Best Hair Tinsel Extensions


Tinsel Hair Extensions

With party season and Christmas fast approaching, many of us are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd at all those holiday parties. Or maybe you just want to add a little something extra to your hair, without spending too much money. Tinsel hair extensions are the perfect way to update your look in a really simple but effective way. It involves threading singular or multiple strands of tinsel-like material into the hair at the roots, which is then cut to match the length of your hair. It comes in a wide range of colors, which is great for experimenting with different looks – simple and subtle or way OTT, either way, it will be so eye-catching.

Take a look at some of the best tinsel hair extensions looks for some great inspiration.

1Turquoise Bob with Silver Tinsel Extensions

This turquoise bob has a magical mermaid vibe, which has been accentuated with the silver tinsel hair extensions. They sparkle like the sun on a tropical ocean, don’t you think? So pretty!

2Sleek Inverted Bob with Rose Gold Extensions

A few tinsel hair extensions in the right shade can really lift the clour of your hair. The rose gold colour of these tinsel extensions brings out the subtle pink ombre of this sleek inverted bob. I love how they twinkle in a camera flas

3High Pony with Holographic Hair Tinsel

Hair tinsel can really make you stand out for the crowd. Just take a look at this eye-catching high fashion ponytail in platinum blone and iridescent hair tinsel – so eye-catching, don’t you think? I love how they twinkle in a camera flash – perfect for pictures!

4Ashy Hair & Subtle Silver Extensions

Want to add a little bit of sparkle to your ashy hair – then a few subtle silver tinsel extensions will definitely do the job. Ash blonde or brown hair can look a little dull sometimes, but a few subtle tinsel extensions will brighten it right up.

5Galaxy Hair with Tinsel Hair Extensions

Galaxy hair is a big beauty trend for this year and it involves dying the hair a mixture of deep purples and blues, with a few lighter tones of yellow and green, to create the effect of a swirling galaxy or nebula. A few tinsel hair extensions will give the effect of glittering stars, taking the look to the next level.

6Brunette Lob with Multi-Tonal Hair Tinsel

Hair tinsel will really stand out in darker hair tones. This beautiful dark chocolate lob is so glossy and sleek, and the deep colour has been accentuated with the multi-tonal tinsel extensions. Perfect for party season, don’t you think?

7Golden Brown Hair with Violet Hair Tinsel

The contrast between the warm golden brown of the hair and the cool violet of the violet tinsel extensions is to die for. The whole look is sleek and elegant, but would still look beautiful with the hair styled into big and bouncy curls.

8Messy Chignon with Chunky Tinsel Hair Extensions

You may be of the opinion that hair tinsel is more of a novelty, but they can actually look incredibly chic. This chic messy chignon with silver hair tinsel will fit right in with the most formal of occasions, wouldn’t you agree?

9Blorange Hair with Rosy Gold Extensions

Blorange has been such a popular hair colour for 2019, so why not make your version stand apart from all the other with some rosy gold tinsel extensions. They will accentuate the gorgeous peachy pink shade and add an extra touch of fairytale sparkle.

10Grey Wavy Lob with Silver Hair Tinsel

How wonderful are the grey and silver tones of this way lob? The touches of caramel at the roots adds a hint of warmth and a delicate touch of silver tinsel provides just the right amount of sparkle. Divine!

11Pastel Hair with Iridescent Hair Tinsel

Ethereal pastel hair colours are still set to be popular throughout the winter months. The lavender and magenta tones of this hair are to die for and look extra magical thanks to the addition to some iridescent hair tinsel.

12Auburn Hair with Minimal Gold Extensions

The rich auburn shade of this hair has been beautifully accentuated with a few strands of gold hair tinsel. When the sunshine hits the gold extensions, it will be absolutely dazzling. A little bit of hair tinsel goes a long way.

13Magenta Hair with Lavender Tinsel Extensions

How gorgeous are the rich jewel tones of these layered locks. The deep purple of the roots and the magenta of the tips look so great together – so vibrant and full of life. Some lavender tinsel extensions contrast so well against the bright pink of the hair, don’t you think?

14Lavender Bob with Iridescent Tinsel Extensions

By adding some iridescent tinsel extensions to light lavender hair creates a metallic holographic effect. It is like something from an anime cartoon and it is totally dreamy. Shiny, sleek, and stunning!

15Youthful Rainbow Tinsel Hair Extensions

The influence of the 1990s is still making waves in the world of the beauty, with long sleek, supermodel locks being bang on-trend. Give your poker straight locks a fun and contemporary twist with gorgeous rainbow tinsel extensions. Fresh and cool.

16Dusky Rose Hair with Gold Tinsel Extensions


17Dark Chocolate Hair with Delicate Silver Tinsel Extensions


18Chunky Deep Blue Tinsel Extensions


19Sleek Up-Do with Subtle Tinsel Extensions


20Ash Blonde Hair with Rainbow Hair Extensions


21Pastel Pink Hair with Holographic Hair Tinsel


22Sleek Silver Hair with Subtle Silver Tinsel Extensions


23Over-The-Top Rainbow Tinsel Extensions


24Two Tone Hair with Gold Extensions


25Pastel Blue and Pink Hair with Silvery Extensions


26Deep Pink Hair with Hair Tinsel


27Avant Garde Tinsel Hair Extension


28Chunky Tinsel Hair Extensions in Multiple Colours


29Black Hair with Multi-Coloured Hair Extensions


30Thick Slices of Gold Tinsel Extensions



Hair tinsel extensions are a really cost-effective way to totally transform your look. Plus, if you get your tinsel extensions done at a salon, or use high-quality extensions at home, you can wash and style your hair as normal, with many being able to withstand 300 degrees of heat.

Plus, if you properly take care of your hair, your tinsel hair extensions can laZ\st up to three weeks…pretty cool huh? Do you think you will be adding a little bit of glitz and glitter to your hair?


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