African Fishbone Braids Styles

Do you love protective hairstyles that are gorgeous, intricate, and make everyone ask who does your hair? Fishbone braids check off all these boxes, keeping your natural hair safe and secure while giving you the ease of waking up with a ready-to-go hairstyle for weeks afterwards. Featuring a series of many cornrows with larger braids over top of them, fishbone braided styles work with a full head of natural hair, but you can also get extra length, texture, and color by adding extensions into your style. If you’re ready to find your perfect fishbone style, take a look at 30 of our favorite fishbone braids looks.

1Twin Fishbone Braids with Curved Pattern

Fishbone braids with two Ghana or boxer braids is a classic way to wear this style, giving you a feminine look that’s pretty for any occasion. Taking it up a notch from the standard style with a straight braiding pattern, this fishbone style uses a curved part and curved braids to bring extra visual appeal.

2High Ponytail Fishbone Braids with Weave

This fishbone braid style is great for keeping your hair secured in place, while the ponytail leaves you with some long hair to play around with. Unlike the typical fishbone braid pattern featuring cornrows at 90 degree angles feeding into larger braids, this cool ponytail uses more unique braided patterns right up against the hairline.

3Quadruple Fishbone Braids

By using four larger braids over top of the fishbone pattern underneath, this style has lots of sporty appeal, and is perfect for active women who want their hair to look stylish while requiring minimal maintenance.

4Criss Cross Fishbone Braids With Weave

If you’re looking to get really extra with a fishbone braided style, the hatched pattern created by these ultra skinny criss crossed braids is a look like no other. These little delicate braids balance nicely against thicker Ghana braids that have been pumped up with extensions and accessorized with contrasting purple wrap.

5Fishbone Braids Bun

If you’re thinking of a fishbone braids hairstyle for your wedding or another special occasion, this low bun can add some softness to your beautiful braided style. Especially for ladies who are used to wearing fishbone braids or other protective styles, this helps to update your look without making you look like a completely different person.

6Fishbone Braids High Updo

With lots of braids beginning at the hairline and converging at the top of the head, this high bun updo gives you 360 degrees of fishbone braids. We like this look for a less conventional style that will get you through at least a few busy weeks with no extra styling required.

7Crossed Pattern Fishbone Braids Bun

Another super unique fishbone braid style, this look uses a crossed braid pattern in the front, with more classic fishbone braids at the sides of the head. The hair on top of this look has been finished off in two-strand twists that come together to create a cute floral-looking bun.

8Fishbone Braids Mohawk

Most fishbone braid hairstyles don’t feature any loose hair, but this is a great example of how you can mix fishbones in with other looks. Tight braids at the sides of the head create a mohawk silhouette, while bouncy spiral curls give you a gorgeous crest of soft touchable hair.

9Fishbone Braids with Weave High Ponytail

This fishbone braided ponytail is all about the volume, using lots of braiding hair to create thick Ghana braids that really pop off of the head. With the addition of braid jewels, this fishbone braid style is perfect for a special occasion like prom.

10Curly Updo with Fishbone Braids

Reversing the usual style of fishbone braids at the top and sides of the head, this protective updo flips the script and puts the fishbone braids at the back. Spiral curls are then piled on top of the head to create lots of height and drama, and also let your play with having some face-framing curls.

11Fishbone Ghana Braids

This classic fishbone braided style is one of our absolute favorites and is definitely one of the coolest ways to dress up your usual Ghana or boxer braid style. Some baby hair left out at the edges helps to add softness to the style, and also happens to be very on-trend right now.

12Fishbone Braid Mohawk Bun

Somewhere between a mohawk style and a traditional bun, this fishbone braided updo is perfect for looking feminine yet edgy on your wedding or prom.

13Fishbone Braids Ultra High Ponytail

One of several fishbone braided ponytails on our list, this style definitely takes it to the next level. This ultra high ponytail is all sass and swagger, using braids wrapped around each other to create some structure and definition. A few copper colored braids create even more visual interest, letting you experiment with a pop of color in this beautiful protective style.

14Fishbone Braids with Long Weave

Looking like a cross between fishbone braids and box braids, this style uses lots of interesting texture, and keeps hair nicely swept away from your face while still leaving you with lots of long braids to have some fun with.

15Natural Hair Fishbone Braids

While lots of fishbone braided styles use weave or braiding hair extensions to add extra volume and length, you can definitely get this look using only your natural strands. This sweet style keeps your hair protected and out of the way while showing off the perfectly executed braid pattern.

16Fishbone Braided Updo

There’s lots going on in this fishbone braided updo, with lots of cornrows around the back and sides of the head and a gorgeous twisted bun on top. The perfect positioning of this bun helps to create angles around your face the same way bangs do, making this an ultra versatile way to wear your hair.

17Fishbone Braids Ponytail with Weave

One of our favorite fishtail braided ponytails, this style uses lots of braiding hair to create the perfect amount of added volume and length.

18Fishbone Braid Ponytail with Purple and Blue Weave

If you’re looking to add some color to your fishbone braids style, we’re obsessed with this purple and blue color combo. By using rich jewel tones in ultra long lengths, this look strikes a fine balance between bold and chic.

19Ghana Fishbone Braids with Weave

Another ultra intricate fishbone braids style, this look has the most perfect criss-crossed pattern at the sides of the head, while keeping it more classic in the rest of the look.

20Extra Thick Fishbone Braids with Weave

Use Kanekalon jumbo braiding hair to create this thick, eye-popping fishbone braided style. If you love high ponytails but having a flat hairstyle is your idea of a tragedy, this Fishbone Braids look will make all of your protective style dreams come true.

21Halo Fishbone Braids Hairstyle

Combining the beauty of fishbone braids with the romantic simplicity of a halo braid, this is the perfect look for brides whose wedding theme is “casual-chic”. Even if it’s not your big day, this style can take you from the corporate world to grocery shopping without skipping a beat.

22Twist Updo with Fishbone Braids

Fishbone braids come together with two-strand twists to create this sophisticated high bun updo. Try this out if you’ve been looking for a fancy protective style to go with your long, flowy wedding gown or prom dress.

23Curved Fishbone Braids

Kicking it up a notch from the twin fishbone braids look, this style includes four curved braids. Each braid is decorated at the top of the scalp with beautiful golden beads, adding extra edginess and style.

24Fishbone Braids with Ombre Weave

Like any style that involves weaves and extensions, fishbone braids allow you to play around with color. There are so many ombre hair extensions out there to choose from, getting the exact look you’re after doesn’t have to be tricky.

25Fishbone Braids with Side Ponytail

Putting a slightly different spin on the fishbone braided ponytail, this look sets your pony off to the side in a fun style that’s great for prom or cheer.

26Sophisticated Fishbone Braids

This creative style takes fishbone braids hairstyles to the next level! A Mix of super thin and jumbo cornrows tied to the scalp. The curled baby hair on the edges add extra flair to this overall super chic look.

27Zig Zag Fishbone Braid Hairstyle

The zig zag pattern in the back of these fishbone braids reminds us of bold tiger stripes. If you’ve been wearing fishbone braided styles forever, this is an easy way to breathe new life into your favorite look.

28Fishbone Braids and Cornrows Low Updo

Putting a little less emphasis on the fishbone braids, this style adds in longer cornrows between your larger braids. With two twisted buns in the back, this updo is a great transitional style that works for special occasions and everyday looks.

29Side Fishbone Braid Hairstyle with Weave

Although most fishbone braid styles feature a full head of braids, this unique look blends a single side fishbone with silky straight hair that’s left loose. This is another great option for a wedding or prom, and satisfies your love of braids and a soft, straightened style.

30Halo Fishbone Braids

The braids are tied to the scalp while the long ends are loose at the lower back with two thicker braids tied together, creating an elegant “halo” like look.

31Bright Colored Fishbone Braids

If you like bold colors and want to make a statement why not add extra flaire to your fishbone braids with a little bit of pink and purple? The roots are lightly colored with lavender hues and gradually turned into pink all the way till the ends.

32Long & Thick Fishbone Braids

Fishbone braids add some extra texture to these two Ghana braids, while ultra long extensions put a dramatic spin on the style.

33Red Fishbone Braids Side Ponytail

Between the bright red extensions and side ponytail, this fishbone braided style will bring out your bold personality.

34Fishbone Braids High Bun

With fishbone braids and an elegant wrapped bun, this protective updo looks elegant yet easy.

35Maze fishbone braids

36Fishbone twisted updo

374 Long red fishbone braids

38Cute double fishbone braids

39Double fishbone braids for girls

40Fulani fishbone braids

41Long double fishbone braids

42High ponytail chunky fishbone braids

43High zigzag fishbone pony

44Twist fishbone braids bun

45Twisted fishbone swirl braids




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