Best Unicorn Hair Color Looks


35 Unicorn Hair Color Ideas

The unicorn hair color trend has been around for a few years now and it shows no signs of going away any time soon. That can only be good news as the fairytale vibe of unicorn hair is to die for. There is no one color palette that defines unicorn hair, rather it is a blend of vibrant or pastel colors that you choose. Maybe you like tones of pink, or mixing different shades of blue, or maybe you want every color of the rainbow. If you need help in choosing some colors, vegan hair dye brand Lime Crime has a whole Unicorn Hair collection, with some amazing shades and glitter sprays.

For further inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite unicorn hair color ideas.

1Silvery Blues and Teal

These silvery blue and teal shades are so ethereal and beautiful. The unicorn colorway can be achieved with some of the Lime Crime Unicorn colors mentioned earlier, including Dirty Mermaid and Anime. Use the semi-permanent dyes to color thick slices of hair to create this wonderful effect. Gorgeous!

2Beautiful Pastel Blues with Purple Roots

The tropical sea blues and greens of the lengths of this hair are so dreamy, and they have been accentuated by the contrasting deep purples of the roots. The volume and the bouncy curls all add to this stunning unicorn look.

3Vibrant Rainbow Roots and Pastel Lengths

Unicorn hair isn’t limited to pastel shades, you can go as bold and vibrant as you like. We love the uniqueness of these striking rainbow roots, contrasting with such delicate pastel lengths with just a hint of a rainbow at the tips. The sleek and straight finish really shows off the dye job to its best.

4Pretty Pink and Peach

The subtle blend of pastel pink and peach tones in this lovely little bob is just stunning. A pretty pink base has been given an extra dimension with some thick sections of pastel peach on the top layers of hair. With colors this delicate, make sure that you use a good co

5Holographic Unicorn Hair

Holographic unicorn hair has been a big hair color trend for a while now and it isn’t hard to see why. The look is achieved by dying the hair silver and then adding highlights of pastel blue and purple. This creates that wonderful, shimmering holographic effect.

6Gorgeous Green Ombre

If you have hazel eyes, then green unicorn hair will be beautiful on you, helping to make all the lovely tones of your eyes to pop. This green ombre is gorgeous with almost black at the roots blending through emerald green and to vibrant lime green at the tips.

7Baby Blue and Baby Pink Unicorn Hairstyle

How magical is this combination of baby blue and baby pink? Although the colors are pretty feminine they look edgy and cool thanks to the placement and contemporary cut. That amazing blunt fringe really stands out in that stunning pink, which contrasts against the blue to perfection.

8Fire and Ice Hair Dye

This fire and ice style hair is so striking, don’t you think. The icy midnight blue provides the perfect contrast for the fiery orange, yellow, and pink highlights. The messy curls really accentuate the colors and make this unicorn hair pop.

9Silver Hair with Neon Rainbow Slices

A silvery lavender base has been given neon rainbow slices to create a unique and vibrant unicorn hairstyle look that wouldn’t be out of place in a cartoon. It is such a fun and carefree look, but it will need regular trips to the salon to keep it looking vibrant.

10Blue to Yellow Ombre

Not all unicorn hairstyle looks have to be bright and joyous, you can go a little darker and more sultry. Just take a look at this deep blue to mustard yellow ombre. It is s gorgeous and ethereal without being overly bright. Its has a cool edge to it, don’t you think?

11Lavender Balayage with Pastel Tips

This deep purple and lavender balayage would be beautiful on its own, but it has been given an extra touch of unicorn with pastel blue and pastel pink highlights through the tips. We love the double Dutch braids too.

12Neon Rainbow Ombre Hair Dye

Looking to stand out from the crowd, then this unicorn hair will surely help you. The neon rainbow ombre starts from vibrant blue at the roots all the way to lime green at the tips. Absolutely amazing, wouldn’t you agree.

13Silver to Bubblegum Pink Ombre

From over-the-top to a little more subtle, we love this soft silver to bubblegum pink ombre. If you go for all-over silver hair color, you will be able to switch up the shade of your ombre whenever you feel like it, with semi-permanent colors or color washes, just like those in the  Lime Crime Unicorn collection. Their formulas are gentle so you could be pink one week, blue the next, and green the one after that.

14Half Pastel Purple and Half Pastel Pink

How pretty are these pastel pink and purple locks? The colors are so light and airy and we love how each half of the head has been dyed a different shade. This colorway will look just as good styled poker straight or in beachy waves.

15Fiery Ombre Hair

This inverted bob is such a beautiful haircut, which has been taken to the next level with an incredible fire ombre. The black base color is ideal from making the magenta, red, and orange tones to really pop and shine. Stunning!

16Vibrant and Bright Rainbow Hair


17Pastel Purple Pink with Dark Roots


18Bubblegum Pink with Peek-A-Boo Rainbow


19Lilac and Mustard Swirl


20Unicorn Balayage Hair


21Turquoise Hair with Lavender Bangs


22Blonde and Unicorn Hair highlights


23Silver and Purple Unicorn Hairstyle


24Pastel Blue Unicorn Hair Colors


25Pink and Purple Updo


26Unicorn Highlights


27Blue Grey Hair with Pink Highlights


28Blue Purple Balayage



29Purple Tones with Yellow Highlights


30Pastels Unicorn Hair Dye


31Warm and Cool Rainbow Hair


32Holographic Unicorn Hair Color


33Mermaid Unicorn HairStyle

34Light Lilac and lavender Tones


35Dusty Lavender with Neon Rainbow Highlights


36Pastel Rainbow Highlights


37Striking Magenta and Teal Hair


38Pastel Rainbow Ombre


39Pastel Purple and Blue Hair with Glitter Parting


40Bright Blue Base With Rainbow Highlights


41Vibrant Tones of Orange, Red, and Pink


42Teal Hair with Rainbow Peek-A-Boo Highlights


43Dusky Lilac and Rose Hair


44Baby Blue Roots and Bubblegum Pink Tips


45Gorgeous Rainbow Balayage


46Half Braided Unicorn Hairstyle



As you can see, there is so much variety when it comes to the unicorn hair trend. Basically, the only limit is your imagination – you have free reign to have the fantasy hair color you have been dreaming of.

To keep your rainbow, pretty pastel, or color block hair looking its best for as long as possible, you should adopt a good color care regime. This includes a good color care shampoo and conditioner, heat protection spray, and sun protection. Furthermore, try not to overwash your hair as this can cause your gorgeous unicorn hair color to fade faster.

You may need regular trips to the salon or to the drug store to invest in more dye (never forget a patch test), but color this gorgeous is certain worth it, don’t you think?


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