35 Cornrow Hairstyles

boho cornrows with knotted braids

35 Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrows are an amazing way of styling your hair in unique and creative ways. The styles you can create with cornrows are limited only by your imagination. There are things to bear in mind when installing cornrows, however. For one, you should ensure that your hair is well moisturized, particularly if you intend to wear the style for several days or weeks. It is also imperative that you are gentle on your edges and avoid creating tension on the scalp. This goes double if you use extensions as the weight of the added hair can cause damage. Cornrows are great and appropriate for any and all occasions. Here’s a sample of the looks you can create.

1Large Curvy Cornrows

The key to large cornrows is to ensure that the hair is sleek and neat. It is also important that your parts are clear and defined as they are a huge factor in creating the look of your style. Your cornrows follow the direction of your parts, so creating your look starts there. Add extensions for cornrows that are both fuller and longer.

2Cornrow Ponytail

Is there any style more universal than a ponytail? A key feature of this hairstyle is using a few of your braided ends as the ponytail holder. It really makes the look pop.

3Edgy Curly Fro-hawk

Short hair don’t care! This is the perfect style for TWA length hair. Separate your hair in three equal sections from front to back and cornrow the sides leaving the middle section loose. On either side of the head place, two medium sized cornrows with a small cornrow in between them Twist the middle section for a twist-out and voila! Braid outs, coil outs, and perm rod sets are also great ways to create curls in the middle section.

4Two Cornrows With Twisted Buns

This look is simple, casual and so cute. Part your hair down the center of your head from front to back. Create your cornrow starting at the beginning of your part working towards the back, stopping the cornrow just beneath your ear. Gather the loose hair into a ponytail with a ponytail holder. Create a two strand twist then wrap it around into a bun and secure. Repeat on the other side. Apply some gel or edge control to your hair and then tie it all up with a scarf to set.

5Zig Zag Cornrows

These zigzag cornrows live and die by the parting which is the key to creating this style. Keep your zigs and zags about the same for a polished look.

6Double Cornrows With Braided Bun

This look is made unique by being parted to the side instead of down the center. Braid your ends all the way down, adding extensions for fullness if desired. Wrap the ends around and pin in place for this elegant braided bun.

7Loose Double Cornrow

A common way to wear cornrows is to have two cornrows going down each side of your head. What’s unique in this case is that the cornrows are loosened to create a fuller look. Keep the rest of the hair sleek to ensure the style looks well done and neat.

8Diagonal Half and Half Cornrows

This look is one from which many others can be created, which makes this cornrow style super versatile. This is an example of the kind of style that requires particular attention to be paid to the edges in order to prevent pulling and tugging on the hairline.

9Classic Double Cornrows

The double cornrows look is absolutely stunning and chic! Jazz up your cornrows by adding beads and hair jewelry.

10Side Swept Cornrowed Low Ponytail

Love having your hair to one side? This side-swept look is for you. All the cornrows are done from one side to the other to create this look. Twist the ends of the hair for additional texture and contrast.

11Half Cornrowed High Puff

Next time you’re thinking of doing a high curly puff, how about you mix it up a little by adding cornrows at the front? It’s a striking way to rock your hair, particularly if it’s two toned as shown here.

12Kid Approved Cornrows with Low Twisted Bun

Isn’t this just absolutely adorable? Cornrows are a great way to style your child’s natural hair. The styles last a long time and the hair is protected and allowed to thrive. This style starts with a central part from which all the cornrows come and the parting, with a hint of a curve, creates even more elegance. Twist the ends and pin in a bun to complete a style you’re little one will love.

13Half Cornrowed Half Curly Do

This is a quick and easy way to style your hair, especially if your curls are old, but you’re not yet able to wash your hair. Simple cornrow the top half of your hair in two and pin it back so that the cornrows form a crown and you have a look suitable for pretty much any occasion.

14Chunky Cornrows

Doing a few cornrows around your head helps keep them protected from the tension of being pulled back and it makes for a nice twist on the usual two side by side cornrows style. Tuck your ends away and go about your business knowing that your hair is protected.

15Elegant Up-do with Side Cornrows

This hairstyle is the perfect cornrow up-do for a wedding or other formal event. The cornrows add interest to the style that would otherwise just be a regular old ponytail. The bun is also very unique and also gives off a cornrow vibe.

16Boho Cornrows

If you like boho chic, this style is for you! There are three cornrows on the top of each side o the head, that are tied into knotted braids on each side

17Mix it Cornrow Up-do

Placing smaller corners between larger ones is another way to add a little something special to a cornrow ponytail up-do. This is also where I remind you to take it easy on your edges.

18Medium and Small Curvy Cornrows

What’s better that putting one small cornrow between two larger corners? Putting two small cornrows between larger cornrows. The pattern and parting makes the style fresh and outside the box.

19Cornrow Up-do with Bangs

This cornrow up-do is great for everyday wear. From work, to school or play, this simple style will serve you well. The twisted bangs may be styled in different ways which ensure that you can change it up and prevent boredom from setting in.

20Half Up Half Done Cornrowed Hairstyle

Look at that big, gorgeous bun! These cornrows and that bun will have you turning heads.

21Simple Cornrow Braided Hairstyle

This is another variation on the two cornrows going down the side of the head that my mom and probably your mom used to do. The showstopper here is the beautiful cornrow that goes down the back. You really should try this.

22Jumbo Cornrows with Side Part

If side parts and jumbo cornrows are your thing, then this style is for you. One great thing about this particular style is that it is sleek without requiring tugging and tension on the hairline.

23The Cornrow on Cornrow Fauxhawk

This is another cornrow style that’s going to help save your edges. Sleekness isn’t a feature of this style; in fact, it’s supposed to be laid back and a little bit messy.

24Cornrows and Space Buns

This is another great way of combining different sizes of cornrows to create a unique look. This look also plays with different colors which are another great way to make a style standout.

25Side swept Thin Cornrows

This style is all about your favorite side. The cornrows are simple, but knowing your best side makes a huge difference.

26Jumbo Cornrows

Cornrows are all the same, more or less. What’s makes a smile unique and fresh is evoking visual interest with creative parting. Note how the edges are incorporated in the style here. This is a great way to keep a style sleek without needing to cornrow every strand. Just ensure that your edges are moisturized under all that edge control.

27Gold Wire Accessorized Cornrows

The style is different from the others we’ve seen so far because of how it’s accessorized. Accessories often really do make all the difference

283 Buns Cornrows

This style is super cute and suitable for all ages. The accessories here also elevate the style.

29Funky Cornrow FroHawk

Frohawks are for the funky. Can you rock it? This style needs to be moisturized frequently to ensure the hair does not become dry and brittle.

30Cornrows with Curly Ends

The curly ends on these cornrows take something we are used to and make it fresh. With cornrow styles that is what it is all about; being inventive.

31Pink Cornrowed Bob

Bob lovers everywhere rejoice! This is a great way to pair two classics: cornrows and bobs. The pop of color here doesn’t hurt either. This is not your average boring bob.

32The 2 in 1 Cornrow

This style is another demonstration of the ways in which you can update a classic look and make it modern.

33Laced Up Cornrows


Accessorize your cornrows with ribbons by lacing the ribbon through the hair. Take care to ensure the ribbon material is silky and will glide through the hair without creating friction.

34Side to Side Cornrows

Another creative way to approach styling corns is starting them from one corner of the face and taking it to the next.

35The New Two

This style is yet another creative demonstration of the many ways you can part the hair to installing two cornrows. Another twist here is joining the end to create a single braid.

36The X Factor

This is a simple yet creative design that is sure to stand out. Be gentle on your edges and careful of your parts as precision is a part of what makes the style so great.

37Cornrows into Cornrows X2

Creating small cornrows that feed into a larger one is a great way of making sure there is no tension on the hair since you aren’t pulling on individual strands to get into a single large cornrow.


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