long faces.

16Asymmetrical Textured Layers

If you’re looking to add some extra interest to a layered bob haircut, try a fun asymmetrical style like this textured bob cut. Layers keep this style looking light and airy, while side-swept bangs and asymmetrical silhouette are ultra-flattering on women with heart-shaped faces.

17Side Swept Messy Bob

When you go for a layered bob your hair styling options are kinda endless! This is another great messy bob style that’s super chic and easy to create. The side swept bangs adds more olume and texture.

18Piecey Blonde Layers

Looking for a bob haircut that epitomizes “casual-chic”? This piecey style can be dressed up with tousled waves or worn in an easy wash-and-go style depending on your hair’s natural texture. Whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead, this layered bob provides an excellent canvas for dimensional layered color.

19Bouncy Bob With Bangs

This bob is made up of big, bouncy layers and a dramatic side-swept bang. A fringe this thick creates a fairly top-heavy look, and can be used to counterbalance a square shaped face or strong chin.

20Choppy Inverted Bob

Tons of choppy layers eliminate a large amount of hair in the back of this style, creating a pronounced inverted shape and reducing your styling time considerably.

21Short Layered Shag

This short layered shag haircut falls somewhere in between a pixie and a bob, offering up the perfect look for ladies who love chic, short cuts with tons of movement. If you’ve been looking for a new way to explore a layered shag style, this haircut brings a great blend of modern and retro elements.

22Soft Dimensional Bob

Highlights concentrated around the front of the head help to accentuate the dimensional layers in this bob, but this haircut will also look great in your natural hair color.

23Straight Line Bob With Layers

This layered bob brings an unusual blend of textures, featuring a super straight A-line at the ends and a rounded silhouette around the back of the head. Subtle texture layers help to make this unique haircut look trendy and fun instead of mismatched.

24Razor Textured Lob

A razor technique creates some interesting textures in this long bob haircut, creating a look that does away with the clean lines we see in so many bobs. Thin ribbons of blonde highlight are used to accentuate hair’s texture, and make a big impact in this cut, especially for women with darker hair.

25Layered A-Line Bob

Soft layering helps to accentuate the A-line angle in this bob haircut, making it a good choice for women with more finely textured hair.

26Undercut Bob

Ladies with lots of hair to spare can combine a soft layered bob with an undercut, removing extra weight from the underneath of their hairstyle and providing some edgy styling options.

27Super Choppy Bob

If you’re looking for a bob haircut that’s young and edgy instead of sleek and sophisticated, this super choppy style offers up the perfect layered look. To accentuate this texture, use sparing amounts of a styling cream or defining wax to make various pieces pop.

28Layered A-Line Lob

Many A-line bobs feature minimal layering, but this lob utilizes layers to create a softer A-line silhouette. This haircut lends itself to both wavy and straight styling, and is a great canvas for experimenting with balayage highlights.

29Edgy Layers Bob

Lots of choppy layers in the back and long pieces in the front of this bob create a an edgy mix of textures. This young looking haircut is perfect for college students looking to try out a shorter haircut that still looks fresh and fun.

30Ultra Choppy Undercut Bob

If you want your layered bob to look edgy and unique, try this seriously choppy haircut. It’s an eccentric look that isn’t outrageous, meaning you can debut this style in a variety of professional environments. Super short hair around the ears betrays a hint of undercut, which you can feature at just the sides of hair or wrap all the way around the back of the head.

31Ultimate Stacked Bob

The stacked layers in the back of this bob haircut create a crazy amount of volume when treated to the right product and styling techniques.

32Bouncy A-Line Layers

Bouncy layers create an A-line bob that’s got the perfect blend of sleek texture and weightless silhouette.

33Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

With textured layers in the back, asymmetrical angles and a bold undercut, this bob haircut is the perfect summery style for women looking to make a bold style statement.



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