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Goddess Locs 101

One of the trendiest ways to wear your hair in a protective style, goddess locs are fun, sexy, and perfect for any season. Choosing from various hair types makes this style customizable for every budget and preferred level of upkeep, while options for length and color are virtually limitless. If you’ve been looking for inspiration and ideas for how to get a goddess locs style, our goddess locs guide has all of the information you need, along with 30 styles to show you how beautiful these faux locs can be.

1What are goddess locs?

2What kind of hair to use for goddess locs

You can get a goddess locs style with both synthetic and human hair extensions, depending on your budget, upkeep preferences, and the specific look you prefer.

3Synthetic Goddess Locs

Synthetic hair obviously has a big advantage over human hair when it comes to cost, and is a much cheaper way to achieve a goddess locs style. If it’s your first time trying out the look, we recommend starting with synthetic hair unless you have big budget dedicated to perfecting your protective styles.

Most women choose to use two different types of synthetic hair to get their goddess locs just right. A wavy hair should be used to create the braids underneath. Choose a texture based on how you want the ends of your locs to look, as some of this hair will be left exposed at the end of your locs. Among the most popular are deep twist textures from brands like FreeTress and Model Model.
For the outer part of your goddess locs, you’ll want to use something with a kinkier texture like Marley hair. Some women choose to use Kanekalon hair as a cheaper option for wrapping goddess braids and faux locs, but this usually results in a style that doesn’t last as long.

4Human Hair Goddess Locs

Using human hair for your goddess locs is a more expensive route, but can give you an incredibly soft style that gets easily mistaken for the real thing. Just like with synthetic, you’ll want to use a wavy textured hair to create the base of your locs, and a kinky type to wrap them. For best results, we recommend a wavy virgin Indian hair for the base, and a curly or kinky texture hair to wrap your locs.

5How many packs of hair does it take to do goddess faux locs?

Most goddess locs styles use between 3-4 packs of hair to create the braids or twists that form the base of the locs, and another 4 packs to wrap and finish the locs. These numbers can vary depending on the length and thickness of your goddess locs. If you’re going for an ultra long style you may need to use more than one piece of hair for each loc. We always recommend buying more hair that you anticipate needing, so you don’t run out of extensions with a few locs left to go. If it’s your first time installing goddess locs, extra hair provides you with some wiggle room for any missteps along the way.

6What lengths do they come in?

Like most protective styles, the lengths of your goddess locs are highly customizable. For shorter goddess locs, you can buy longer hair extensions and cut them in half. Another option is to create your base braids or twists and then cut the ends to create the exact length you’re looking for. If you want super long goddess locs that fall past your waist, you can use multiple pieces of hair to extend the length of your braids underneath. Multiple pieces of hair can also be used to wrap your locs, but be sure to increase the number of packs you purchase if you’re going for extra long goddess locs.

7How to get goddess locs tutorial

  1. As with other protective styles, it’s a good idea to start off with well moisturized hair.
  2. Begin by taking a small section of hair and starting either a three-strand braid or a two strand twist. The twist method is generally faster, but braids tend to give you a longer lasting style.
  3. As you’re braiding or twisting, add in extensions with a wavy texture to add length as desired.
  4. Instead of braiding or twisting right down to the ends, knot the hair high enough to leave a loose piece at the end (the exact length is up to you).
  5. Once your section is knotted, take a piece of kinky curly hair and wrap it around your braid or twist. Work from roots to ends, stopping so that the entire twist/braid is concealed but some of the loose end remains exposed.
  6. Use braid glue or nail glue to seal the piece of hair you’ve just wrapped, and you’ve completed one goddess loc.
  7. Repeat this process until your hair is complete!

8Goddess locs video

Want to see the goddess locs method in action? Check out this amazing video tutorial from YouTuber Donedo:

9Long Boho Goddess Locs

10Glamorous Goddess Locs

These glamorous goddess locs are super long, leaving just a bit of loose, curly hair at the end of each loc. If you’re worried about goddess locs unravelling or the ends of synthetic hair becoming matted, this is a good style to help combat those problems.

11Goddess Locs Lob

12Dimensional Color Locs

13Wavy Goddess Locs

14Half Up Goddess Locs

15Natural Look Goddess Locs

16Long & Skinny Goddess Locs

17Thick Mid-Length Goddess Locs

18Silky Smooth Goddess Locs

19Long Tendril Goddess Locs

20Crochet Goddess Locs

If you’re looking for an easy way to get goddess locs that saves you the hassle of twisting and wrapping your own hair, try a crochet braided style using pre-made goddess locs. Although this style comes with less customization for length and thickness, you’ll love the easy install and how light the finished look feels on your head.

21Side Swept Goddess Locs

22Ultra Long Goddess Locs

23Jumbo Blonde Goddess Locs

24Coiled Ends Goddess Locs

To get goddess locs with these tighter coils at the ends, try using hair with a curly or water wave texture to create the braids or twists that form the base of your locs.

25Spiral Curl Goddess Locs

26Maroon Goddess Locs

27Goddess Locs with Side Shave

28Thick Goddess Locs

29Natural Boho Goddess Locs

30Silver Goddess Locs

One of the biggest bonuses of using synthetic hair to create goddess locs is that almost every color imaginable is easily available to you. We love this silvery grey shade for fall, winter, or anytime you’re wanting to completely change up your look.

31Ultra Long Jumbo Goddess Locs

32Wild Curls Goddess Locs

These goddess locs have a curly texture from roots to ends, making them one of the most voluminous looks on our list.

33Goddess Locs Jumbo Bun

34Goddess Locs with Loose Tendrils

35Sleek & Skinny Goddess Locs

36Goddess Locs and Curls

37Purple Goddess Locs

38Jumbo Goddess Locs with Loose Curls

39Boho Faux Locs

Another gorgeous hipie style faux locs! If you want to get that boho summer look, this style is for you!

40Purple and Black

This style features black curly goddess locs with only few purple locs that really make this style pop! The added beads are gorgeous and look ectra chic when pulled up into a high updo.

41Half Up Bun Goddess Locs

These goreous goddess locs are pulled up into a half high bun while curls are falling on the sides and framing her beautiful features.

42Blonde and Brown Goddess Faux Locs

Add extra fkair to your locs with abit of color, like this blonde and hair jewlery.

43Triangle long goddess locs

These long triangle braids are super defined, medium in size with beautiful soft curls at the ends.  Don’t forget to wrap a few of your braids with golden strings.

44Deep Red Goddess Locs

We love bold colors like in this deep red locs style. The hair is pulled high up with a head scarf, so gorgeous!



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