Glamorous '70s Hairstyles

Glamorous ’70s Hairstyles

Each modern era has hosted its share of fashion trends, but often one particular look becomes synonymous with the age. Because the decade hosted a tremendous variety of popular styles, 1970’s hairstyles can be tough to describe in just a few words. The good news is, whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, there’s a glamorous ’70s inspired hairstyle to make your vintage hair dreams a reality! Here are 26 of our favorite ’70s hairstyles looks:

1Long Feathered 70s Hair

Created by curling (or flicking) layered hair away from the face, long feathered locks are one of the most iconic ’70s hairstyles, mostly thanks to the incredible popularity of Farrah Fawcett.

2Glamour Afro Disco Hairstyles

Carrying over in popularity from the ’60s, afro hairstyles continued to be worn in the early ’70s, becoming more of a mainstream hairstyle and less of a political statement. Solange’s glamorous look here is the perfect mixture of vintage elements and modern sophistication.

3Long And Straight 70’s hairstyles

Long, straight hair worn parted down the middle became trendy towards the end of the ’60s and continued to be hugely popular throughout much of the ’70s.

4Bob With Flicked Edges 70s hair

The same flicked styling technique used to create long feathered styles also works as a way to frame shorter hairstyles.

5Big Glamour Waves 70s Hair Style

If you’re looking for a sultry, glamorous ’70s hairstyle that won’t look dated with your modern wardrobe, try these luscious waves.

6Mid-Length Shaggy Curls 70s hair

This ultra vintage shag cut is perfect for thick haired women who are looking to showcase their hair’s volume while keeping it at a manageable length.

7Modern Textured Pageboy 70s cut

This modern, textured pageboy puts a 21st century spin on the sleek pageboy cut that was popular throughout much of the ’60s and ’70s. This style has a rounded shape reminiscent of the vintage version, but the textured layers help make things lighter than the ultra-sculpted pageboys of decades past.

8Bouncy Curls 70s disco hairstyles

Although she wore an afro wig while playing Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember, Beyonce was sporting these funky, bouncy curls offscreen in 2002. With a ’70s inspired sound on her first solo track, “Work It Out”, this retro vibe was definitely part of her journey to solo superstardom.

9Lash Grazing Bangs Inspired 70s hairstyles

If you’re looking for ’70s inspired bangs that aren’t parted down the middle, go for this textured lash-grazing fringe. Because these bangs aren’t bluntly cut, they can hang close to the eyes without feeling like they’re obscuring your vision, and they pair amazingly well with almost any mid or longer length style.

10Bob With Thick Fringe- 70s Blondie style

While her style may have been on the cutting edge of fashion in the ’70s, Blondie’s Deborah Harry became a style icon from the ’80s onwards. This pictured style mixes a thick fringe styled with classic ’70s flicks and a punky, choppy bob much less structured than the mainstream pageboy style.

11Stack Perm 70s hairstyle

Perms were so popular in the ’70s that even men were getting in on the trend. One incarnation of the chemically curled style was the stack perm, where only the lower and middle sections of hair were treated with perm rods, leaving a section of straight hair around the top of the head. This look keeps things softer and more modern looking with brushed out curls, while still reminding us of the bold ’70s hairstyle.

1270s Feathery Bangs

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a ’70s inspired hairstyle without making a trip to the salon, try parting your long bangs and styling in feathers or flicks directed away from the face.

1370s Choppy Pageboy

Punk and pageboy haircuts didn’t go together in the ’70s, but singer Karen O’s choppy pageboy takes the hairstyle in an edgy new direction.

14Short Afro 70s haircut

This shorter afro is the perfect modern version of the famous ’70s hairstyle worn by stars like Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson.

1570s Long Shaggy Curls

If you’ve got big, natural curls, there’s no perming required to wear your hair like a glamorous disco hair goddess. The shaggy cut and bangs in this hairstyle help to remove some of the bulk that very thick curls can come with, but should always be sculpted by a professional who is familiar with your specific curl pattern.

16Cher’s Waist Length Mane

We’ve seen Cher move throughout various style incarnations, but her incredibly long, straight ’70s hairstyle is perhaps the most iconic in a career full of trendsetting looks.

17Brushed Out Curly Disco Hair 70s style

Solange’s long, brushed out curls look inspired by Donna Summer, the ’70s Queen of Disco.

1870s Rocker Shag With Bangs

While some shag hairstyles of the ’70s created a flattened, helmet-like appearance, this tousled shaggy style provides the perfect amount of volume and bounce.

19Edgy Mullet 70s haircut

While the mullet is definitely a love-it-or-leave-it hairstyle, it was the cutting edge of cool when worn by ’70s women like Joan Jett.

2070s Curly Disco Hair

We love this big, disco-inspired hairstyle for women with natural ringlet curls. Pair with oversized earrings and a plunging neckline for extra ’70s style points.

21Beaded Braids

These super skinny braids are the perfect ’70s hairstyle to install before vacation!

22Gypsy Cut 70s hairstyle

An ultra-long version of the shag hairstyle, the gypsy cut became popular in the late ’70s thanks to stars like Stevie Nicks.

23Pink Mohawk 70s hair

With the birth of the punk movement came edgy counterculture hairstyles that had the power to truly shock. This modern mohawk style blends that rebellious spirit with current trends for a look that will turn heads in the best possible way.

24Long Modern Shag 70s hairstyle

With ’70s hairstyle staples like shaggy layers, flicked styling, and a centre part, this long cut looks surprisingly fresh and modern.

25Piled High Updo hairstyle

If you’re looking for a ’70s style updo for a wedding or special event, try this modified bouffant style that mixes maximum height with a centre part and loose sections of face framing hair.

26Big ’70s Hair

This big ’70s hairstyle achieves maximum volume while keeping the curls more manageable with a few inches of hair left straight at the roots.



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