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Beyonce Lemonade Braids Inspiration

Ahhh Beyonce’s lemonade album. It probably going to be one of those iconic albums that everyone remembers for years to come. Not only were the songs throughout the Lemonade album epic, in true Beyonce fashion she didn’t hold back on her looks shown throughout. It’s no secret Beyonce has always been a fashion icon. She’s started plenty of trends, and after the Lemonade video she brought back braids in a whole new way. Because braids have become such a huge trend in the hair world we’ve decided to round up some of the most iconic Beyonce lemonade braids inspiration for you to get inspired by.

1Centered Cornrow Braids

Back to the new Beyonce hair looks – this one is the epitome of the Lemonade style. We really appreciate how she changes up her braided hair with different parts. Here the centered part really brings attention to her stunning facial features. It also acts as a great balance with the gold embellishments added to some of the braids.

2Blue Lemonade Braids

Add a pop of color to your Beyonce braids like this! We’re in love with the bright pop of blue hair color mixed into the hair here. When you have all of your hair braided mixing in different colors is going to be a sure fire way to change up the vibe and really put your own twist on it.

3Lemonade Braids with Beads

This beauty is doing Beyonce major justice with her braids. Taking inspiration from Beyonce with a head full of braids is so stunning. The way she really made this her own, though, is with the beads at the ends of the braids. Bring your own style into the mix with the colors and shapes of the braids you choose.

4Rotating Long Side Cornrows

Another beauty who took some major style inspo from Beyonce to create her own braided hairstyle. The various directions of the braids here really give such amazing dimension to the overall style. One side going straight back, the other wrapping from the top. We love how it all comes together to get this side swept type of look.

5Reversed Lemonade Braids

This look definitely gives us Lemonade vibes, but with her own twist. The hair that’s braided all over is a classic Beyonce vibe by now. Make it your own by having the braids going in different directions and giving them a slight wave effect. We have to say we adore the two braids going towards the face for a really trendy twist.

6Throwback Byonce Braids

We couldn’t include a list of Beyonce braid inspirations without starting with one of the Queen’s most iconic looks. This is a throwback Beyonce hairstyle but do you notice it looks anything but a throwback? She found a way to rock braids back in the 90’s in a way that still feels modern and trendy today. This is why she’s the queen!

7Box Braided Curly Pony

The Queen Bey has had a way of rocking braids in so many different ways. We love how this look includes box braids that stop where her ponytail begins. It allows the braids to act as the perfect balance to gorgeous curly hair in the ponytail. This isn’t your average ponytail!

8Braided Crown

It’s pretty clear Beyonce is a fan of braids. We love the way she’s able to transition braids into completely different styles, looks and feels. This is a completely different vibe from some of her other braided styles but it’s still a major style win if you ask us. This look is a big softer in the way it wraps around the head to create a crown-like look.

9Beyonce Bun

Beyonce is giving us all the braid love with this hairstyle. This is a look she’s rocked quite a few times and it never gets old. Going all out with the braids is absolutely beautiful on its own but there are times when you want your braided hair pulled back – she shows us how to do exactly that with style. Wrapping braids into a big bun = life!

10Braided Ponytail Beauty

This braided hairstyle is from one of her performances. You know the Queen always shows out when she’s on stage. Between her costumes, makeup and hair she doesn’t hold back for her fans. Another great way to style hair that’s completely braided and long, without only wearing it down. The finishing touch here is the way one of the braids was used to wrap around the base of the ponytail.

11Bun with Braids

It’s pretty clear Beyonce is all about a bun hairstyle. What’s not to love, though? We adore this particular braided bun style as it includes some hair that is braided, with some that isn’t. Styling braids at just the top, front of the hair gives such fun contrast to the rest of the hair.

12Beaded Bangs

Looking to get all that Beyonce glam with your braided hair? Added bangs AND beads is the way to achieve it. Here she shows us how beads are such a great way to add your own personality and style to braids. We love how in this look she added bangs with beads to really frame the face with hair.

13Braids Touched with Curls

Playing around with the placement and small touches in braids is what can make your own braided hairstyle stand out. Once again she shows us how to do it with ease. Styling braids with a swirl-like shape really plays with the overall feel of the braids – makes it so different from the classic straight braid look. We have to say we adore how a couple of pieces were left out of the braids and curled so strategically.

14Braids with Curly Ends

How fun are these Beyonce braids?! This is definitely something we can see her styling for years to come – well, we don’t see her NOT wearing braids anytime soon since she wears them so well. Braids get a different vibe here when they’re sectioned into larger pieces to create a chunkier braid, but not braided all the way to the bottom. Leaving the ends open allows the curly texture to really shine with braids.

15Braids Accessorized Right

Ok so we know there really isn’t any braided hairstyle that Beyonce CAN’T rock and look absolutely amazing in. We can’t get over how she made braids feel SO glam with this look. Allow braids to add texture and contrast to a modern outfit by tying braids back into a low, tight ponytail.

16Hollywood Glam Braid

Even though we’re talking about the new Beyonce hair looks, we couldn’t resist another one of her throwback hairstyles. She really has found so many incredibly unique ways to add braids to just about any hairstyle – we think this is where a lot of her Lemonade hair inspo came from, too! Transform a simple bun hairstyle by wrapping a braid around the base – stunning!

17Box Braided Beyonce

The Queen is rocking that classic braided hairstyle with ease here. One of the things that makes her braids always feel a little extra special is how her hair is dyed with blond highlights – it adds this beautiful depth to the braids. Leaving some of the edges styled away from the braids is the perfect way to frame the face.

18Blonde Braids

Another throwback Beyonce braid look – but once again we see how she’s been pulling hair inspiration for years! These braids get a lighter feel with how blonde her hair is here. The very blonde color at the ends adds such a fun highlight and contrast to the darker roots.

19Super Glam Braids

More recently you’ve probably noticed the biggest difference between the Queen’s braids now compared to past looks is the length. She’s been giving us major drama with extremely long braided hairstyles – and we are here for it. The added length gives classic braids a whole different, modern vibe.

20Embellished Braids

Add your own style to braided hair with embellishments! You’ve seen how beads can really change the color and style of braids but embellishments placed into the braids can do the same. Using gold with give you that glam vibe the Queen is always known for. You can use just about any metal color to make it your own!

21Long Braid Style

Long braids done right! Another gorgeous example of how Beyonce is killing the braid game with extra length. The ombre hair color really adds to the dimension of the long hair here. We have to say one of our other favorite elements of this particular look is how the ends are left free from the braids to really embrace the natural texture.

22Loosely Pulled Back

Allow your braids to stand out and really be the focal point, while adding just a touch of style change. When your hair is braided we know it can feel a bit limiting in how you can actually pull your hair back away from your face when you need/want to. Pull back just a few pieces from the top, front to tie into a half up style like this. So cute!

23Topped with a Bun

She shows us, once again, how to style braided hair while keeping some of the hair away from your face when you need to. It’s like she’s a professional or something! Get that Beyonce bun vibe, while still leaving some hair down with a half up bun. Keep it effortless or tight – depending upon your preferences.

24Pigtail Beyonce Braids

This look is pretty much the epitome of the Lemonade video – isn’t it? Keep the braids simple with two, long pigtail braids. It’s the length of the braids that really will transition the look to allow you to achieve the feel of Beyonce’s from the lemonade video. The good news is you can accessorize this look with a hat and major accessories to add more glam.

25Long Ponytail Braid

Once again she’s showing us the Lemonade braids are really all about the added length. The super long braids gives you that major drama we all know and love about Beyonce’s looks. Pull back your hair into a slick ponytail. If your hair isn’t naturally this long add extensions! Then simply braid the ponytail hair into a braid all the way to the end.

26Pigtail Braid Glam

Give your braids that throwback style by pulling them back into two sections to create high pigtails. Doesn’t this give you some 90’s nostalgia in the best way? We thought so too. The high placement of the pigtails highlights the extreme length of the pigtails.

27Rooted Braids

This is a Beyonce throwback but we couldn’t resist sharing it in this list because of how unique it is. Adding braids to JUST the roots of hair is such a modern, unique take on braids. It gives this gorgeous texture contrast to the rest of the hair that’s left straight and sleek.

28Strong Side Part

By this point in the list you’ve seen quite a few different ways to style braids with hair. Changing this up with your braided looks is pretty easy by simply adjusting the placement of where the hair is parted. This strong side part gives such a great effect to frame the face and break up the braids in the way they’re placed.

29Over the Top Braided Pony

Feel like a sporty Queen with this braided hairstyle! Chunky braids look absolutely gorgeous when they’re wrapped up into a high side ponytail. Again the high placement of the ponytail is key to really emphasize the added length in the long braids. Be sure to use some of the braids to wrap around the base to get this cohesive vibe.

30Chunky Braids Swept Over

These braids give us an effortless vibe. The thicker shape of the braids makes them feel completely different from smaller braids and it’s the perfect match to the side swept style at the part. Leaving the part less than perfect gives you that undone feel.

31Ombre Braids


32Triangular Shaped Braids


33Beyonce lemonade braids baby hair


34Lemonade box braids


35Long Lemonade braids curly ends


36Curly Lemonade braids


37Beyonce purple blonde braids


38Straight Side Cornrows


39Red Beyonce Braids


40Chunky Lemonade braids


41Thin Long Lemonade braids


42Short Lemonade braids


43Sculptured Lemonade braids


44Medium Side Cornrows


45Blonde Beyonce Lemonade braids




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