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Blue Hair: 30 Blue Hair Color Ideas

Although blue hair color was once strictly for cartoon characters or edgy punks, this cool hue has cracked its way into the realm of mainstream hair. With the hair and beauty world bidding goodbye to traditional rules and hair color technology advancing in leaps and bounds, a staggering number of blue hair color options exist. From very light shades like pastel baby blue and blue-tinged silver, to more saturated tones like navy or sapphire, theres’s a blue hair color to suit every complexion, wardrobe, and personal style. Keep scrolling for tips on how to turn your mane blue, and to check out 30 of the best blue hair color ideas.

1How To Dye Your Hair Blue

Depending on the color you’re beginning with and your desired shade of blue, the coloring process can be everything from fairly simple to an involved, multi-step affair. Very dark blues that look almost black can be applied over any hair color, and you can find dyes in a wide variety of price ranges that will get the job done. Like pure black dye, these ultra-dark blues will stick around for the long haul, and you’ll probably need to strip the color if you decide you want to go light again. Lighter blues in pastel or bright shades should be applied to pre-lightened hair to get vibrant results. If you’re after a true blue color, be sure to get your hair light enough beforehand. Using blue dye over orangey hair can turn your strands green instead of a pure blue shade.

2Multidimensional Denim Blue Hair

Featuring faded and grey-tinged blues that mimic your favorite pair of Levi’s, the denim blue hair trend offers up an ultra chic way to wear this hair color. The pictured look uses multidimensional denim shades from darker roots all the way to light, faded-looking sections. If you’re looking for a rich blue shade that doesn’t look like a DIY color job, this rich denim blue is the style for you.

3Teal & Royal Blues

With a bright, true blue shade at the roots and gorgeous teal blue down the hair’s length, this is the perfect summer hair color for anyone who just can’t get enough of the blue hair trend.

4Silver Blue Hair


If you’re looking for a unique stylish look for winter, you should definitely go for this icy silver blue hair color. If you want a subtler look, you can try silver-blue highlights to add dimension and playfulness to your overall look.

5Tiffany Blue Ombre Hair Color

Long black hair gets a fun, vibrant, and incredibly chic dose of color with this Tiffany blue shade of ombre. You’ll especially love the way this blue color style looks when you wear your hair in braids or an updo.

6Subtle Deep Navy Blue Hair

For your first foray into blue hair, this super subtle style looks rich, sophisticated, and just a little bit different. Whether you wear it in an ombre style or as an all-over color, this blue hair color will get noticed without completely taking over your look.

7Steely Blue Ombre Hair

With steely blue-grey roots and a brighter blue shade down the lengths of hair, this blue on blue hairstyle shows how mixing unnatural colors can look deliberate and stylish.

8Teal Blue Underlights

For a pop of blue color that’s fun and flirty without being overbearing, add this sweet shade of teal blue to the underneath layers of your hair. We love how this blue hair color plays with a textured bob, but it’ll work with any textured or layered haircut.

9Bright Midnight Blue Hair Color

A single shade of blue can make a big impact when it’s a bright, rich shade like this midnight blue. For ladies who love classic wardrobe pieces in neutral tones, a vibrant shade like this can bring some much needed contrast to your style.

10Dusty Blue Grey Hair

This dusty blue hair color looks great on most skin tones and can work in any season, making it one of the most versatile blue hair looks on our list.

11Blue Shadow Roots

Flip the blue ombre trend with this edgy blue shadow root style. Unless your roots are naturally blue, this color style requires frequent upkeep. Anyone with a darker natural hair color will probably find this blue look tough to stay on top of, but it’s definitely worth trying for a season.

12Ocean Blue Ombre

This ocean blue ombre creates a deep and earthy palette when combined with dark brown hair, making it the perfect blue color style for fall or winter wear.

13Darkest Navy Blue Hair

Dark and saturated like squid ink, this darkest shade of navy looks incredible when worn with olive complexions, and can make gold flecked eyes stand out from a mile away. This is also one of the easiest blue hair color looks to achieve, with most drug store box dyes coming in a dark, blue-black shade.

14Blue And Purple Palette

Candy colored blue and purple play together in this dreamy, cartoon-inspired color palette.

15Blue Periwinkle Hair

This bright, purplish blue shade of periwinkle isa fantasy-inspired shade that was made for springtime wear. Shed the stigma that vibrant hair colors can’t look put together by wearing your new periwinkle locks in a romantic braided updo.

16Blue Unicorn Hair

Putting a blue and purple spin on the unicorn hair trend, this multicolored hairstyle is full of attention-grabbing dimension. Try this one out if you’re looking to go as bold as possible with your blue hair color.

17Spacey Blue Ombre Hair

A dark blue the color of deep space, this ombre color looks quite subtle when paired with a black base color. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your dark locks or going for a completely new style, this dark blue ombre is sultry with just the right amount of blue.

18Blue Grey Balayage

If you’re looking to add balayage highlights to your dark grey hair, natural shades like blonde or brown are hard to make work. Cue this blue grey balayage that enhances the base color without looking like it doesn’t belong.

19Icy Pastel Blue Hair Color

Take your pastel hair in a more mature direction with this icy blue shade. If you’ve got a very light skin tone, pastel blues are your safest bet for exploring this hair trend without washing out your complexion.

20Dimensional Deep Blues

This dark blue shade is close enough to hair’s natural black base that it creates a subtle yet dynamic color style. Try this one out as your first entry into the world of blue hair.

21Sky Blue Ombre

Light blue hair often seems to scream springtime, but this sky blue ombre has enough of a dark and stormy edge to make it work for fall or winter as well.

22Layered Blue Highlights

With big chunks of blue color throughout hair’s middle and underneath layers, this blue style is much more bold than one with just a few peekaboo highlights thrown in. This is actually one of the easiest ways to highlight your hair on your own, as this color style eliminates the concern for creating a natural looking line of demarcation.

23Light Blue Highlights

Use light touches of robin’s egg blue to enhance your existing blonde balayage hair color when spring or summer rolls around.

24Blue Black Shine

A blue-black color applied sparingly over hair’s outer layers creates this iridescent shine that will glow beautifully when sunlight hits your hair.

25Aqua Blue Pastel

A super trendy shade that lies somewhere in between blue and green, this pastel aqua blue hair looks gorgeous against contrasting shades of pink and orange in your clothes and makeup.

26Powder Denim Blue

A powdery denim blue balayage creates an endlessly chic hairstyle in combination with this textured, mid-length haircut.

27Blue Peekaboo Highlights

These peekaboo highlights allow you to go low commitment for your first blue hairstyle. Hints of blue pop out throughout the day, adding a fun detail to your formerly flat hair color.

28Blue Color Melt

Representing the latest in hair color techniques, a well executed color melt will feature a seamless gradient that looks too good to be true. These light shades of blue make a perfect springtime hair color, and you’ll look perfectly in place among April showers or May flowers.

29Blue Dip Dye

A more abrupt looking take on the ombre trend, dip-dye hair embraces the look of contrasting colors. The feeling that hair has been playfully dipped in paint helps add to the appeal of a dip-dye stylee that features vibrant color at the ends.

30Aqua Ombre

Featuring lots of blue and green tones playing together, this aqua ombre hair color looks truly mermaid inspired. A darker base color like natural black or espresso helps to balance out the unnatural blue, creating a blue hairstyle that looks chic and sophisticated.

31Silver Blue Hair

Grey and silver blue hair colors continue to be trendy, and they make for versatile styling and mixing with vibrant colors. This silvery-blue style features a darker blue root and just a hint of blue tinge as hair lightens towards the ends.

32Blue On Dirty Blonde

Blue ombre color over a natural-looking dirty blonde base shade comes with a hippie, DIY vibe that’s perfect for people in creative professions who have more room to express themselves stylistically.

33Blonde silver blue balayage


34Shiny dark blue


35Peacock blue hair color


36Dark to silver blue hair


37Smoky blue aqua balayage


38Smokey silver blue hair


39Deep blue hair color


40Baby blue silver color melt


41Lilac blue silver hair


42Dark to light blue balayage


43Silver blue hair highlights




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