mushroom brown hair color

Mushroom Brown Hair Color Looks

It only takes a browse on Pinterest or a quick scroll through your Instagram feed to know that the most sought-after hair color right now, is Mushroom Brown. This unexpected yet stunning shade is the latest trend in spring/summer hair looks and the variations in tints and tones have us all seriously questioning whether we should try it too! Here are some of the best looks, styles and color variations for this new, vegetable inspired, phenomenon!

1Medium Brown with Mushroom Highlights

If you’re not totally convinced right away that this is the color for you, why not try a dark or medium brown hair color with some mushroom brown highlights to start off with. It’ll give you a good idea of whether you like the shade and if it suits your skin tone etc, but you don’t have to commit to an all-over dye right away. Plus this variation in browns really adds depth and surprising amounts of warmth to what may normally be a flat color.

2Short Hair with Mushroom Brown Balayage

Mushroom Brown seems to work on all haircuts, no matter how long or short. Sometimes for example, if we have paler skin and a shorter chop, many shades of brown can look harsh and overwhelming. Not this shade! It’s a great option if you want to take the plunge and switch from blonde to something more earthy but you don’t want anything too overpowering.

3Half up Half Down Fishtail Braid

Just when you thought a fishtail braid couldn’t look any more beautiful, hello Mushroom Brown! This particular hairstyle is really complimented by this color as you can see the intricacy of the braid that you can’t see so well with blonde hair. Plus, you get a gorgeous shine coming through that you would normally expect to see on a brunette, perfect!

4Light Mushroom Brown

The Mushroom is a vegetable of many colors…okay, mostly grey and brown, but you get the idea! If the deeper brown is not for you, look to the top side of your funghi friend and try a shade with tones of grey. This lighter look is great for spring and summer!

5A Grey Finish

This more edgy look combines a much darker brown color starting at the root, then quite quickly develops into a light grey throughout each strand all the way to the tip. It’s cooler tones make for a much sharper take on this color option and reminds of us of the all grey hair trend from a couple of years back, which we also loved! It’s a great way of combing the two styles if you’re not totally made your mind upon which you prefer.

6Mid Length Mushroom Balayage

Another Balayage look here but this time with a mid-length cut. This works equally as well as with a bob, but with this length, you can see the techniques results a lot clearer. We adore this handcrafted display of color and how casually both colors, although completely different, blend so well into one another without looking like one bluntly stops and another starts.

7Mushroom Brown with Caramel Highlights

Look no further, your new summer color look is here, and it’s completely beautiful! Adopting this new color with the injection of soft and smooth caramel highlights is a stroke of pure genius. You get the lovely coolness of the grey/brown but with a hint of sun-kissed summer bronde, which we feel like shouldn’t be working quite as well as it does! The addition of this rich toffee hue takes this look from spring right into the height of summertime.

8Ash Brown Highlights

If you’re thinking you’d like some more depth to your color, try adding in some ashy brown high lights with your chosen mushroom shade to really let the colors play off of one another. You’ll be surprised how much this slight addition of color will allow the light to bounce off of the assortment of shades. It’ll also make your hair look even healthier and shinier than it will be after you’ve applied your new color.

9Curly Mushroom Hair

Once you’ve got your new shade and you’re happily swishing your locks from side to side, why not try curling your hair. Curling creates different shapes in our hair than we might normally have, thus it shows our hair color off in a different way. Often it can make it look more vibrant and shinier as the waves pick up the light, making your color stand out even more!

10Mushroom Brown Ombre

This has got to be one of our absolute favorite looks! As much as it works as a full coverage color, Mushroom Brown works amazingly as an ombre shade too, especially with a natural medium brown. Playing with some soft flicks at the ends of your hair is also a great way to draw attention to a new shade and gives a very natural look preventing the ends from looking blunt or harshly dipped in color.

11Lavender Mushroom Brown Bob

If you go for a Mushroom Brown that’s particularly heavy on the grey tones, it can sometimes look closer to having hints of lilac or Lavender, and that’s okay! Even more so if you have a particularly choppy cut like this one. The combination of this almost electric shade combined with a super on-trend style is an effortlessly cool and much sought after look, so rock it!

12Silvery Light Mushroom Brown Hair

We love this color so much that we would recommend it for the majority of hair types, but, if you have wavy hair or very loose curls, you pretty much have to go for it! Silvery Light Mushroom Brown on wavy hair looks almost iridescent. The way it shines and the unfamiliarity of the shade makes it appear almost otherworldly, not unlike how you would imagine the locks of a mermaid emerging from the water as it also has a somewhat pearly glow. And let’s face it, any day that we feel like a mermaid is a good day!

13Warm Mushroom Hair

For a more natural look, go for a warm mushroom brown color with hints of light hues. Mushroom brown is a great color choice if you have layered hair or are thinking about getting layers cut in. The softness of the cut really blends well with the smooth and airy chromaticity of the dye.

14Mushroom Brown Highlights

When your hair is very long, dying can be a very daunting prospect as it makes up so much of your overall look. If you’re seeking a new shade however and want something a little different that isn’t so outrageous as pink or electric blue! Mushroom brown is a great option. It’s a shade that’s not been seen a great deal before so it has that X-Factor, but it’s not so overpowering that it’ll take much getting used to.

15Light Mushroom Brown Hair

If you’ve gone for a darker brown on your roots and a light mushroom shade in the rest of your hair, a half up bun or braid is a great style choice. It has the parting all the way around the crown to show off the root color whilst the bulk of the hair remains down to display the mushroom and warmer tones.

16Mushroom Brown with Blonde

Not ready to let go of the blonde entirely? Not a problem. Mushroom Brown works great with darker blonde highlights as all of these shades have earthy undertones.

17Dark Mushroom Brown

When you hear “Mushroom Brown”, you tend to think of a predominantly grey shade, but that’s really not the case! You need only turn the mushroom over to see that there are a whole variety of shades to be found. Including this to die for, sumptuous deep brown.

18Mushroom Brown Plait Sombre

Plaiting your hair in this shade really enables you to see all of the different tones throughout each strand. As you turn over different pieces for this style, you’ll start to see all different shades that you wouldn’t normally get with say, a very light blonde for example.

19One Colour Mushroom Brown

Even if you decide not to go for any highlights and choose one all over mushroom color, this look is still a winner and in all one tone can actually be quite striking!

20Chocolate and Mushroom Brown

Though it’s certainly not a food combination we’ll be trying any time soon, why not mix some more chocolatey browns in with your mushroom tresses for a look that’s a little more on trend but still feels warm and stylish.

21Lilac Mushroom Brown Color

This mushroom highlights look is absolutely stunning! The lilac hues and blunt cut really give a unique look.

22Earthy Messy Mushroom Brown

Once you’ve colored your hair you may be tempted to style it to show the color off. However, the beautiful earthy tones of Mushroom Brown can look at it’s natural best when you’re hair is left to go a little wavy. Try part drying your hair with your hair dryer, flipping it over into a heavy side part and running a little oil through the ends to tame any frizz. Then, let your hair do its thing!

23Brown and blonde highlights

The mix of blonde and brown highlights creates a fresh and rich smoky mocha hade.

24Full On Highlights

This style features dark brown base mixed with blonde and brown highlights and lowlights.

25Warm Brown And Lilac Balayage

We love this dimensional warm brown and lilac balayage look! So stunning and natural looking!

26Thin Light Blonde Highights

These super thin highlights on dark brown hair create a subtle ash brown shade.

27Smoky Brown Balayage

This greige balayage color is cool and earthy! It is multi dimensional  and so eye-catching.

28Warm Mushroom Blonde Hues

What a stunning color mix! This is a unique warm blondish-brown color that looks almost like a brown lilac shade.

29Mushroom Brown with highlights

Adding highlights over your brown base can create a beautiful mushroom color effect.

30Mushroom Ash Brown and Lilac

Spice things up by adding this beautiful lilac shade to your balayage!

31Silver Mushroom Blonde Hair

A silvery brown hair with subtle babylights creates a stylish and eye-catching look.

32Mushroom brown with highlights and lowlights

Want to add some flair to your brunette hair? This is another brown and highlights look that is super sophisticated and stylish.

33Subtle blonde highlights on brown hair

You don’t need to overdo your hair with too many highlights. You can add shine and richness with only a few subtle highlights to really revamp your natural brunette shade.



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