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Best ’70s Feathered Hair Style Looks

Farrah Fawcett was the hair icon of a generation, and her voluminous feathered hair defined the ideal ’70s strands. But even if you don’t want to go for a fully vintage Farrah look, there are tons of ways to wear ’70s inspired feathers in a modern setting. With light styling that flicks hair away from the face, feathered looks help to put emphasis on your face, and are especially well paired with face framing layers or shaggy haircuts. You can go for a subtle style by adding a touch of feathered texture to your bangs, or go full on vintage with feathered styling all over. If you’re ready to put a retro spin on your strands, we’ve got 35 of the best feathered hair style looks to serve as your inspiration.

1Feathered Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers have been popular in many time periods, but styling them with feathery flicks away from the face is a surefire way to put some ’70s retro in your hairstyle. Bangs help to add some extra face framing to this style, and are an especially flattering choice on women with longer face shapes.

2Long Feathered Layers

This auburn hair has lots of layers that will make long, thick hair feel weightless. Rather than letting them blend in with the rest of the look, shorter layers around the face have been blown out so that their shape gets perfectly accentuated.

3Feathered Bangs and Curls

This curly shag cut from Rihanna has just the right amount of feathery texture in the bangs, making it retro inspired but still somehow completely modern.

4Bob Feather Cut for Short Hair

Add just a touch of feathery texture to your bob if you’re hoping to lighten up the look. This works especially well for thick haired women who want to add bouncy texture to their bob instead of heavy looking layers.

5Softly Feathered Layers

Amanda Seyfried’s long face framing layers are styled directed inwards towards her face instead of outward like most feathered styles. If you’re looking for a feathery style that will compliment a round face, this style is an ideal choice, as it doesn’t draw the eye outward or make your face appear wider.

6Long Bangs with Feathers

Heidi Klum’s lash grazing bangs are the perfect accompaniment to this feathered hairstyle. With bangs blending seamlessly into face framing layers, you’ll get a smooth effect that highlights your face even on days when styling time is limited.

7Feathered and Curled Layers

If you’re not into bangs that cut right across your forehead, try a center parted look where longer bangs can be styled outward and curled away from the face. This style looks best with heart shaped or oblong faces, as it makes the lower half of your face appear wider.

8Long Big Volume Layers

This long hairstyle is all about big volume, and uses thick feathery styling to look extra pumped up.

9Feathered Bangs and Messy Curls

Feathering meets artful frizz in this glamorous, ’70s-inspired look. Bangs that wrap all the way around the face produce a majorly dramatic effect, making this a great style option for anyone who’s bored of their basic bangs.

10Shaggy Feathered Bangs

If you’re looking for bangs that make a big impact but are easier to style than a blunt fringe, try out this shaggy, feathered texture. Major emphasis is placed on the eyes, while bangs are longer towards the edges and blend in the the rest of this shaggy style.

11Dramatic Feathered Fringe

This ultra retro look is pure ’70s with a dramatic fringe that’s finished in a feathered style. If you’re not sure about wearing this as your everyday look, try it out on long layered hair for a special occasion or date night.

12Shaggy Feathered Lob

This mid length style from Jennifer Lawrence is long enough to add some feathery texture but short enough to be manageable. Softly side-swept bangs help to pull the look together, but won’t be a pain to style even on days when you’re short on time.

13Modern Feathered Flip

A deep side part, face framing layers, and subtle feathered styling come together to make this the perfect modern version of everyone’s favorite ’70s hairstyle.

14Feathered Glamour Curls

This mid length look is styled in big, luscious curls that bring just the right amount of drama and glamour, while feathered bangs help to sweep the eye sideways and gently frame the face.

15Center Parted Bangs

Center parted bangs have been popular for the last few years, but adding some feathered texture takes them from “modern trend” to “vintage glam”.

16Long Feathered Shag

These shaggy layers are a great way to make your long hair more manageable if it’s especially thick. Once layers are in place, feathered curls help to keep your hair looking gorgeously windswept.

17Light Feathered Layers

Heavily layered looks can be tough to pull off if you’ve got thinner hair, and may lead your look to fall flat. In this very subtle version of a feathered hairstyle, layers around the face and in the bangs and both kept nice and light.

18Long Feather Haircut With Bangs

This mid-length hairstyle is pure ’70s, but is coming back in a big way. Thick bangs help to take some weight out of thicker hair while creating lots of body and movement.

19Long Feathers with Highlights

Flicked layers help to accentuate the highlights in this hairstyle, and bands of platinum over an ash blonde base color make the whole style appear thicker.

20Feathered Side Sweep

This super dramatic side sweep has been styled with a thick feathered technique, and accentuates the multi-tonal hair color. A very deep side part makes the style look especially ’70s, and can also help to balance out a heart shaped or oblong face.

21Feathered Bob Cut for Short Hair

This bob haircut has an inverted shape that keeps things shorter in the back without a ton of layers, making it a good choice for anyone whose hair is on the thinner side. Feathered bangs in the front help to add texture and emphasis without piling on a bunch of extra styling needs.

22Thick Feathered Layers

This long hairstyle is a big ’70s throwback, and perfect for women with endlessly thick hair. Feathered layers blend seamlessly into each other, while the shortest pieces perfectly frame the face.

23Sombre Layers

A touch of soft ombre color helps to enhance these subtle feathered layers. If you’re on the fence about trying a feathered hair style, this low-key sombre look is one of the best ways to give the ’70s texture a try.

24Vintage Feathers

Go pure vintage with feathered bangs and layers that remind us why the ’70s was one of the sexiest decades around.

25Feathery Balayage Layers

A touch of balayage color helps to enhance the layers in your hairstyle. Concentrate highlights around the face if you want to put extra emphasis on your face framing feathers.

26Messy Feathered Shag Style

With messy bangs and layers that are casually feathered, this carefree style is perfect for women who like everything to have a touch of imperfection.

27Long Feathered Layers

Jennifer Lopez’s unbelievably thick hair recalls ’70s feathered styles in the best possible way. With face framing strands that come in close to the forehead and then begin flicking outwards at the cheeks, this look is a great choice for anyone trying to make the lower half of their face appear wider.

28Thick Feathered Hair

If your hair is thick or has a touch of wavy texture, you can still get a glamorous feathered style. Heat styling tools will help to get your feathered look started, but remember that a strong hold product will help to keep your strands from falling out of your carefully crafted feathers.

29Subtle Feathered Lob

With this ultra popular mid length style, just a touch of feathered styling can help your look to stand out from the crowd.

30Straight Feathered Layers

Go soft and subtle with feathery layers that take some of the weight out of your ultra long hair. Of course, you can pull this style off with any hair color, but dimensional shades help to accentuate the carefully crafted layers.

31Blue Highlight Feathers

Demi Lovato’s love of bold hair colors brings ultra modern trend to this ’70s inspired hairstyle.

32Long Face Framing Layers

Most feathered hairstyles style hair out and away from the face, but this layered look keeps things cool and casual on days when you don’t have a lot of time to style your strands.

33Soft Feathered Curls Lob

Selena’s ultra thick hair is the perfect match for the feathered curls in this collarbone grazing hairstyle.

34Feathered Shag with Bangs

Long bangs and feathered shag texture help to bring all the vintage charm to this medium length hairstyle.

35Thick Feathered Curls

If you have thicker hair with a bit more texture, feathered styling can help to open up your face without trying to force your hair to be poker straight.



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