Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

25 Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

One of the biggest times in a woman’s life is when she gets married. Many women dream of this day and plan for years. You picture a big wedding with a beautiful princess gown, amazing food, and being surrounded by people you love. The hardest part of the journey is finding the perfect dress, and next up is the perfect hairstyle. The hairstyle that a bride decides to wear can make or break her look. You want to stick with something that is simple enough to compliment and not overpower your gown, but also unique enough to be something to talk about. There are so many ways to dress up the simplest hairstyles for your big day. You can add jewels and even custom veils to spice up your look. We have searched and found our top picks for chic wedding hairstyles for black women. We hope we made it a bit easier to find the perfect style for your big day.

1Loose curls with a side swept bang

The first style we have are simple loose curls with a side swept bang. The top is pinned so that it gives the style a little volume. They added a touch of embellishment with a 3 rose clip.

2Curly bun with garnish embellishment

Next we have the curly bun. If you have naturally curly hair this would be a super cute style to try without risking damage from heat to your hair. Pairing this with a dainty garnish really pulls the look together.

3Naturally curly pinned updo

Another naturally curly style is this twisted bun updo. We feel like this style would look amazing with a vintage themed wedding or even a beach wedding. To add more bling complete this look with a rhinestone hair clip.

4Sleek low roll and tuck bun

This is a super simple hairstyle. If you are not for all of the glitz and glam then give this low french roll a try. Keep your makeup simple with this style. This really allows you to show off your natural beauty.

5Braided bang with braided bun

This is not your typical wedding style. but we feel that with the right accessories this is definitely a winner. It is a thick braided bang with a braided bun. Pair this with thick brows, a nude lip, and your favorite diamond earrings. Let this style speak for itself.

6Large bun with braided crown

Go big or go home right? If you like being over the top then try this super huge donut bun with a braided crown. Pair with dewy makeup and even lay out your baby hairs to step it up a notch.

7Low french pin with side sweep bang

Do you want to try a bit of color on your big day? Try an earth-toned color like this honey brown that Ms. Tyra Banks is rocking. It is very subtle and will not overpower your dress.

8Sleek puff and tuck bun

Here is ciara rocking this neat pulled back bun with a clean and defined part. The back of this style is tucked and pinned by piece. We love how you paired it with a rose pink look.

9Curly side ponytail

Here we have Ms. Nia Long wearing this low curly side ponytail. This is perfect if you plan on wearing a shorter length veil or if your dress has a sweetheart neckline. If you’re having a summer wedding get this bronze look my applying your favorite matte foundation along with a deep bronzer and golden highlight.

10Top knot braid

Here is Alicia Keys sporting this top braided knot. To achieve this style pull your hair into a high ponytail and put it in one loose braid. Then take the braid and wrap it to your desired side and pin with a matching hair pin.

11Sleek long ponytail with middle part

How hot is Ciara in this simple sleek ponytail? If you’re a bride to be and you’ve chosen a mermaid gown this is the perfect style to compliment it. This style is sleek and sexy and allows your dress to be the focal point of the big day.

12Hollywood glam

Do you have a unique theme like Hollywood glam for your wedding? Let Gabrielle Union show you how to rock a bold red lip with a pinned curled side updo. Wear this look with a deep contour and minimal eye makeup.

13Top bun with hair jewel

Bring out your inner gypsy with this simple top bun. Add a delicate hair jewel piece like Alicia Keys is wearing here. We love how she keep her makeup very fresh and clean.

14Pin curled bun with a Chinese bang

Are you a bang girl? Try this elegant updo. It is very loose curls pinned up with a braided band added for texture and a Chinese bang. This is perfect for women with heart-shaped faces.

15Bumped hair with bang

Here we have Ms.Pinkett Rocking a classic bumped do. This style is really easy to achieve just bump the ends of your hair and create a swept bang. Pair with vertical dangle earrings to keep this look very classic.

16Rocker chic

If you are more of an edgy bride then Rihanna is your go-to girl for hair inspiration. Try this short tapered cut. It has a full front so that you can curl it or wear it straight if you please. We also suggest going with a nude lip and dark eyes if you have lighter colored eyes.

17Elegant twisted bun

Here is the fierce Ms. Tyra Banks rocking a twisted flat bun. Show off your beautiful facial features with this hair do. Make it pop with an orange-red tone lipstick like lady danger by Mac.

18Low bun with flipped bang

We love this old school inspired look that Ashanti is sporting. The back is simply tied in a low bun. What sets this look apart is the beautiful bang which is flipped in sort of a wave pattern.

19Queen of hearts up do

What better way to celebrate a day filled with love than to incorporate it into your hair? R&B singer is showcasing this beautiful pin up girl hair do with the sides slicked back. The front of the hair is shaped like a heart which makes it so unique.

20Tapered side cut

Singer Monica is rocking this super cute tapered but with a sleek bang. This style very chic with a bit of edge but is still simple enough to wear on your wedding day. Pair with diamond studs or Bijoux jewels.

21Curly girl

Maybe you’re not the girl who wants an updo on your big day. Try these bouncy curls. To achieve these use a wand curler instead of your typical curling iron. Finger part them to reduce frizz and keep them looking sleek.

22Short wavy bob

We love this curly bob that Keri Hilson is wearing. It is super simple and can be pinned up for after wedding festivities. You can get creative and add different hair accessories because this style is so simple.

23Au Natural

Not for all the glitz and glam? Then rock your natural hair. Solange is seriously the queen of confidence when it comes to natural hair. You can even add handmade headbands to add to the nature and pureness of your look.

24Dreadlock side do

For my brides with beautiful locs try this simple side do. Set your hair the night before with rollers to achieve the curly look. Pair with a short veil to show off your gorgeous locks.

25Dreaded Bun

We have another simple but chic style for our sisters with locs. This simple bun will totally win on your big day. This will give you the opportunity to experiment with different makeup looks and an array of jewelry pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this list of wedding hairstyles for black hair!



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