Color Melt Hair


What is Color Melting?

One of the latest in high-tech hair coloring techniques, color melting is a specific type of ombre that gradually transitions through different colors from roots to ends. Unlike a typical ombre style where there’s an obvious line of demarcation between the highlight and base color, color melting uses multiple shades to create the smooth “melted” effect. Whether you’re going from medium brown to pale blonde or dark violet to pastel pink, color melted hair looks super luxurious when done correctly. To help give you an idea of this incredible ombre coloring technique, we’ve compiled 35 of our favorite color melt hairstyles.

1Coppery Blonde

From deep copper roots to golden blonde ends, this color melt style is perfect for natural redheads who are looking to update their style.

2Blue Steel

This super subtle color melt hairstyle is in all blue tones and features a very gradual transition from dark roots to dustier blue ends. Give this style a try if you’re looking for a sophisticated way to wear the denim hair trend.

3Sleek Brown to Blonde

This sleek lob blends seamlessly from brown roots to blonde ends. Balayage and ombre hairstyles look great with hair that’s got waves or curls, as the highlights enhance this texture and their line of demarcation can be somewhat disguised. But if you’re looking for a color transition that looks good on super straight hair, color melting is where it’s at.

4Ashy Maroon

Looking for a red hairstyle that’s darker and moodier than fire engine reds and bright coppery oranges? This maroon color melt is a serious and sophisticated take on multi-tonal hairstyles, and looks incredible against medium and dark skin tones.

5Magenta and Peach

Can’t decide between one of two amazingly vibrant shades for your hair? Color melting lets you have both! Dark magenta roots give way to vibrant peachy ends in this style that’s perfect for women with warmer skin tones in medium to dark shades.

6Warm Blonde

Love blonde ombre but hate when the color looks abruptly placed over a brown base color? This warm blonde color melt is an ultra sophisticated take on the ombre hair trend, and looks like a luxurious salon job instead of a DIY experiment.




7Electric Red

Get ready to turn heads with this incredible electric red color melt style. This vibrant red shade might look harsh against lighter skin tones, but we recommend this color for women with darker skin and golden undertones.

8Warm Blondes

If you’re looking to brighten up your dark blonde or light brown hair, this warm blonde color melt will bring a ton of rich dimensionality to your style.

9Blue to Pink

When paired with these vibrant magenta ends, the blue color at the roots of this style almost looks like a neutral base color. Of course, this style will require much more upkeep than a color melted style that uses your natural color at the roots, so be prepared for frequent trips to the salon.

10Subtle Brunette

Color melt styles often feature incredibly bold shades, but they’re also a great way to subtly highlight your brown hair with a slightly lighter shade.

11Icy Lavender

Lavender hair color continues to be a popular trend, but can require a lot of upkeep if you’re choose an all over color style. Use color melting to blend this lovely icy lavender shade with your natural roots, and you can wear the light purple shade without needing frequent touch ups.

12Ash Blonde Color Melt Hair

These gorgeous tones of ash blonde blend seamlessly from dark roots to lighter ends, and make an incredible color palette for women with cool blue undertones in their skin.

13Vibrant Pinks Color Melting

If you can’t decide which shade of pink you want to wear, why not try out a whole spectrum with this vibrant color melted style? For anyone who’s always wanted to have a supernatural hairstyle, this color melt look is a dream come true.

14Pale Blonde Melt

For natural dark blondes or anyone else who wants a blonde hairstyle with lots of dimension, this pale blonde color melt looks luxurious and natural at the same time.

15Peachy Pink Color Melt

This color melt style is unique in that it moves from dark raspberry roots to a light peach and then to pastel pink ends. Although there’s a lot going on, all shades being in the same color family help to make this style look perfectly luxurious.

16Dusty Grey

Grey hair can come out looking antique or futuristic, but this dusty grey color melt style nicely walks the line between looking like actual granny hair and a silver spacey style.

17Copper Color Melt

This fiery copper color melt is a great way to warm up your dark auburn locks, and will have you feel like a pumpkin spice latte at any time of year.

18Neon Green

Neon hair can be tough to pull off. Too little color and it doesn’t make sense with your style, while a full head of neon can feel overwhelming. Mixing dark green roots with intense neon ends, this style shows how color melting can add sophisticated to any color palette.

19Smooth Blonde Color Melt

This smooth blonde color melt shows how subtly the technique can incorporate multiple shades into your style.

20Dark Maroon

If you’re looking for a subtle way to highlight your dark base color, color melting with another deep shade can create a style that’s got just the right amount of highlight.

21Platinum Ash Color Melt

Platinum hair may be the ultimate shade of blonde for ladies looking to go as light as possible, but hair that’s platinum from roots to ends can be difficult to maintain and match with your skin tone. This color melting technique can make platinum hair easier to wear and maintain, and might finally convince you to take the platinum plunge.

22Electric Purple

This style is a great example of how color melting can be used to blend natural roots with a bold color throughout the rest of hair. Although this vibrant purple shade begins quite high up, there’s a nice softening of lines between roots and ends.

23Aqua Blue Color Melting

Although the aqua shades certainly make this a stand-out hairstyle, it’s actually quite subtle in terms of transitioning from one color to another.

24Blonde Color Melt Lob

Whether you just got a trendy lob cut or you’re looking for ways to punch up the color on your existing style, this perfect blonde color melt is the right way to get your strands ready for the upcoming season.

25Raspberry Orange

Looking good enough to eat, this color melt hairstyle oozes from deep raspberry to orange sherbet ends. We love this color melt style for women with medium to dark skin tones, while fairer complexions might find a pastel version of this look more flattering.

26Blonde on Blonde Color Melt Hair

Another subtle color melt style, this platinum blonde highlight is a great way to add some new life to your dirty blonde base color without making a huge change.

27Electric Violet

Dark blues and violets create a gorgeous, space-inspired look when paired with natural black or very dark brown hair.

28Ash Brown

Keep your color melt unbelievable natural looking by blending your ash brown roots with slightly lighter shades in the same family. These highlights will grow out without any maintenance required, and look appropriate in even the most professional of settings.

29Rose Gold Color Melting

With pink roots and peachy ends, this color melt style deconstructs the rose gold hair trend in a new and refreshing way.

30Mermaid Green

Pastel hair colors haven’t gone away just yet, but many women are opting for darker, earthier versions of popular unnatural shades. A slight greenish tinge at the roots of this brown base color makes way to more vibrant green ends, creating a seaweed green effect that looks more authentically mermaid than cotton candy pastel styles.

31Dark Brunette Color Melt

Warm up your dark brown base with a luxurious brown color melt, and you’ll have a whole new hairstyle without having to completely abandon your natural color. This style is perfect for anyone who wants their hair to be subtle and sophisticated without looking flat.

32Lavender Color Melt

Dirty blonde roots make a surprisingly nice backdrop for a lavender color melt style, especially on women with fair skin that has cool undertones.

33Silvery White

Want to try the silver hair trend in a way that’s modern and chic? This color melted style takes ombre to a whole new level, and will have you more than ready to embrace grey hair at any age.

34Caramel Color Melt

Warm caramel and blonde tones can completely change the look of your natural brunette hair, and create a dreamy color melt version of the tiger’s eye hair color trend.

35Vibrant Blue and Violet

Against natural black or dark brown hair, these vibrant blues and violets create an almost spooky color palette that’s perfect for fall or winter.



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