40 Different Types Of Braids

40 different types of braids

40 Different Types Of Braids

Whether you’re looking for a trendy new way to wear your hair, or an easy style that will keep your strands in place all day, braided hairstyles are the most versatile way to make your hair goals a reality. To give you new ideas or remind you of the classics, we’ve compiled 40 of our favorite different types of braids.

1Three Strand Braid

This three strand braid is simple, classic, and easy for anyone to execute.

2Classic French Braid

If you’re looking for a braided style that’s got classic charm but also works as a practical way to keep long hair secured while travelling or working out, the classic french braid is your answer. By adding hair into the braid as you go, a french braid stays attached to the head, and is fairly simple to execute with a little practice.

3Dutch Braids

If you know how to french braid, learning to dutch braid is easy, as it just involves crossing hair underneath the braid instead of overtop. The end result is a super trendy braid that has a pop out appearance, and keeps long hair securely in place all day.

4Fishtail Braid

One of the most romantic ways to style your long hair, the fishtail braid is simpler than it looks, but ends up taking more time to complete thanks to all those skinny sections of hair you’ll be crossing from one side to the other.

5Skinny Cornrows

A great protective style for natural curls, these skinny cornrows can last for weeks if they’re properly taken care of after installation.

6Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids are a cute way to wear your hair up, and easy for anyone who knows how to do a three strand braid. Braid a regular three strand braid on one side of the head, then wrap it around the top of the head and pin behind the other ear.

7Waterfall Braid

This next level braiding technique is aptly named, making a braid with a cascading waterfall effect. While it may look complicated, anyone who knows how to french braid should be able to master the waterfall technique after a few practice runs.

8Triple Fishtail Braid

Combining two different braiding techniques, this style is perfect for anyone with long hair and a little extra time on their hands. Braid three fishtails of the same size on the left, middle, and right side of your head, then weave these three together into a simple, three-strand braid.

9Box Braids

Protect your natural hair and gain tons of styling versatility by installing a box braided style. Synthetic extensions make it easy to play with length and color, and feel much lighter than they look.

10Four Strand Braid

If you’re looking for a new braid to master, try the more challenging four strand braid. We recommend starting with a side braided style that makes it easier to see what you’re doing, or grab a braid-loving friend to practice with.

11Fishtail Milkmaid

Looking a little fancier than a standard milkmaid braid, this style is made in the exact same way, but uses a fishtail instead. Be sure to give yourself extra time, as fishtails are notoriously time consuming, especially if you’re working with small sections of hair.

12French Fishtail Braid

Combining the french and fishtail techniques, this braid definitely takes some extra time to pull together, but makes for a rewarding and intricate style for a special occasion.

13French Crown Braid

The term crown braid can describe any braid that circles the head, and they’re often referred to as halo braids. To get this particular style, begin a french braid near one ear, and continue braiding in a circular pattern until you’ve come all the way back around. Depending on how long your hair is, continue braiding hair to the ends or simply pin loose pieces into the middle of the crown braid to finish.

14Lace Braid

Perfect for braiding bangs and framing the face, the lace braid is like a half french braid, with hair only being added to one side of the braid.

15Upside Down French Braid

Beginning a french braid from the nape of the neck and working upwards puts a new twist on an old classic, and is a unique way to dress up your high bun or ponytail. Amateur braiders might need some help from a friend to pull this style off!

16Ladder Braid

Appropriately named, this ladder braid is created by using the dropped sections from a waterfall braid and adding them into a lace braid that runs underneath it.

17Inverted Fishtail Braid

The inverted fishtail braid uses the same technique as a regular fishtail, but instead of crossing hair over top of the braid from one side to the other, you pass it underneath. The final braid has a different pattern than a regular fishtail, and many find this technique is actually easier than the original.

18Waterfall Twist Braid

While a simple twist or rope braid is formed with only two sections of hair, this waterfall twist adds an extra piece of hair between every twist and drops it out of the bottom.

19Boxed Fishtail Braid

This boxed fishtail braid looks tricky, but it’s created by simply alternating between the standard and inverted fishtail techniques.

20Crochet Braids

Crochet braided styles are created by braiding natural hair in cornrows, then attaching extensions to them using a latch hook method. The end result is a braided protective style where the actual braids are hidden by the installed hair, giving you endless options for playing with different lengths, textures and colors.

21Zig Zag Braid

Using the dutch braiding technique, this zig zag braid crosses back and forth across the hair, creating an intricate and romantic look that’s perfect for a wedding day.

22Pull Through Braid

Created with a series of ponytails that are passed through each other, this pull through braid makes a mohawk hairstyle that will stay put all day and night.

23Rope Braid

Simple and chic, the rope braid is made by twisting two sections of hair individually, then twisting them around each other. To make sure hair stays put once you’ve finished, be sure to twist each strand in the opposite direction than when you twist them together.

24Goddess Braids

The perfect way to protect your hair without hiding it, this chunky goddess braided style can be dressed down or up for any occasion.

25Upward Lace Braid

The upward lace braid adds hair from below the braid rather than above, and is perfect for creating braided headband styles.

26Lattice Braid

Also known as a basket weave braid, this intricate looking style weaves strands of hair together to create a lattice that covers the head and shows off dimensional color like this cool pastel palette.

27French Rope Braid

This more complex version of a rope twist braid involves adding hair in from each side of the head before twisting sections together.

28Bubble Fishtail Braid

To create a fishtail braid with a little more texture, try this bubbled version by tying hair off in several places as you braid.

29Chain Link Braid

While the chain link braid seems crazy complicated, you can get this look by braiding two regular rope twist braids, then twisting these two braids around each other. Hair magic!

30Spiral Braid

This spiral braid begins as a french braid at the crown of the head and continues on in a circular pattern until all hair has been incorporated.

31Frozen Braid

If you’re a fan of Elsa’s look, try this chunky side braid inspired by the Frozen heroine!

32Dutch Fishtail Braid

Also known as an inverted french fishtail, recreate this style by using an inverted fishtail technique while adding surrounding hair into your braid so that the final product is attached to the rest of hair.

33Bow Braids

Taking intricate braiding to another level, these bow braids make hair accessories completely unnecessary!

34Dutch Spiral Braid

This spiral braid uses the dutch technique beginning at the hairline and working towards the crown. The end result is a fun, beehive shaped updo.

35Half Up Mermaid Braid

This half up braided style adds hair from both sides to create a unique, mermaid style that’s pretty without being too difficult to pull off.

36Five Strand Braid

If you’ve already mastered the four strand braid, this five strand beauty is the next step in your braiding education!

37Zipper Braid

One of the trickiest styles on our list, the zipper braid is best attempted with wet hair and a lot of time to practice!

38Cobra Braid

The same cobra stitch technique used to make bracelets can be applied to hairstyling to make a thick, intricate knot at the base of a ponytail.

39Lobster Tail Braid

This lobster tail braid is a sweet and romantic style, perfect for a summer wedding or prom.

40Five Strand Dutch Braid

Using a five strand technique and adding hair as you braid, this five strand dutch braid is the height of braiding skill.


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