Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Best Hair Colors for Hazel Eyes

When choosing a hair color for your hazel eyes you first should know which type of hazel eyes you have. Hazel green eyes are better suited to cool hair colors – such as platinum blonde, ash blonde and brown, silver, black, blue, and green – that will help accentuate beautiful green flecks. The gold flecks in hazel brown eyes will be emphasized by warm colors such as rich red and berry tones, black, warm browns, and golden blondes. If you are looking to change up your style this year, take a look at some of what we think are the best hair colors for hazel eyes.

1Chocolate Brown with Mahogany Highlights

A warm chocolate brown hair color looks great with hazel eyes, bringing out the brightness in the eyes, and highlighting touches of gold. Highlights in a sumptuous mahogany shade have spiced up the hair a little and gave some definition to the beautiful messy waves.

2Hazel Eyes with Silvery Lavender Hair

The cool silvery shade of this lavender hair not only perfectly complements the model’s bright, beautiful skin, but also makes her hazel eyes pop, picking out the forest green shade that rings the iris. Just a stunning color, accentuating beautiful eyes.

3Honey Blonde and Caramel

The bright tones of a warm honey blond and caramel are perfect to enhance a hazel brown eye by accentuating gold and chocolate shades. The full multi-tonal fringe helps to make these beautiful hazel eyes to really pop against the model’s creamy skin tone.

4Cool Silvery Blonde Hair Hazel Eyes

Cool-tones hair looks so good with hazel eyes that have a greenish tinge, helping to enhance the color. This silvery and ashy blonde helps to give these hazel eyes a dark green tone, whilst helping the paler flecks in the eye to shine bright.

5Deep and Dark Black Hair Hazel Eyes

Black hair will work perfectly with both hazel green and hazel brown eyes as it provides such great contrast. These hazel green are so bright and beautiful with these long and flowing black locks. Just be aware that black hair can really wash out pale skin with a cool undertone, but otherwise it is a really versatile hair color.

6Spicy Ginger Locks

The fiery ginger shade of this hair is absolutely amazing and is the perfect color to emphasize the model’s beautiful golden hazel eyes. The color is also a great choice for her beautiful peachy skin, really brightening the tone and accentuating gorgeous freckles.

7Deep Burgundy

Any warm-toned hair color is perfect for hazel brown eyes as it will bring out the warm hues of the iris. A great example of this is the lovely burgundy hue of this wavy lob that not only looks gorgeous with a rosy skin tone but also makes these hazel eyes even more striking.

8Cool Icy Blue with Dark Roots

Just like all warmer-toned hair colors look great with hazel brown eyes, all cooler hair colors look wonderful with hazel green eyes. If you want to experiment with color, this gorgeous icy blue is lovely and gives an extra touch of vibrancy to already beautiful eyes.

9Bright Silver Hair with Dark Grey Roots

Cool silvery locks will complement most skin tones (apart from fair skin with a cool blue undertone) and will bring out the best in hazel green eyes. The icy shade will enhance the lighter green shades, making the eyes appear brighter and bigger. Gorgeous!

10Luscious Caramel Locks

The gold flecks in this model’s hazel eyes are shining bright hanks to the complementing caramel hues of amazing long, shiny locks. Golden colors – like golden blonde, caramel, chestnut, and golden brown- are perfect for highlighting the golden colors of hazel brown eyes.

11Baby Pink with Ash Brown Roots

You will probably be amazed at the wide range of hair colors that work with hazel eyes. A baby pink hue that is on the cooler side will look gorgeous with hazel eyes. Furthermore, the ash brown roots are making the flecks of moss green of these eyes, really pop.

12Golden Brown with Caramel Highlights

Golden brown shades look gorgeous with hazel brown eyes, picking out the bright gold and yellow, and bronze hues of the iris. Caramel highlights and around the face lighten the face and bring extra life into these beautiful eyes.

13Gorgeous Golden Blonde

Can you see how this golden blonde hair has brought out gold and light green flecks in the iris of these hazel eyes? The warm tone will bring vibrancy to warm hues in the eyes, and if you look closely, you can also see gorgeous chocolate brown around the pupils.

14Classic Ash Blonde

If you are looking for a natural color that will highlight your hazel eyes, ash blonde is a great choice. It can wash out skin tones with yellow undertones but complements other skin types beautifully. Furthermore, the cool tone of this great hair shade will contrast perfectly with the bright flecks in hazel green eyes.

15On-Trend Toasted Coconut

Toasted coconut – a smokey blonde – is going to be one of the hottest colors right now and the great news is, it will make your hazel eyes look gorgeous. Just look at how bright the model’s eyes look…amazing!

16Rich Berry Tones

What you may not know is that jewel and berry tones really do complement hazel eyes. Just look how the gorgeous raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry shades of this lovely hair have highlighted the stunning flecks of gold in the iris around the pupils. So pretty and perfect with the model’s pale skin.

17Rich Dark Chocolate

So what is the best hair color for hazel eyes and olive skin? The rich and scrummy shade of dark chocolate hair looks wonderful with an olive skin tone and hazel brown eyes. The green and brown flecks of the eyes are enhanced by the warm tones of the hair, really lovely. 

18Pretty Pastel Lilac

Lilac hair is set to be a big trend this season and this pretty pastel shade is absolutely stunning. The bright and light shade contrasts beautifully with the deep color of the model’s hazel eyes, don’t you think?

19Bright Blue and lavender

Bright and bold hair colors can really draw attention to the beautiful multi-tones of hazel eyes. The vibrant blue and lavender of these ling locks, almost make these hazel eyes glow a wonderful golden green. Keeping the eye-makeup neutral means that there is not so many colors vying for attention, allowing the eyes to really pop. Stunning!

20Platinum Blonde Bob

A cool platinum blonde with bright green-toned hazel eyes beautifully. The bright blonde color looks great with all skin tones from creamy and fair, to tan and olive. So, if you have hazel eyes, platinum blonde could be a great color choice.

21Rich Auburn Curls

What is the best hair color for hazel eyes and fair skin? If you have green hazel eyes and fair skin, you should definitely consider changing your hair color to a rich and warm auburn. So divine!

22Rich Dark Brown Hair for Hazel Eyes

A rich dark brown with a cool tone to it is stunning with hazel green and hazel brown eyes as it will accentuate both green and gold flecks in the iris. These long dark locks are also beautiful with the model’s olive skin tone, don’t you think?

23Smokey Mauve with Dark Chocolate Roots

This smokey mauve hair with chocolate roots will also look beautiful with hazel brown and hazel green eyes. The cool smokey mauve will bring out the green flecks, whilst the warm chocolate will pick out any golden flecks.

24Bright and Fiery Red Hair

Hazel eyes with golden brown tones will look so beautiful with fiery red locks. Just take a look at this model’s eyes – they almost look aflame, don’t you think? Bright red is also a great color for fairer skin tones, even if you have a cool undertone.

25Black and Emerald Green Bob

We are just in love with this hair color for green hazel eyes! These shiny emerald locks are so gorgeous against the model’s peaches and cream skin tone and bring such vibrancy to her stunning hazel green eyes. The black roots give great contrast to the bright light flecks in the irises.

26Metallic Silvery Grey Hair

The shade of this silvery grey hair is absolutely beautiful and really brings light to the model’s hazel green eyes. A great cool tone to bring out the best in hazel eyes.

27Ebony Black Bob

As mentioned earlier, black hair goes with all hazel eyes and most skin tones. Here it is looking amazing with rosy fair skin and hazel green eyes. The contrast between hair, skin, and eyes is so striking, wouldn’t you agree?

28Hazel Eyes and Ash Brown Hair

The cool hues of ashy hair will really enhance the green flecks of hazel eyes. This ash brown hair is gorgeous and has highlights of an ash blonde running through the lengths, which creates the ‘mushroom’ effect, which is going to be a huge color trend this year.

29Rose Gold Hair Colour for Hazel Eyes

Rose gold is another hair colour trend that seems to be sticking around for a while, which is good news for those with hazel brown eyes. The warm hue of this popular hair color will bring out the warmth in hazel eyes beautifully.

30Dark Blonde

Dark blonde can wash out those with olive skin, but for those with peachy or fair skin, it is a wonderful color. It is also a great cool-toned color for picking out the green of hazel green eyes. Such cute freckles!




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